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"tvn andy" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"Run. As well as he did. In the Derby, and the did he run as well or not as well or? Was He not utilized. In the same manner. Aggressively As he was in the Derby and got some conflicting, it's not conflicting but. John Velazquez said. That he kind of idled. When he took the lead? He he got exactly I kept I kept speculating everybody was convinced that it's not a you know not patting myself on the back but it it did make sense that There was the opportunity for authentic to not have to be used hard. To to get control of the race and I it it, it seems in retrospect a we're gonNA talk to Richmond. Laurie riches at the sale he's at Tema NEOM. So we'll talk to him at the start of our three. I want to get his perspective Joe Bianco with this going to be with us to our to we'll get JOE's take from TVN Andy buyers GONNA join US shortly here in the next two minutes because I explained wire reached out. Of the regularly has joined us after. Triple Crown Events But There's there's gotTa be discussion about whether or not. Johnny. Didn't. Take the opportunity. to let. Authentic. Role. You know once they hit the back stretch, I it it. It seemed like a natural to just kind of let him out and. Not, a horse that you rate on the lead, we discussed this. Extensively Post Derby. This is the this is a kind of a classic baffled style free running. Gut. Him like a carp. Type of a horse and whereby the Derby was faster early slow late this ended up being slower early and fast ish late. They went fast. And the top pair did anyway I mean there were ten lengths clear of everybody and. That that, really with art collector who? Ran Okay. Did Not have a comfortable journey was kind of pocketed and in amongst them and never really had a a smooth. Trip but ran okay. Jesus team we talked about all week leading in. The ranch huge that was great for Jose Dangelo will break all that down. And? When we talk about the speed perfect timing to bring an ad, the vire because this was a fast preakness quote unquote. And at the same time in proximity to the stake record. But of course, this race is being run in October, as opposed to May. So we talked about this all summer the development curve is different. But more importantly. Track speed. I added the good morning first of all good morning. I I had to reach out to you first because. When when everybody was talking about how close this was to the preakness record and then when the feet came out yesterday morning. People are like Oh that that fix so low it's like Oh my God let's explain it again. When I first looked at this race.

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