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"J O D Y MAC M A N. I quit. Crunching the numbers this year nationally Geest if you look at the five teams in the NFL least Braves above five hundred Findlay slightly above five hundred national right at five hundred mats below five hundred Marlins godawful Adam all up as a division the NFL east is forty three games under five hundred thirty three of which is the Florida Marlins. Thank you very much the American League central. You've got the Indians who are seventeen games over five hundred eighty two and sixty five which as I said makes them the best team in the American League read. Sox have one hundred one wins Astros ninety two Yankees ninety one as ninety so Cleveland at eighty two makes him the fifth best team in the league. But they're up by fifteen games that division because everybody else had to begin stinks on ice twins. Tigers White Sox royals all off all the AL central is ninety nine games below five hundred as a division. So when you point out the adequacy of the NFL least keep it in proper perspective. The home of the Phillies is only the second worst division in all of baseball. Eight eight eight seven nine ninety four ninety four hour from Trenton Palo Alto. Hear me out here in tell me what you think of that. Sure. So I agree with you. Go down to Tampa Bay. Sunday. We take care of business there. We win by touchdown. Maybe a little bit more out. We come home the next week. Are we losing to the colts at home? Probably not. But I wanna see I actually colts could do the eagles a big favor this week. I'd ain't going to Washington and win. Okay. So let's say now we're three now. Now, we go to Tennessee. Okay. That could be a tricky spot. Right. We let's say we win that game. We come back against the Minnesota or now at home maker tunes and put Carson. Yes. Wenches ready to go done because my my theory is this if you're four now coming in you make the change. Okay. And we got beef Minnesota. How the Philly scenes are especially after what falls Minnesota last year in the playoff. Right. You're going. I think the best thing that could happen to make this smooth. And without a controversy is to actually lose the Tennessee that way, you make the change. And you don't have to worry about being worn out and changing their quarterback. What I see what you're saying? But I think people are trying to read too much into it people at trying to think about it too much. They're trying to lay out and guilty. I put my hand up. I'm a sports talk show host. So I'm going to think about all the potential scenarios and the like, but I really do think it's just as simple when Carson Wentz is physically capable of playing when he passes all the tests that the doctors have put in when he surpasses every hurdle that they put in his place to prove that he is one hundred percent ready when he gets that magic number of one hundred percent in there is he starts playing. It doesn't matter who they're playing doesn't matter. What their record is doesn't matter. Whether Nick foles is playing well or not. And let's be honest. Eagles wanna now which is great Nick foles if you had to give Nick walls an eight grade on last week's game. It seems at best. And that's probably because he did a nice job catching a pass on Philly. Philly every dozen pull in his pass reception. He's probably a D minus for that game. He didn't do much of anything. So it was not the continuation of of the last known didn't break up where he left off in the Super Bowl every p roll, Greg. I'm just saying everything's clicking your four. Now. You know, he's playing well again at Tennessee game. They go down there. He plays doesn't play. You know, they lose the game. Make such an easy transition. Had we gotten a limited state on when this is. No, absolutely not. You don't know. I don't know. Paul doesn't know Doug Peterson doesn't know he's tired of answering the question on when it's going to happen. But it is it is the medical staff set the bar. Carson Wentz must be achieved. And until he does he's not starting. It could be it could be week nine. For all. We know. Everyone's always next week. Well, maybe next would not have us now. So we can have an ally. Appreciate these hypothetical questions that you're asking they kind of make the sports world go round. But my take on it is. As soon ready? He's back. He's starting quarterback. And nobody's going to second. Guess it. Yes. Will we feel calls will? I feel calls will marks and Reese Bill called with the camera and bridge EPL will Angelo field called. Yes. Oh, yeah. Everybody will feel how did they pull Nick crawls out there winning? Why would you rock the boat? You can't rock the boat. You got wait till nNcholas. It's fans the fans will do that. They'll be a percentage of the fans, and they might be the vocal minority and no call WIP here, and he'll jump on fan pages and websites in the light. The guys in the room down at the Lincoln financial field matter. I don't think if you. Scenario that you just laid out there. They win their first four games walls plays significantly better this week against dampen and the next week against Indianapolis. He goes Mano Amano with Andrew blocking outplays him and any beats the guy who a large percentage of Philadelphia. So desperate dab Marcus mariota. And hey, our mariota guy. I don't I I'm not trying to. Miss place, and or misdirect the amount that I liked mariota at Oregon. But the price that was asked was outrageous. And they really didn't they put it out and outrageous price because they really didn't want to trade him. Then as he wanted to hold on. I wanted to take them. So there was the only way the eagles could have gotten him under chip Kelly was too blatantly overpay. And as much as I like mariota. I wasn't willing to part with what was rumored price tag to get mariota. But they were people anything. Anything mariota Mary? Do the deal. Do the deal do the deal. No. It wouldn't have worked chip Kelly was ran out of town the way should maybe fates and fortunes change mariota's year. They don't blow chip Kelly out and they Daven wanted Super Bowl. So I'll be thankful that they didn't do the deal back. Then still doesn't mean. I don't like mariota. I still think he's a player, but they beat mariota. So they're sitting there undefeated. Weiqing defense. Very good defense. Eagles have to play them. Carson comes back and they lose that game. I'm not sweating it. I don't think the you'll players will be sweating it. I don't think the coaching staff will be sweating it. Some fans will cause some fans only know what happened. The last ten minutes that they don't understand the big picture and what they disregard the big picture. A good number of eagles fans realize that he's the franchise quarterback being Carson Wentz. And they want to have success with the build up eagles for a decade not for a couple of weeks in the middle of the season after they just wanted Super Bowl. The majority of level-headed ego fans will realize it. And of course in loses the Vikings you can come back win the next week. Anyway in the eagles are going to have the season that they're gonna have. He gives them their best chance to go back to the Super Bowl. Does Carson Wentz? Mark from Somerton up on ninety four WIP, Mark. Hey, jodie. How are you? Before I get to my family's point. Just a quick question for you. See? Afterwards. Will you be on the show regularly with a regular time slot? A couple of nights a week and are great can be anywhere Monday to Friday this week when I was on Wednesday. And I'm probably next week. I'm Tuesday and Friday, so it's kind of hit or miss. But usually I two nights a week at night and you'll get you'll get stuck with me for the full four hours. That's problem. Listen, I I go I drive around. I do the rideshare bucks. Mark. I appreciate that. Have you ever wondered what I'm going to be on? You gotta you gotta do checking on Twitter, always promo all my shows at Jody MAC, man. I knew and speaking of Twitter, so tweet, okay? Call you. And I. Gabe kaplan. I gave him a forty five percent. I wanna ask you about a fan of them. I think he was way over still believe it. I think the collapses kind of proven it. But how far is his leash for next year? Does he get all next year? No matter what. Bad. Of course, you know, they would have to be horrific for him to be fired in season. Along the lines of. And I wrote these numbers down earlier today. Because the Phillies first half this year as compared to the first half last year in the second half this year compared to the second half last year. Last year at the midway point, which is the all star break. So they'd pick it up if you call pre all star game first-half post all star game second half note affiliates were at the all-star break last year. Twenty nine and fifty eight they were already twenty nine games under five hundred before the all-star break, which is awful. And then they added Hoskins mechanic got him playing a little bit better ball in the second half. They were thirty seven and thirty eight they're only a game under five hundred for the second half this year for the Phillies first half. They were fifty four and forty two this year second half there twenty two and twenty nine they're seven games under five hundred. So the last year's Billy's actually better in the second half the niche years Phillies, now the first halves this year's Billy's. Pretty damn good last year's horrifically and historically bad. So mechanic didn't get fired in the middle of the season. And he was twenty nine and fifty eight. So I don't I think kaplowitz have to be worse than that. And that's unimaginable team with our Nola that they could be twenty nine in fifty eight all star. But do you think like Middleton is? I mean, just looking how MTV stadium the stadium is now and outraged by the seniors on on his management style. Like it or not. I just again, I don't like it. I really wish the best. I'll go to a couple more home games. I don't care. I'm on the Phillies. I think it's just we are also frustrated I feel I he lost the locker room. I don't have proof of it. I don't know it on. But I just look at the players. They just they just don't look like they're into it. And I think it's the top of that list. I think he looks unhappy. He knows he's in a position. He's not good at he's always scrutinized for you know, four billion. Lack of ability to play there. I I think he's wanted people on the team as far as his game play. A judge from afar is pretty damn difficult. Here's you in one in one point, you're right. And another part. I think we're overstating it John Middleton cares about the fans because number one I take you to Philly's fan. And I think he wants to win for the fans, but more importantly, businessman reason to use the leading Phillies days is because very successful billionaire, and he had the money to be able to invest in the Phillies and get the peace that he wanted of it. And guess what? When you have empty seats like tonight, he's at the stadium. He's seeing this. He's going that's money. I'm not making I need to do something to change this. So Middleton acknowledges what the fans are thinking more cell by their action of not coming to games, the knows who pick up the phone and call WIP because he I think it's a decent sounding board. But it doesn't really dictate. Dollars in and out of Middleton's pockets. I think you'd listens. I think he knows I think he's got a general vibe about how the fans are judging steam, but more than anything else. He's looking at the attendance numbers at the end of the day and affiliates. Attendances been less than it should have been Nishi. Well, why why is that the case? Well, number one, usually you build off the year before and affiliates were pretty damn bad. Even though they were better in the second half. They still finished well below five hundred and they were a non factor in coming into each year. Nobody I mean, nobody even the most domestic said, hey, the Phillies are going to be in a pennant race come September..

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