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"turfs lake trans activism" Discussed on Stuff Mom Never Told You

Stuff Mom Never Told You

04:38 min | 5 months ago

"turfs lake trans activism" Discussed on Stuff Mom Never Told You

"Does not do away with the importance of talking about like. You said women's biology because especially when you take into account. The history of women being divorced from their bodies and women's biology being considered gross and dirty to sexual and we shouldn't talk about it So you and I are in sort of an interesting position of we talk a lot about health and biology and and sexual health stuff like that but we also talk about a lot of social issues like Turfs Lake Trans Activism And so let's sort of a long winded way of saying that I think both of these conversations need to happen and exist side by side and that perhaps some of our conversations and others Could be reframed to make sure that we do include all of those different types of bodies well absolutely because by the same token we have also received letters and facebook comments in tweets from people saying. Hey you know what you're talking about especially things like menstruation and periods. Don't be so suspect. Assist about it recognized that trans men experienced these things to Which we absolutely want to do. Well I think one thing we can all agree on. Is that The turf rhetoric is very harmful. Yeah there's absolutely no reason to why why try to harm why try to harm others emotionally physically mentally Why would you out a trans person or or a gay person or anyone? Why would you? Why would you target people in order to cause pain? And and I understand that some radical feminists have the perspective that anything tied to men at all ever is the enemy. But that's ignoring the very real. The very real fact that. Trans Women are women? Will I also think that it really says a lot that since this really started bubbling up in the nineteen seventies especially to now? It's not like we've seen the kind massive cultural sea-change really embracing an advocating for turf platforms in the way that we have seen especially in just the last handful of years a legitimate cultural sea-change in terms of recognizing and accepting Trans people as people and in terms of mainstream feminism of doing a more concerted job of including transpeople as well and inviting them to the table and working as allies for the issues that affect them. Yeah it's all a work in progress caroline and so work in progress. I'm I'm really interested to hear from people. I know that there's aspects of this conversation that we didn't touch on. I mean I. I'm incredibly interesting here. And people from both sides of this argument because I don't want to paint it as a cat. Fight like Like Goldberg but I'm interested to hear from listeners. I know a lot of you have opinions on this well and I think it's just so important to remember that like so many of the `ISMs that exist. Feminism also exists on a spectrum. You know there is no one feminism and people often mistakenly paint feminism as wrong or misguided because they see this one pocket over here on the spectrum and assume that the whole thing is tainted because of it so that mom stuff at how stuff works dot com. Is You can send your letters. You can also tweet us at mom stuff podcast or messages on facebook. We do hope to hear from you. And we've got a couple of letters to share with you right now..

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