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"troms dacuda" Discussed on Afternoons with Marcellus & Kelvin

"And he just it's not right a fall off a cliff for the guy. Right. And then so the whole question is then we were alluding to this earlier in the show who are they going to bring in as that guy? That's number two. And is that number two guy can have the chance to, you know, be number one, are they? Can they find somebody that's there or is it going to is going to be internal development? You know is Brandon Ingram better than. People on the outside think and as good as some the Lakers coaches and stuff. It could be both. Let's say, for example, if they got Klay Thompson, right then clay clay nose that eventually next couple of years he could become the guy, right? And then LeBron plays a little bit more of a secondary role facilitator role, which LeBron is terrific at and then internally, you try to grow one of these guys, Brandon Ingram coups Ma Josh hard Lonzo into being like a just as good as a Klay Thompson eventually. And the key there is that whoever you're bringing in, you're getting that player quote, unquote for free without having. And that's the whole thing we talked about with the trade, whether it was a with the San Antonio, some of the team, right? Like that's the whole thing with Paul. George is that the reason there's the disappointment in some senses that that guy could have just come to your team and, but that but guess what somebody can still do that next year. And that's why they're democracy. You're asking the earlier like, well, people seem to just move on from it and it's like, well, yeah, because that that slot didn't go anywhere right that that job application second best player on the Lakers maybe Ingram's gonna. Really try to make a push this year, but more likely than not. He can be there as maybe the third best player, but that second spot you, you fill in next one of the trade deadline of one of the guys that are in in house right now, you know, and and putting the guys that they just brought in a different category. We talking Kouzmin Ingram ball in throws Josh heart in there too. Which of those guys is most likely to grow into that best player on the TV? Definitely. Did you watch some relief speaking sued him on man's. We can shoot it. I assure all because I, it's funny. I asked Michael this question and he thought it was Kouzmin that they're a lot of people are picking coups Mellat people pick Ingram, and I think that there's still a chance that it's Lonzo apps. So first of all, everybody I think is I hate when I say everybody, many are sleeping on Lonzo. So I think it's very fair to put them in that. I'll give Ingram a slight as over Lonzo in and I love Khouzina. But yeah, that I'm gonna go out if I have to pick one, I'll give me anger. I listen. Cozumel has had an Josh heart just said this the other day on spec. Troms Dacuda is having probably he's a which impresses you the most of what you're seeing the fans. He said, Kuzina. Kouzmin has come into Riddick shape. He's added strength muscle, and he's working on his game inside the post. And he's the type of guy who's going to keep on working and he's got a good killer attitude to them. I agree with maj. I do agree with you on Lonzo. I just think that Lonzo in some ways the summer which was a key summer for him. Magic said, perhaps the biggest summer, your life. I just think that injury robbed him a lotta this summer and that's, and that's so that. So he's going to need time to kind of like really work on his game. You're, I grew imagine. I think Brandon Ingram is the guy that is going to benefit the most from LeBron's presence. Obviously, there are not seems at Homer muscle, right? But height wise the way Brandon plays his game. He can learn so much from the broad of how to use his body more efficiently, how to score inside how to score easier. I think it's, I think Brandon's really going to benefit. Have you have you have you guys seen him recently? See any thicker than he was the first thing I saw some of the facility..

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