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"turco health day" Discussed on WRKO AM680

"Up in just about ten minutes. Liz Feldman, the creator of the series dead to me just got renewed yesterday by Netflixing sure enough. He's coming on today. So can't wait to talk to get a lot of questions for love that series. If you haven't seen it yet stars, Christina, Applegate, Linda Cartolini and fantastic series only one to one season so far really good. And got a lot of questions for her. And a meantime. Waffles. There's a waffles a big sports guy for those of you don't know. And there's something that's got his knickers in a not. So I'm gonna give you a couple of minutes here to get this off your chest. Waffles, you go. Right ahead vs. You see the thing going on the Tom Brady is now enraged, all of New York Mets nation. I have. Yes. So Tom Brady is seeking to trademark the nickname. Tom terrific. Now, for those you out there that are listening that are all while my age or, you know, within ten years of my age. Probably don't know that Tom terrific was actually the nickname for hall of fame pitcher, Tom Seaver for the couple of decades that he pitched in the major leagues including here in Boston fervor, what seven games not only seven games, but it was part of his deal that he didn't have to be with the team if he wasn't pitching. I never heard of that before, but Seaver was just. And then the other four days. Yeah, you're not you're golf there. But whatever. I assume that this isn't really Brady doing this. I assume this is some people, I'm sure, and I'm not sure that he knows about it. But even if he does, or doesn't is irrelevant they shouldn't, get the name, I think he should. That's not there's two reasons why he shouldn't. I think it's a very high standard in order to get a name trademark part of it should be that you are. Recognizably identifiable with that name. For example, Lou Gehrig, the Ironhorse. Sure. Because when I hear Ironhorse I think Lou Gehrig, salt, miss, what? Yup. Babe Ruth, splendid splinter Ted Williams, like there's certain the great one wouldn't go down the list, whatever. But there's certain names that are so obviously used. So when you hear Tom terrific, you immediately think of Tom Seaver. Yes. See. I see. Okay. But that's number one, but you don't think Brady this is the problem copyright is for protection. So that. Someone can't profit off of you anyone trademark. Yeah. Okay. But anyone selling his shirt that says, Tom terrific, no one's going to buy that. Thinking Brady will once he gets it will they can't do it then. But, but so unless Brady's now nicknaming himself. Tom terrific. It's not his name. No one goes, he's go. You wanna do. Tommy Goater Brady go to find, but he, he would be better doing that. Gio, ET than doing Tom Sawyer. He's not Tom terrific. Nobody calls them that nobody but anyways v because Mets fans are just a miserable bunch of. Anyway, they're planning to gather at an upper east side restaurant called sojourn today at five pm for a Boston tea party. See what they did there, where they will where they will dump jerseys and memorabilia of Brady into garbage bags filled with beans. I stupid with Sola. Then what are they gonna fish them out? And then wash them and take them back home with them or like, why would anyone in New York have her? So she vers former teammate arch sham ski will be in attendance at the rally to discuss the legacy of the one and only. Tom terrific, Tom Seaver while fans will hold a press conference, demanding Brady apologize to see her his family, and Mets fans everywhere soldier in the restaurant will provide free beer and food for any Mets fans in attendance. The I'm for Brady getting this just because it's made Mets Mets Twitter Mets nations. So angry and I just want them to be miserable for everything anyway, the Mets fans have pretty miserable. I'm wondering, I haven't seen it, but I'm wondering if. Tom Seaver is plaque in the hall of fame. I bet it says, Tom terrific think it does. Yeah. I think I saw the picture of it that he would have to. He is that that's absolutely him. So this is a foolish thing that Brady's people do you think that's one of the best nicknames over? Sports wise. I if you relevant, whether it's good or not. But yeah. That was his name, if you had to come up with the top ten no, I did. I see where you're going here. Li- waffles. You want to do that tomorrow. Why not? All right. So we'll do the top ten sports nicknames of all time. Tom Terrific's not going to be in there. But Tom terrific is Tom a lightning list. Yeah. We'll be I could even find ten times that are better to be terrific than Thompson. Who's doing at me or you because I I'm happy to do it. Turco Health Day of the ten best sportsman, I'll give him my Craigslist. Correct. Ten fine tomorrow, top ten sports nicknames of all time in honor of Tom terrific, who is Tom Seaver, who is Tom Brady? Eightieth TB, twelve Tom terrific. He's on all the above. I remember when they tried to put cool Tom on him because Montana was cool, Joe or Joe cool that didn't work either Bremer guilt. I remember Gil Santos calling calling them. Tom perfect. Multiple Brady is so good. He doesn't need. He's risen above that. That's the thing about Brady others need it because you wouldn't know him. Otherwise, quick break. When we come back, we're talking to lose fell. Been the director of the writer and creator. I should say of the series dead. At farmers insurance. We know every windshield collision has.

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