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"turtle mountain chippewa tribal office" Discussed on Native Opinion Podcast an American Indian Perspective

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"turtle mountain chippewa tribal office" Discussed on Native Opinion Podcast an American Indian Perspective

"Com check everything out there and we appreciate them very much for being an advertiser here on absolutely native opinion. All Right Well, we have a little bit of listening feedback. We do think this is from listener jol. We haven't heard from Joel a while we have in this is this is pretty sad stuff right here. and Joel says hello brothers. Sorry. I. Haven't been in touch for awhile and it's OK brother we understand Oh yeah. Life gets in the way because. We've we've been good just busy with live APP. See there you go. But just in case you guys haven't seen this yet I'm going to paste a gofundme me link for this man's family to cover his funeral expenses and hopefully end up with some extra money to help with their kids. That now does not have a father. I'll paste article link as whale which he did. Thank you. A COP on Turtle Mountain res- killed a native man for little backstory as to what Joel was talking about. I just know it's partner and two children need some help. It's really sad it's it's depressing man. Every day it seems like the cops kill native or black person. Like people. That have their backs turned in no weapons, but anyway, guys take care and the link will be posted in the show notes. Yeah. Let me let me give you guys a little bit of this year Turtle citizen killed on Turtle Mountain Reservation. Officers suspended. So we gotta be. Officer involved. In the family is left in the dark and what they mean by that is they're not giving up any information. Atypical kind of stuff. re real brief here it says the FBI is investigating the fatal shooting of a Turtle Mountain man by police officers last weekend on the Turtle Mountain Indian reservation and Belcourt North Dakota the man who was killed as being identified as Brandon lead sewer thirty. Turned to mountain tribal citizen from Belcourt he was a father of two children a boy in a girl. In, an email to native news online who published this article? FBI spokesperson, Kevin Smith shared that an officer involved shooting or O. I s happened at private at a private residence in Belcourt late Saturday night August twenty second and into the early morning hours of Sunday August twenty third. The FBI was called to respond to Elias and the north. Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation assisted with processing the scene according to the email. The FBI reported the law enforcement agencies involved in the incident where the Bureau of Indian Affairs the Rolette County Sheriff's Office, the Rolette Police Department and the. In the roller police departments. phone calls to the Rolette County Sheriff's Department here. Here's here's where here's where it goes off the rails and and. The spin begins okay. This is phone calls to the role Rolette County Sheriff's department the Rolette Police Department, and the role of police. Department were referred to the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Tribal Office. So they're like you guys. Go Talk to them. So, then the receptionist there at at the phone number provided for the Bureau of Indian affairs at a sorry that receptionist at backing up here at Turtle Mountain Chippewa Tribal Office there receptionist shared a phone number. Excuse me with the Bureau of Indian Affairs Turtle Mountain Agency. To be a stated over the phone that any questions should be directed. So here's another deflection directed to the FBI field office in Minneapolis nearly five hundred miles away and shared the phone number of the FBI's Minneapolis Minnesota field office. So. If you're if you're a family member and you're trying to get information about this case, they're going over there. No, you don't talk to us. You Talk to those people over there and hop this stuff around absolutely inexcusable. and. The rest of this will be in the show notes but our hearts go out to the family. It's crazy. Crazy. Crazy. We have a couple of acknowledgments I'm sorry we finished I am done I'm sorry I was just going to say we don't have any voicemail this week you guys but but thank you. Couplet knowledge we want to express our deepest condolences. To the family of actor, Chadwick? Boltzmann. Who played several is in Hollywood movies. which includes Baseball Great Jackie Robinson James Brown in most recently marvel's Black Panther. Mr Bozeman passed away after a four year long battle of colon cancer. He will be deeply missed. Yes indeed. It was. That was shocking to hear this morning. I was trying to finish some touch up on for the show no boom this news came down so. I didn't even know he was sick. I anoint battling cancer. Nope, most pie from what I've been reading most people didn't know it wasn't something that he you know publicized. Sure. Widely, just you know kept trucking right along with life doing what you wanted to do and supposed to. Yep. Yeah and It's. Can't cancer the tough thing is how I lost My other father might my wife's dad died of stomach cancer and so I I I, I understand that battle very very well. so Again our thoughts, prayers and everything going out down to the family for sure right? Absolutely. On a lighter note. I want to say Happy Birthday to Silver Wolf. Silver Wolf is my father. Who Turns Seventy eight today? And we're going to be going over there shortly. Hug Kim with masks on because I can't stand not being allowed my parents. So. Birthday CER-. Yes and they will be wearing masks as well. We always, we always take precautions because we're in their home and their. For most of us, it's our sanctuary. We try to keep her homes the safest possible from code. So. So Happy Birthday Dad. Appreciate. Yes. Yes. Absolutely worry great man. Thank. There were times as a teenager, my brother, my biological brothers and chat today in good morning everybody in chat. He'll tell you. How? Challenging Boulevard could be for our parents. There were. There were moments as we say. That anyway, maybe one day we'll share stories I don't know I like to hear some of those stories. So. We'll see. We'll? You know some of them brother but the well that's true. But there's many of. You know. Just how it goes? All right. Why don't we get into native news on this is GonNa? Be Kind of extended a little bit today but but go ahead and kick us off if you will brother yeah no problem. Thank you. Okay at first Article I, just shake my head and laugh that's that's all you can do at this point Yip. Republicans Open Presidential Convention. I can't even call it that it's not. A clown slash dog and pony show that's what it was. With familiar anti-tribal messages from fool in the White House and my words and this was. Written by AC ago, for Indians Dot Com..

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