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"tuck addition" Discussed on Stuff You Should Know

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"tuck addition" Discussed on Stuff You Should Know

"Welcome to the podcast I'm Josh Clark. There's chose W Chuck Bryant right there and Jerry's other somewhere. Stuff, you should know the fold in Tuck addition. NSA Jerry's in her office now. I'm in the stuff you should know studio. That's right. Florida your home studio or a home studio right you like eight of them. Elvis. which room is closest through me by way, he'll just go in there we're recording from today. and now Jerry is, is like a ghost haunting the computer in here recording it remotely right she's like mazing. What's Yes she's a ghost. He said it best. She just texted me two minutes in and said, your levels are good. So It's great. Go back to sleep fierce sounds about right. So I was talking to Jerry earlier and she just reminded me we're talking Origami today she just reminded me that on my first trip to Japan I brought her back a paper Origami Crane. And that she still has it and I was thinking about that trip chuck. Because on that trip, you took Japan remember when you guys like each other Jerry. Yeah. We still do that crane that's keeping us. That's right But on that trip one of the places you mean took me was here Shema. Right Jer. And one of the neatest places over been I. Know I've talked about it before. But one of the things that you'll see there are just mounds and mounds of Origami Cranes Yeah? like cranes like the bird, basically the quintessential origami molecule not like building rains this not what they're voting. You never can tell these days you know Bob the builder had a pretty good run for a while there. So you could have been true but apparently one of the reasons you see those cranes is because there was a little girl from here Shema named Sadako? Sasaki. Man The story. Yeah I know it's very sad. So she was I think to win the the US dropped the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and she was exposed to radiation at that tender young agent developed leukemia. And she died at age twelve. But before she died, she started this project folding one thousand paper cranes for in Origami which was kind of this long standing thing that was associated with like good luck or honor or dignity in hers was that if you? There's another one that if you complete a thousand cranes you, you have a wish in. So this little girl, Sadako Sasaki her wish was for world peace but she died before she could complete the cranes and thousand cranes and that is upsetting but if to end it on a more heart warming note. Are Her classmates got together and folded the remaining cranes in her honour game. They were buried with her which is. At least a slightly uplifting ending right So when you go to hear Ashim today at this peace memorial that they've built like a whole section of the city where the bomb went off his turned into this anti nuclear anti war peace memorial there's just tons of cranes that were created by children, kind of in honor of Sadako Sasaki, and for this wish for world peace and. Stepped out of the studio and followed me into the living room, you see a thousand paper cranes that you may folded just for me to. You know who here at work that WHO? Guess. You know. Which one of your colleagues do you think would do this? I don't know man. I, honestly don't know there's so many varied complex rich people. That we work with that, I can't even begin to guess, Hi, I'm going to hazard a guess and say Ben I could see been doing what about the other Ben probably not. Pam Peacock. Okay since our graphic designer. Who is an artist? And I asked him actually if I could read her facebook post when she completed it because I think this is instructive on in and you tell me whether at jobs with humans experience. Okay. Because it sort of is instructive on. The Art of Origami and it's more than just folding paper. It is meditative and can be relaxing and healing and all those things. So Pam posted a photo of the final project and said, this is what a thousand origami cranes looks like in a pile of my coffee table tonight I met the goal on August second two, thousand, eighteen, two, fold one, thousand cranes within one year's time There were several reasons I want to take on the challenge the meditative quality of folding origami to practice dexterity and fine motor skills the fun and making a flat piece of paper into something dimensional and new to make a whole bunch of something there's a certain satisfaction in that. but the biggest reason was to cultivate more disciplined with myself to commit to a term ongoing project and see it through to completion is a big deal for me and she goes on to say she has a pretty long history about getting pumped up about a project and then abandoning it and she found with months left she only had I'm sorry she had five hundred left to go. Ten months. Well I think she just took some time off share well yeah. I. Mean That's that's how you're supposed to do. You're not supposed to sit there and do in one fell swoop it kind of misses a bunch of the point you know yes she said that she went several months without realized she had a couple of months in the clock is ticking. And she said it made the decision to recommit and push myself instead of letting it go like so many other things I know all still struggle with those issues. But as an exercise growth feel like leveled up a bit in continue applying these strengthen skills to my personal and professional lives very nice and she's like in check out my finger muscles. That to their ripped yummies middle name is stick to witness. So I don't think she benefited in that sense, but there's definitely like a meditative aspect to it and like when she was doing it for me, it was like, I, thought it was very sweet and then the more I learned about it sweeter I realized how you know it was it's a I mean to do that for somebody is pretty cool and to do for yourself to like. Pam. Did is pretty neat as well. I think it was also forty emmy she he probably. Yeah I'm sure she got a tremendous amount of it to you know, but it was one of those things where she just kind of work on it when she felt like it, you know there wasn't any rush or anything like that. So it did have kind of a meditative thing for for sure I used to think stick to it was a weird middle name but when I saw it written down. Like in.

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