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"trump mikula" Discussed on The Dictionary

"It's dresser dresser. Why couldn't they come up with that. okay we did shifa near. It's a chest of drawers dresser. Next is shifa. Robe shift aerob- noun from nineteen o eight a combination of wardrobe and chest of drawers. It's from shifa near and wardrobe schiff. Aerob- that's where they get the word from who who calls things shifa robes. I dunno next this. It sounds like a weird word but it it's not it's not It is sugar. I honestly is it just me or when whenever you see most of those letters together you cringe a little bit because it's way too close to a word that is very very bad so you get a little nervous right is maybe it's just me It's spelled c. h. i. g. g. e. r. noun from seventeen fifty six number. One is the number one definition for the word Chicago which we are going to get too soon or chiyo Number two a six legged usually red or orange might larva that feeds on skin cells and causes intensely itchy reddish welts also the adult might of this larva It is so this. Name the etymology for this specific. One this larva it comes from. It's an alternative of the second form of the word. Jigger j i e are not sure what that is. But i guess it's this larva by the way the family name is trump in big hewlett. I traffic you'll die. Trump mikula die to rumbek lead. I next we have chignon or chignon. C. h. i. g. n. o. n. noun from seventeen eighty three a knot of hair that is worn at the back of the head and especially at the nape of the neck So it's if it were a man bun it would not be at the nape of the neck. Although sometimes sometimes dudes like too lightly put their hair in a thing and a not on the back of the neck but usually they got it up. Hi this is more women do this. I think i had no idea. It was called a chignon It is from middle french. Shannon which means chain or collar or nape chain collared nape. It's all about the neck all right next to. here's this a word chicago or chiyo. C. h. i. g. o. We noun from sixteen ninety one one a tropical flee like the biting flee and the dogs of tropical flea of which the fertile the fertile female causes great discomfort by burrowing that the that female that fertile female is causing such discomfort on my skin because it has burrowed underneath that sounds terrible And then number two. We have the number two definition for the word sugar which took us back to the larva. The might larva next. We have chihuahua. s- capital c. h. i. h. w. to too many letters capital c. h. i. h. u. a. h. u. a. Did i really need to spell chihuahua. Probably not. But i did noun from eighteen fifty eight any of a breed of very small round headed dogs that occur in short coated and long coated varieties this mexican spanish from their word chihuahua.

Trump trump Chicago One eighteen fifty eight second form mexican spanish sixteen ninety one six legged seventeen eighty shifa seventeen fifty six two nineteen one eight french