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"trendy bauman" Discussed on Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show

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"trendy bauman" Discussed on Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show

"Okay. NFL teams. According to a memo sent by Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy. Vincent are preparing for the opening training camps that was obtained by profootballtalk. Rookies can report on July the twenty first. That's tomorrow quarterbacks in place on July. The twenty third. That's Thursday and. All Others on July the twenty eighth. That's a week from tomorrow. The chiefs in Texans can start today because they're supposed to play on September. Tenth in the thirsty night season has yet has been approved by the Union. As of yet NFL. Dot Com is reporting. That management is under the impression that it has the right under the CBA to determine when training camp start even in this kirk. State, of affairs. Social Media. Overloaded all weekend with NFL players, wondering about things such as what happens if you test positive safety protocols and. Variety of subjects, which they are taking very seriously, and they are saying that the NFL is not so stay tuned from. We're not told regarding NFL. It's a pretty fluid situation and much like baseball. I think things are going to go back and forth little bit, and they're falling into say. Okay tomorrow. In everybody's GonNa get started but man. There's a lot going on all of a sudden I guess. From for. Going to be fun I think he'd be a blast. You Guys Watch your bucks on Saturday And did not. I did neither great. Must grow was outstanding and then Cal came in and the eighth inning with a three nothing lead, and he left with the score tied at three three and. Eventually that was that for the way to go out of Waco Bullpen. Fun to see a game again I. I must You? Know wasn't gave seven to the world series or anything, but it was. I enjoyed enjoyed watching it on my watch them again tonight Gosh. No doubt I think we had. must grove on the show later this morning. Joe Moscow will be on nine twenty five. Thousand Your News when we get to the top of the hour. What are you going to be talking about Valerie? Well the pandemic mean more robots will working in the fast food industry. We'll talk about that coming up. It's the morning shifting show. Trendy Bauman and the DVD E. Morning.

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