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Georgia governor's race: Cagle, Kemp headed to GOP runoff vote, Dems choose Abrams as nominee

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01:35 min | 4 years ago

Georgia governor's race: Cagle, Kemp headed to GOP runoff vote, Dems choose Abrams as nominee

"In the traffic center steve winslow wsb continuing team coverage of the race were on governor casey k go wins the republican primary but doesn't get enough votes to avoid a runoff with secretary of state ryan camp wsb political analyst bill crane i think nathan deal they have to come off the sidelines he's not then actively involved with eighty four percent approval ratings and going out kind of you know with the sunset behind him you may see him get engaged in this race and in this runoff the winner of the gop runoff on july twenty four th will face democrat stacey abrams in november the former house minority leader easily beat former state representative stacey evans racer tenant governor will feature a runoff between republicans david shaffer and jeff duncan sarah emeco wins the democratic primary over triana james johns creek state representative brad raffin burger and alfa reta mayor david belle isle will meet in the gop runoff for secretary of state former congressman john barrow wins a three candidate race for the democratic nomination republican jim avoids a runoff with jay florence to win the gop nomination for insurance commissioner and the democratic primary janice laws defeated cindy zeldin state school superintendent richard woods wins the republican primary over former superintendent john barge democrats oath thorton ansett chapman will meet in a july twenty four th runoff for a complete list of georgia election results go to wsb radio dot com wsb sports brokenbat on contact he's coming.

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