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[TEST] It Was a Way to Keep His Spirit Alive

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01:41 min | 2 years ago

[TEST] It Was a Way to Keep His Spirit Alive

"This episode of the outside podcast is brought to you by lake hartwell country a largely undiscovered region in the mountains of south carolina. That's one of the best adventure playgrounds anywhere tucked into the northwest corner of the state. They cardwell country offers a unique getaway in uncrowded section of the appalachian mountains. Here it rains on seventy five inches year creating a verdant rainforest and as you might expect a lot of warn folks in fact there are more than one hundred many can be reached with the short hike to get to others. You might spend hours walking empty trails or even paddling. A kayak lake hartwell country is truly a- land of water. There are three major lakes including its namesake lake hartwell which offers nine hundred and sixty two miles of shoreline. That's more in the coast of california. It's known for superb fishing and regularly host nationally renowned bass fishing tournaments. Then there's the tuya river a federally designated wild and scenic river. That outside magazine regularly calls out as one of our favourite paddling destinations. It's one of the longest free flowing rivers in the southeast and provides visitors spectacular. Seen as it plummets through steep gorgeous. They're also sandy beaches and quiet stretches for relaxing visit lake hartwell country dot com now to start planning your adventure to the undiscovered south carolina mountains from

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