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John Boehner says "There is no Republican Party. There's a Trump party."

Bob Clark

01:32 min | 4 years ago

John Boehner says "There is no Republican Party. There's a Trump party."

"Night they found three bodies inside the home there reporting the deaths homicides the home being processed for evidence estate state police do their investigation no further details being released so as not to compromise the investigation the cause of death and identities of the three victims will be released later former house speaker john boehner says the gop is trump's party now republican party has got to think of the map somewhere a former ohio congressman and republican leaders says the president style is in his style and that trump is clearly the most unusual person we've elected as president bainer spoke at a policy governance in mackinac island michigan thursday sipping on bloody marys and also saying the two most people to see trump elected were hillary clinton and donald trump and i donald trump promised malania that he would not win he shouldn't have to worry about living in the white house it's probably why she's not look real happy every day well maybe one reason i'm joe ramsey hey if you live in bear country you're more likely to spot one of the animals this summer here in new mexico tristan bickford is with the state game and fish department busy summer for bears i'm with the drought that's happening are becoming more active is looking for food sources and bickford says the bears are more likely to come into urban areas is it becomes harder for them to find food in the wild she says there have been recent bear reports from placetas to return to santa rosa and she says it's important keep food items stored away so bears are not tempted by them whether.

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