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"tuna hood" Discussed on Cal's Week in Review

Cal's Week in Review

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"tuna hood" Discussed on Cal's Week in Review

"For Meters World News headquarters in Bozeman Montana this kells weaken review with Ryan Cow Kellyanne. Now here's cal Jake hiles is both the unofficial new state of Virginia Bluefin Tuna recordholder after catching a seven hundred eighty pound bluefin tuna as well as the unofficial Robin Hood of the docks or Tuna Hood. Maybe Sushi gave her a guy anyway. What I'm saying is he gave me away. Golly Gee the previous Bluefin record six hundred and six pounds was actually held by. Hiles is now deceased friend Chase Robinson. Obviously this crew knows where the big fish like beat in order to take home. The record this massive haul of tuna meat could not be sold so hiles and his fishing partner. Jeff Landis started carving and giving the meat away Bluefin tuna can cost anywhere from twenty two hundred dollars a pound depending on the time of year and yes. There are some obsessive wealthy Japanese restaurant tours. That like to make a statement by spending around five thousand dollars per pound in order to take home. The first Bluefin tuna of the season the two thousand nineteen I fish was purchased for a mind blowing three million dollars just like on any animal. There are different cuts of meat that bring different prices but any way you slice it. See what I did there. J. Kyle's distributed some serious wealth at the dock in rudy inland. The I ucf list the Atlantic Bluefin as endangered and the Pacific Bluefin as threatened however the ocean is a big place consisting of many different fisheries according to Noah the population that Jake hiles pulled his Virginia State record from is the western Atlantic Bluefin which is now considered a stable fishery. The Western Atlantic Bluefin spawned the Gulf of Mexico and range up to Newfoundland. They grow more slowly than other tuna and don't reproduce until they hit about eight years old which is a long time to wait considering they only live to twenty now that we have that covered. Here's what I don't get. State waters only extend about three miles off the coast. The quote potential Virginia State Record was caught about eighty miles from the vessels homeport putting it squarely in federal waters. How is this Virginia? State record the state of Virginia did not grow this tuna. It likely didn't produce the feed for the tuna or provide the habitat. Can I being from Montana? Go fish anywhere in federal waters and bring home a Montana state record if so the raises on my friends this week. We've got a goat. Update Prowling Pinna Penne frozen birds and so much more but I. I'm going to tell you about my week. I I I gotTa tell you. I'm drinking PICA from Sawtooth. Brewery located in Hayley Idaho. I used to go down and be friendly with some of these folks and some nice character dropped off a six pack a peanut butter milk. Stout it's got a flavor that when you taste it you go The peanut butter milk stout features the PICA PICA. When I very first saw one was up on Mount Marine which is a hard to get to spot. There's actually a fire lookout unaccounted. Looks on the headwaters Rock Creek here in Montana and Ken over in that alcohol area and He's burn a lot of shoe leather over there. Looking for elk. It is a close cousin to the rabbit but with short rounded ears and when I first saw on the one I saw appeared to kind of have some stripes and I was very confused and I thought maybe a rabbit and mated with a chipmunk. That's not the case. They're very cool little critters and if you ever get a chance to watch them do their thing. I highly suggest you do so are lost governor here as you may have seen from old cal. Six instagram feed. I took off to do a bit ice fishing my first trip the season sadly the forecast said negative six below zero. Which isn't that bad when he are prepared for it. But the actual temp dropped into the negative twenties. Now I don't know for absolute sure I feel like it wasn't that cold but I woke up one morning popped outside the tent and noticed a bottle of eighty proof. Whiskey had frozen solid which means it was at least sixteen below the nearest town. Tamp hit thirty four below zero. So we'll just say twenty below so I'm not just being big talker I- premade also buco meters director of fishing. Made some kinda hardy awesome soup with sausage and pheasant legs and we even ate a whole antelope shoulder for lunch meat. You can say we were in fat city. We got all this gear up to a very secluded snowbound lake using those Canam side by side vehicles with the tank tracks on them saying go through snow which Made Life Pretty Easy. Pretty darn good living up until the point that. I absolutely buried Mike Enam in a layer of water. That was suspended. An insulated by two sheets ice shoveling slush water at twenty below actually keeps you pretty darn warm. Not My proudest moment. But I'll tell you the team effort was something that would make anyone proud. The mediator crew rolled into action shoveling slush running winch cables and using those communication skills that are so darned critical in those situations. I am still breast as the ability for some people to be in that same spot in curse and generally bring everyone down is very real and this crew did not do that. Has Leapt into action was awesome proud to work with them? One Fund bid a product testing all mention. I had brought along no surprise my steel battery powered chainsaw thinking that there would be some blow down trees over the trail. There were not so the batteries saw just sat there at double digit below zero for three days. I grabbed it in our stuck situation. Not Expecting the Saudi work at all and at first it did not because the canola oil I used in place. Barring chain was so solidified it refused to move. Once I finally got that chain limbered up and moving the sauce sprang into life much to my surprise a knocked down to dead standing lodge poles and with the help of the team we got them under the tracks and shortly have the all Canam back in action. Wait a bit more. Is the water froze so fast that it didn't really drip off but froze right into place anyway another adventure in a beautiful spot. We even got some fish. I'll give you one real cold weather tip though in temps that low water is an issue. We had several methods of water purification. But we had to boil everything just to have enough time to distribute water for. Everyone's bottles now. Insulated bottles are great in this situation however once they freeze it takes some serious time and ultimately more fuel boiling them back into action. Your regular thin algae type water bottles however can be kept next year Armpit Chester Groin Area. And they will stay liquid. If you bring a spare heavy wool socks he can stretch that over your bottle. This insulate your body from boiling water and insulate the water as an ice preventative and as everyone knows it is just lovely to have a hot water bottle stuffed in wool socks laying down there in the foot your sleeping bag on a cold night. That's some cold weather sleeping one. Oh One right there moonwalk. We're GONNA start with our law enforcement desk this week Six to seven hundred pound female steller sea lion was reported wandering up the middle of garlic road and southwest Washington county Washington. The cow lets river is a tributary of the Colombian. A heck of a fishery. Which is why this lion was likely there in the first place when the first call came in in regards to the sea lions damn in the middle of the road dispatchers were apparently slow to believe the caller according to the Oregonian. The call when something like this. I'm sorry a feline. No a sea lion. That's understandable through Saturday night. Callous County Sheriff's department monitored the scene by Sunday. The lion found herself a full two miles from water source which is hard for any animal to do and the soggy part of southern. Washington on top of that is lion was apparently cranky and very aggressive toward anyone who came near. Eventually she was corralled into a cage given clean bill of Health and released successfully into the Columbia. Quite the story for the Sea Lion and the deputies on the scene you think you had a wild night steller sea. Lions need to eat about six percent of their body weight per day. Meaning if this Gal was six hundred pounds. She had to consume thirty six pounds of fish per day to stay healthy. The population of sea lions has increased in some parts of their range in decreased and others. This particular population on the grill and one part of their diet salmon and steelhead is causing serious concerns as people work to increase salmon and steelhead stocks. The male steller sea lion can weigh up to twelve hundred pounds and grow to eleven feet in length that seventy two pounds of fish per day the states of Oregon and Washington of actually increase the amount of depredation tags in order to help curb lion populations for this reason. One more quote from this story was interesting to me in commenting on the aggressiveness of this Female Sea Lion. A deputy stated that she would turn on her flippers and lungs like an alligator at anyone who got too close. If you've ever seen the skull of Sea Lion. They have jaws and teeth like a grizzly bear. This one was six or seven hundred pounds and instead of a bark the steelers. Lyon has a roar. Does it really need to be compared to an alligator for effect also in the beginning? I did call this the case of the prowling Pinna PAB Panipat thin or flipper footed walruses. Seal Sea Lions are Pinna pads the steller. Sea Lion is the largest eared seal. Which is a family. Not that the Steller Sea lion has big ears as just the largest of the eared seals. Got It here's a couple more fun facts while we're at it. A large group of sea lions on land is called the colony. Let's say that colony is in the water. Then it becomes a raft. If there are only two lions you can call that a bob which coincidentally is also what you call a guy with no arms. No legs swimming. That's an old joke. It's probably past Brian. Moving onto the mountain. Go Desk as you may recall. Grand Teton National. Park drew criticism for plan to eradicate invasive mountain goats from sensitive bighorn. Sheep Habitat Mountain goats and large doing fine and they are not native to this landscape whereas bighorn sheep being the sissies that they are when it comes to diseases are not doing great and needs some help. Lots of folks got up in arms over this decision including hunters in the State Fish and Game Agency of Wyoming despite this the part just went through with their first day of aerial gunning killing around thirty six of the proposed one hundred goats from helicopters. The Governor of Wyoming Mar Gordon sent a very stern letter to the Park Service. Letting them know that they are a bad neighbor with no regard for the wildlife professionals of Wyoming soon after this letter was sent secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt interjected and the park service. Shut down the culling operation. After one day of flying and shooting again thirty six goats out of the targeted one hundred to make this even more unpalatable. The goat meat was not utilized by humans. This situation is obviously not ideal. This is the ugly side of wildlife management on full public display. The intention here is to eradicate a non native species so a native species can hopefully thrive. I have been lukewarm. On this subject. To be honest. I was dubious that the park would ever allow hunting to happen but meter SAM longer pointed out at Grand Teton does in fact have both an elk and bison hunt within the park so a goat hunt would not be out of the question but those scenarios are different. They are hunts. Well I guess to be fair. I should use park service speak. They're not hunts there. Elk and Bison management.

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