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"tremaine tremaine" Discussed on Your Mom's House

Your Mom's House

03:33 min | 11 months ago

"tremaine tremaine" Discussed on Your Mom's House

"With book bags full of porn and a pill addiction is just ramping up. Just just jesus wait so you're saying was saying like as apparently she didn't. She didn't see she eventually did wall stacks of videos. My mom always knew what was going the on and she and i would think that she was crazy. I was like she was like saying stuff and i was like fucking crazy. She's crazy but my mom saw. I'm very i have a love hate thing when my mom like we're getting when you get married like my relationship with my mom got better. She's really there for me during my wedding and you know now that married and stuff and probably gonna have kids in you got to repair it but i was like pretty broke off from my mom but we're very alike and so we rub each other the wrong way but she was like from the start she he i don't know where that was very good at hiding it with them and when they finally found the syringe ten years later she was crying like i am not crazy that makes you feel bad but but so so i got bored with coke out wandering the halls larry flynt publications and i go do this shit's fucking boring i've seen every pussy fuck and then some guy goes off awed. You gotta talk to this guy jim powers. He's like you'd never do cocky because you would you get he's genial cocky words that you would just go and open up sweets and there'd be a girl in bondage and you're just walking around there in the building in the bill it was it was discreet but we had the free repassed the place because we we're big brother and especially when jackass came on that we just like we do whatever we wanted over there and so so so some goes oh you've gotta meet jim powers and then i go okay well what's boo cocky and he goes well. It's when like fifty to eighty guys jerk off girls face. We don't have one this week but we actually have a reverse bukac. If you wanna go out in the valiant out in sun valley it's when like fifty or sixty girls squirt on guy's face. We've talked about out. This exists invented it so okay so so i quit big brother my mom. I'm gonna wait that day as soon as they tell you quit around that time around that time so i'm getting my timelines a little crazy but around that time i quit and so my mom goes. It would mean a lot to to me like if you just got a normal job. Why don't you get your real estate license so i got my real estate license and i started doing industrial real estate. I made these porn contacts and i don't think i called the guy to actually go to cocky until i had left big brother so now i'm doing industrial real estate and i'm sorry are you. Have you met. The jim guy already met him. You met them in the building and the buildings use media. All these people in you're getting you're getting numbers like hey guys around for a year but we're just so it was like hey what's up. I wanna come to this boo cocky so you know so so. I think like six months later i get my real estate license and i'm. I'm selling industrial standards so hey what's up. I know i know dave carney and jeff tremaine tremaine all these guys as big brother guys wanna come so he goes come to this reverse boo cocky so i went and i'm in a suit and tie. I'm selling your actually coming from like working work so i made my own schedule schedule but i had to wear a suit and tie but it was industrial real estate so selling like warehouses and factories. That got very strange but i go to this reverse boo cocky. I was like this. She's fucking wild. Oh my god and these girls just looking squirting on this. I was like yeah he's gave it was dark. It was very demonic. Onic energy is demonic time. It sounds fun in theory and then see it..

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"tremaine tremaine" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

Tha Boxing Voice

04:02 min | 1 year ago

"tremaine tremaine" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"Like why do they gotta you'll to Chen why I'm telling you and listen boxing listens. It might take some time boxing listens man and I'm just happy that I'm did that. I'm in I'm in the era era where I get to see Austin Williams because I liked that ring walk name. That's that's that's new. That's fresh AMMO. I like that. I like that and any work the post fight well. He's like I got to add more to my artillery. I like a like it to ano- talking like that to a note the crowd cheer for you. He sold tickets. You know I like it. Let's see it man. I mean again in other sports. They give you the triple a.'s and then they give you the major leagues and all that Shit they give you the fucking Homerun Derby in the U._S.. Versus other countries. We don't got that so this is our you know that you know Gimme everything you can like with tank. Oh my God the amount of youtube social media pushed it they did for that fight crazy in the numbers that he got for that fight on instinet holy freak like he buzzing he buzz and politically for real but we'll stick to the top walked out about about the baby nice rapper right now then you gotta son where Yo Gotti definitely got a buzz about it but back to the dissolve. There's all car <hes> ammo Yemen already did close. That's the first thing come up. You're just saying ammo nonsense what he's doing in their body shot man. There's a guy that he had previous history would end damage damages really really really good so excited to see him again. At ease putting together on cars man I know him what's my other guy's name with small but putting them on Carla Muslim so obviously I was sleeping Freddie Hernandez may one okay wait a minute Freddie Hernandez his face to Joe Rodney and as Freddie no because Freddie fought yesterday to Freddie somebody yesterday I remember that I am bet on that fight he for a midway or junior middleweight on the link lean but that fight got castle. You Got Counsel Yeah. What do you make us? I was looking for on the showtime Showtime Youtube page. I was going to go back and watch it but I didn't see it found out my I bet and slid yellow or something. That's just avoid son about what the put up speaking about betting slip. My <hes> sleeper fight of the night is next on the zone car. Tremaine tremaine mighty midget Williams undefeated rotten nation fighter people call him the next Pernell Whitaker. I don't know if he showed that in this particular fight my and I don't appreciate the pre pro hatred. I know soul and fun but I never picked the center and I was very specific throughout the many years in picking a Dominican what I did say. Is that the sense they knocked out a undefeated Dominican..

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