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"tripoli oko" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

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"tripoli oko" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

"And and looking at the record of of Songa this year, I didn't realize how little he's played. I mean, I think he's about about. Five matches since February. And he's only one one because of that injury. Yeah. I mean, he had six seven months out of the game. Because the ninja, isn't it? And you know, that he was very good against millers ranch in a first round in Paris than it was three tiebreaks eventually lost out. But I think that that is a massive gamble. A really I think it's a big amble pudding Sanga in there than either there too. I don't know about you it. Maybe he's concocted Yannick. No this back injury. If song is to create nineteen Ninety-one esque circumstances. He's kind of a captain isn't a, and you know, we we know and we'll come on to talk about this with them Matz. Berlin is view with David Haggerty, but we know Jahic ignore and the French team feel about the Davis Cup performs. I think he is doubly motivated will Tripoli Oko dramatically this year to to prove a point about the magic of the Davis Cup. I'm what's going to be lost? So. I did I d think he doesn't just want to win the Davis Cup and for it to be brilliant tennis. I think he wants to be a sprinkle of something Omay supernatural about it. And you know, maybe song as the guy to deliver that rather than leaker point. Hey, we still a really good chance Pio come in for the reverse singles. But this is what you know has been saying the strength of the strength of the French team is sort of options and having that third singles player, you know, pretty much that church and ex you're going to be playing to Friday and Sunday, but France could use leucopenia. Fresh Luca poli on Sunday. And it's interesting talking about Noah. The the Croatian captains Zo Zovko crackdown was saying how he sees sort of shoddy is almost kind of joker in the pack of the French team. But in a in a good way in a positive way is the kind of surprise perhaps. But really the sort of the the the French team hold is Yannick. Now, isn't it because he's trying to come the first while the third captain to win the Davis Cup four times. He's he's already won it three times oversee once just last year. And he does he does have that sort of mistake quality about him isn't effective to put your finger on exactly what it is locate this week of code.

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