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"turner drummond" Discussed on Dallas Hoops Fancast - A Podcast for Dallas Mavericks Fans

Dallas Hoops Fancast - A Podcast for Dallas Mavericks Fans

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"turner drummond" Discussed on Dallas Hoops Fancast - A Podcast for Dallas Mavericks Fans

"Ever heard of me. We can hear to class pod all twenty listeners. Know so this is just my opinion. I appreciate it. But now i i would prefer a stable lineup because that just means you have good ways you have five five players. That are obviously good enough to start every single game to me like okay. You might make some adjustments depending but for the most part. If you don't know who's going to start game to game you don't have five good player. You want to minimize the amount of adjustments. You have to make you wanna force your opponent to have to adjust more to what you're doing. Yeah okay this is from at crawling. Meaning cra loan. Burt butchering these loan. Ninety eight this person said the last jedi was bad. I think that was in response. Thank you or rant. No he's one hundred percent correct. It's it's one of the worst movies of all time. It's not a little worse. It is one of the star in space and they miss the most basic aspects of space. That was there is no gravity last episode okay This is a youtube comment from mid high low over cry to actually say them correctly. You know what. I am trying. That's that's tough. Cova chevik okay. I think they need to add something on on trade deadline because this offseason classes garbage. They need to get a good center. Maybe someone like turner drummond. Alan probably jared allen and of course some good wings because hardaway is not a good option. If you wanna be a so we already talked about drummond but yeah again. I think with the sun center. Thing i just. I don't think the man's can do the two bigs. Porzingis is agile enough to play for the forearm that other big trained five play the four exactly on defense so i think you're better off doing really what you want at your power forward is what maxi does you would love to have. Somebody who is a known quality star is that he might be. He hit the freaking. He might be winner. Maybe he just needs an opportunity in the playoffs like last year to show what he's got another another opportunity So but i think you need those those three wings but you're four. He doesn't want to be a small wing. Honestly one of the.

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