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"trey shin tiffany winbush" Discussed on WCBS Newsradio 880

"Joe Biden's running mate Kamala Harris is putting the brakes on travel until Monday after her communications director and a flight crew member tested positive for covert 19. Biden is expected to continue travelling through election Day. Ember to Mayor Bill de Blasio calls Governor Andrew Cuomo threat to withhold state funds over covert enforcement bluster, Blasio says he's focused on stopping a potential second wave number three hunters can now use firearms in the bear hunt in New Jersey beginning today, up until now was bow hunting only, but the Musketeers musketeers. I guess you could call them with their muzzle motors. They're going to be out today in the woods in Jersey. The city is preparing to move more than 200 homeless man out of a hotel in the Upper West side, moving them downtown to the financial district to a hotel there, But now there's a battle brewing downtown. WCBS reporter Steve Burns has the update. Both sides here agree on one thing. The homeless man in the Lucerne on the Upper West Side shouldn't have to move again re traumatized them tohave to go through that process of packing up everything learning a new neighborhood. If the move down to the financial district does happen, as has been ordered by the diplomas, you admit it. Trey Shin Tiffany Winbush of the group. Friends of Fight. I says the men should be welcomed. You don't want to be a place of empathy. But another group downtown New York, Er's incorporated is suing to stop the move. Location is within 300 ft of four schools. And within blocks of club for Joanna is a downtown New York ER spokesperson. She didn't want to give her last name, she says there aren't enough resource is in the area to support the men City is exploiting the current humanitarian crisis to cover up its own mismanagement. The city started using more hotels to house the homeless to allow for shelters to be more socially distanced. Steve Burns. WCBS NEWS radio 80 Some New York heroes. They're calling out the feds for holding up. They say payments that fund the F D N Y Eyes 9 11 Health program. The program needs money to keep up with the growing demand for services. Andrew Lands, Bro heads the Fire of Fighters Union. He says three nearly $4 million. Could goto hire more doctor? If you want your cancer treatment? You know, one here. You can't come in this week. Can you come in? In two weeks, The Treasury Department is holding up the funding because of a city Medicaid debt. But there's been no mention. At the funding enacted into law was to repay a debt to New York City firefighters that answer the call on 9 11 and the monster followed Long Island. Congressman Pete King's his defense have to find the money. Simple truth is, people are going to die. If this isn't corrected, King called the decision irresponsible. In Gramercy Pure Haskell W City as this radio Indeed, it's 11 48 WCBS as.

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