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"trump kip turkey" Discussed on AM 1350 WEZS

"I can't tell you how much William Butler Yeats had an effect on my life. My father was a poet and writer and died. Really, right. When I turned eight, but he expressed that to me, I have all these books. I knew how important it was to its thrill for me to be here and sly go and be sitting with Damian Brennan, and you've got to check them out at the experience, and we're gonna give you the address and all that kind of stuff. But thank you so much for joining us into the lovely talk. We had here just moments ago, and you're fantastic. Poetry reading of some of his poems. It's fun to have a passion for your county and fear fear face. And then to have that matched with work words, and to have to be able to bring the two together to people who may never heard V8.'s, many of your listeners of her too. Why not? Know ranks there. And comes at it left her with Robert frost and only in time because the actually stands at graces poll of his age and the significance of Yates when he was the wive was recognized, obviously because of the Nobel prize, etc. And was he did he walk down the streets of l'aigle was a revered person. Once he had it that status. Well by the time he hit. That's now his his interests have moved to Keith park in the Galway airy overlay t Gregory is great meant are lived. What what is actually true is? When body was repacked created he nineteen thirty nine. The friends and his body was buried to their only after the war and the hold of Saigal in nineteen forty eight which was a very poor less that left advocation place today the whole place down and they did walking and walked out to Trump Kip Turkey arteries, buried about five six miles outside the sound life magazine. And a whole series of focused on those and mocha's pushing bogeys in the rain out behind this month because they did recognize a great Hugh laws and his contribution to Saigon. I mean, of course, there's so many directions you could go when when you talk about his poetry. But for you personally because you were such an authority on it. If you are deep in.

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