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"turk trie" Discussed on Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

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"turk trie" Discussed on Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

"Hello. Hello. Hello are welcomed. Armchair expert. I'm your host. Mr. Dax gonna have great episode today. Barry, powerful woman. Beautiful woman. Smart tell Jin dedica- woman created a show called girls. Love girls. I'm here to Wanaka you here. You're one of the girls. I love. Yeah. Well, now, I'm gonna now I'm gonna break out. So I wanna be sincere about Lena. Okay. So you did it good. Okay. Not to my liking. But I did it. Now, let me get into the second thing. I wanted to get into k which was. Be outta we because now we're forty eight hours away. Could you have done him doing that hollowing say say happy Halloween? Oh, yeah. That's good Drake are trae smell, mafia eight. Drako trae smell my fake. Give me something. Good to eight as knickers bars, Twix bars. A luck nougat a like a baby a baby out baby Graham, what is it monitor grand honored? Ryan yet. A love Honda grain. Also, Brit baby Ruth also looked Kayla. Love gala and Turk Trie smell fate. It's nice to have you here from you something that Stacy. Orlina? She deserves a better intro than being than me having to do a character. And then new a Halloween. Greetings, third billing too. She has an hour. She has a long time to be on this episode. Matthew can be on for a few minutes us, right? That's right. Thank you. Thank you so much Mr. Dax, so Lena Dunham is here today, which is we felt like a very big get time. Yeah. That wing. We were elated when she said, yes, she was so fun in person. Boy, we could not even get into the studio because we started chatting outside when she arrived in the driveway and that could turn into its own three hour conversation. So personable, very personable. Very smart. Very funny. She's fantastic. You know, she created and starred and directed girls on HBO. She has a new show her new show camping his out. Yes. And it stars. Mr. McKenna high. Now, it doesn't it's as may in Leinna and were trialling around though. This is the part that you probably wouldn't want to happen. Yeah. Wouldn't want me all sin formation who would Moulmein star on their show camping? Well, that's true. He'd be great for minute. Just a great show wanted to start it. Well us because I'm in the show camping alongside Lena Dunham her for me to look miserable. On for a long time. 'cause I gotta put my tongue in a weird spot. Is that what it is? Can you describe what physically album that so disturbing? Had to put your finger on it. But trigger on took a trait which on a part of it has to do with your eye contact. Yeah. It's really intense severe now shop window. What is this intro? I'm sorry. All right. Lena Dunham clean a- Donham. We love her. She delivered. Please enjoy Lena Dunham. We are supported with kindness and love by squarespace. If you listen to this show. You know that we built our website armchair expert pod dot com by we. I mean wabi wa built it on squarespace. Monica doesn't our website get your motor running. That's brad. But I do think it's the best website on earth in the business and the cool thing about square spaces. There's beautiful templates that are created by world class designers. They make it so easy to build your own website. You could show. Oh, case, your work blog or published content sell products and services of all kinds of we won't even ask what services you're providing promote your physical or online business announcing upcoming event or special project in more. It's incredibly easy. It's a world class website that can be designed at squarespace dot com. Head to squarespace dot com slash Dax for a free trial. And when you're ready to launch us the offer code Dax to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website. Or no main that squarespacEcom Dax enter code day x. So happy. I'm so happy looking. Doorless bathroom. I don't believe we've met in real life. I've seen you out events. Okay. Never engaged. We've never engaged in as I

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