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"tricia jones" Discussed on The Moratorium

"Shut down because of mysterious people gone missing missing miners and think that says something like twenty one miners trapped in the mine which they never recovered a nice little setup to get you going into the creepy nece. I love this movie a lot because it has kind of a good sweet old school point of view camera stuff for the monster. They only had one monster four this movie and they put it to good use. It was cool. Now was the monster. That creepy can resembled a turtle. I watched them behind the scenes stuff. And and actually the shell of the turtle was kind of like look like a sheep's brain but it had tentacles like a squid or an octopus and we see a brief moments in this movie with just the tentacles and that just what kind of sets it off. Really well i really dig this movie the kills or fun it Sneaks up on you. Now these These minds supposedly have tunnels that go to the different houses in the area. Most of these houses seem to be vacant around this area. It could have built on that a little bit more but this is a small production a small movie. This was directed by james conway. James conway has twenty five producers credits and forty five directing credits He started off way early in the seventies. He did several episodes of the life. Time of grizzly adams but also came around in nineteen eighty to do hangar eighteen. Movie that we will probably end up covering in-depth on the moratorium at some time. Because that's that's a hell of a lot of fun as well matt houston. He didn't eight episodes of matt. Houston we keep bringing up matt houston because it keeps showing up. Everybody worked on that television series He also had seven episodes. He directed under macgyver star. Trek next generation star trek voyager and deep space nine as well as enterprise but he also did sixteen episodes of charmed little trivia about the production of the boo. Actually that when he met the leading actress rebecca balding who plays trish in the movie. Not trish the dish. Thank you mallrats tricia jones. They call her trish the dish. No this is Rebecca balding She's been around for a little bit. I'll talk about her but when they met they fell in love. They were actually. I believe married before. The production ended on this movie. And i believe they're still married very interesting. Now rebecca balding. She has been around for welshmen actress in forty eight different credits here including making it. Which i don't remember that was a nineteen seventy nine tv series making it. That was inspired by saturday night. Fever it looks like it was only on for nine episodes. Now david naughton ellen travolta rebecca balding nine episodes. This was touted as a comedy Comedy music which i don't recall Saturday night fever being comedy. Somebody correct me anyway. Rebecca balding also showed up in nineteen episodes of soap that was in nineteen. Seventy eight hundred nineteen eighty. Soap was wadley popular comedy. Show back in the day. We've brought up several times ac- she showed up in a matt. Houston trapper john. Md macgyver. She had a small stint tv series called paradise. She also starred in twenty three episodes of charmed of course because her husband also helped direct many episodes of that anyway. Very interesting stuff behind this. I'd also stars. fred. Mccarron fred mccarron. He died in two thousand six at the age of fifty five but he played a lot of tv stuff but he was ritchie in xanadu. Talk about xanadu a lot. I'm probably going to make jason watch this at some time because it was a lot of fun back in the day or that i remember. It could be a total disaster. Our guy fred was also in one episode of alice. Which we love to talk about. Allison mel's diner. He also showed up in class reunion in nineteen eighty two. This was a national lampoon's class reunion. Which had garrett graham stephen i we've talked about this plenty of time and also has blackie damaged in it anyway. Very interesting stuff here. Fred was also and a couple of episodes of. Gimme a break. Too close for comfort. Hardcastle mccormick scarecrow and mrs king and the golden girls. He died at a young age and it looks like of colon cancer. Cancer fucking sucks guys. This also stars and marie martin as jessica four and anne. Marie martin has been around for a little bit. She was windy and prom night. She also played a character in a nineteen seventy-eight. Tv movie of doctor. Strange this goes way back. I never seen that movie. Ns just probably fine. And she was also credited as dorsey and halloween too. I wonder if darcy was one of the nurses that came out to To the parking lot. That sounds pretty familiar. I'm going to have to look that up. Somebody correct me. that's fine. what's interesting about and marie martin. She was married to michael crichton for some time. Very interesting That was from nineteen eighty seven to two thousand and two and some more trivia. You didn't know she wrote twister. Nineteen ninety-six twister with bill. Paxton and helen hunt very interesting stuff. Only writing credit very cool. Cool shit i. She was also in two hundred ninety. Eight episodes of days of our lives so you wonder where she came around to be an actress. That's probably it. She was also in sledgehammer tv series from thousand nine hundred. Eighty six She was in forty one episodes of that she was in one episode of saint elsewhere and Episode of powers in matthew star. That i will be talking about here pretty quick again. Gotta love the boo gan's as a creepy. It's a monster movie like. I said they only had one of creatures. They only had enough money to create one of them so it was used in a manner that actually made. It seem like there were more. It was a lot of fun. I still enjoy this movie. The creature is kind of kooky. But that's why we use a lot of the point of view shots. Jim coupe is listed as the writer of the screenplay jim coup we've talked about time and time again on the moratorium. He has written some of the our favorite movies from back in the day. Which include Whitewater rebels that we covered in our spring slasher fest. He co produced secret admirer. He did stake out. He has written many things up the creek the hidden which we also covered on the moratorium. Go back and listen to that hidden episode up. The creek is probably one of the movies. Were going to keep talking about you. Guys just needing run out and watch it jim. Coup has been around for quite some time and has been taking care of us nerds four years One great part about this hidden. Jim of the boubons is yes. There was a novelization a movie tie in back in the day. They did a lotta movie tie in books. When people were actually reading books. I would love to get a copy of one of these. I think i saw it listed on ebay for forty dollars and that might be a little bit much for my budget for something. That's gonna sit on my shelf and be fondled by me on a daily basis. But i would love to have it my collection Little interesting fact. Here there is a Doomsayer always loved doomsayers in our horror movies. The ones that know what's going on and just like crazy ralph from friday the thirteenth. We have to have a doomsayer. This one His name is john lower merge. John lorimer He died in nineteen eighty six so just five years after the making of this film has a hundred and seventy four credits to his name. He has been around for quite some time. A lot of tv series but something. I didn't realize that he played nathan grantham in creepshow nathan. Grampian was father in the father's day episode. I want my cake use and.

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