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"turkey turner" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

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"turkey turner" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

"This is a circuit that he's raced on many, many times. He has a lot of experience. And this car seems hooked up. He seems to have got a really good setup in that rebel. And so he looks, he looks quite comfortable. And that sort of like precipitated in having that fastest time in FE two. So all four of them really could be in the mix. Obviously, I'd probably swing in favor of one of the Mercedes getting the fastest time. But we'll have to wait and see. It's definitely going to be between those two big guns if you like. And moving on to the battle for third in the constructor championship, Ferrari were looking quick today where they're both drivers in the top 5 and FP one. Despite a spin for Charles, but then in FB two Lando was a second fastest with Daniel 5th fastest. So the tables turning there a little bit between at the two teams. Ferrari have obviously recently given both their drivers that upgraded package, and it seems to have had a positive impact on the car performance. Can you tell us any more about where those gains have actually come from? Yeah, so one of the things Ferrari's done is it's reconfigured. It's battery within the power unit. And both drivers took new power unit components over the last couple of rounds and Ferraris just sort of seemed to kick on. And having had a look at the long run times towards the end of FB two as well. The two teams Ferrari and McLaren have looked really, really close. Both sort of running in the low, one minute 42s hymen one minute 41s. They look to be on a par. You wouldn't say that the circuit the Americas is one of the circuits that is best suited to the McLaren because, you know, you have the towards the end of the lap, the sort of reverse Turkey Turner if you like, which is sort of 1617, that kind of area. It's not great at those particular corners, and you wouldn't expect the McLaren to be sort of so good at navigating the first section. But that's one of the sort of areas where the Ferrari Ferrari really excels. It just sort of seems to ride those curbs really, really nicely. I say that because science did have a little bit of a moment towards the end of FE two. But they seem very, very evenly matched in the sense that they're producing similar lap times, but their strengths do vary. And so, again, this battle as well, like the Mercedes Red Bull one, this is one that's going to go down to the wire as well. Third place, it doesn't, you know, it seems like a little bit of a consolation prize, but with it comes prize money and all of that kind of thing. And a little bit of bragging rights as well. But yeah, the two teams seem very, very evenly matched. Now, moving further down the pack. It was a tricky day for Fernando Alonso today. So I want to touch on him for a moment in FP one we saw him stopping on track pretty early into the session. It brought out the red flag and then in FB two, he had a spin ended up in the barriers at turn 19. He was able to drive back to the pits, but going back to that first incident in FP one. Do we know any more about what the issue was with his car? We don't quite know what the problem with Alonso was in FE one at the moment. But yeah, it was very tricky day. They did manage to get the Alpine going at the end of the end of the session. So he was able to get some laps on the board. And then, yeah, that's been towards the end of FB two. Just spun it turn 19, which is catching a lot of drivers out. And yeah, sort of when managed to get it sort of rearwards into the barrier and didn't do too much damage. You could just kind of scuff an end play and I'm sure there'll be a few other little bits of ancillary damage that Alpine will have a look at and get fixed up for tomorrow. But yeah, it looked like a very, very tricky day for Alpine. And we'll have to sort of wait and see and see if Alonso is able to shake that off and kick on an FP three and get prepared for qualifying in on Saturday. Yeah, we'll see how things unfold for him tomorrow. But sticking with those at midfield teams for a little while, Alpine Aston Martin alpha towery, Alpine currently leading in the standings on a 104 points with alpha Terry behind on 92 and then Aston Martin trading behind a little on 61, what were your thoughts of their performance today? And how well do you think each team will be suited to this track? It's very, very curious in that battle because one of the things I saw on the F one feed was that alpha towery was the third quickest car according to the the performance indicator. But it didn't really pan out that way. Out of the two teams coming out of FP two Lance stroll was obviously the quickest out of those three midfield teams up in Aston Martin, after touri. Going P 6. I'm going to get a really clean running on the soft tire during the quality Sims. So Aston Martin seems to be relatively at home. You know, obviously, it's a sort of similar design ethos of the Mercedes, so obviously from Mercedes does well, then you would kind of expect us to Martin to have a good run too. Avery looked a little bit at C to be honest with you because Pierre gasly only, you know, we usually expect him in the top ten. He's a fixture in the top 6 in qualifying and he was only 12. In FP two, so yeah, the car didn't look that bad on track. It looked, you know, relatively benign handling. But it just didn't seem to sort of have the pace. An Alpine.

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