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Protect Your Summer - Unanimous Decision #177

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Protect Your Summer - Unanimous Decision #177

"Welcome back to the name decision. Podcast I'm your host deep ball matter at the palm. Six six fall show on twitter at. Ud pod follow the entire intend. Eric at the network. You found that you lose. A subscribing agents subscribe on spotify prescribed everywhere. Podcasts GIGGLING for actually free. What's that that God gas? You promise between two Poles by container now coming out tomorrow Lacks today I'm gonNA give you a five part series where where it coat in. Talk about the J. Doc. Bismuth cabinet finished on Sunday as let the man recorded a great podcasts abilities into it. I really should talk to about this document. This documentary after hacked away. Second can talk to her. I want so next by Winston to talk to someone different after the dance. I can't think of name of the show is live in on the Yet we're GONNA do a little post show recap recap you kind of reflection on the Jordan doc. Our first yet on this humor destructive is the gas holly Mike Man Yo Real. That was so good so nostalgic. This is going to be a lot better than I could have hoped he wants. All the kind of the prevailing Senate was it. Went FROM WISE. Our to this should be twenty. Yeah gives us more this year? If they give all hours last I would use up to five watching it. Yes like go ahead. Just add like a bill. Wennington episode Randy Brown episode appeared. Like give it well. There was one. Here's a little you're like. Oh we're going to talk about this for two hours Sambu. Yeah I hope he's doing okay. I don't care whatever it's not fault just happen. They made their call. They had Clyde Drexler. They didn't need Michael Jordan. Which is known will ever say again even funnier later on November first of all weird including my wife second of all. He ends up destroying progressing as elsia Bobby Knight yet like Toll Portland before this. After Jordan played on the came or draft Jordan client. I don't care what white Jordan it's cool it's cool. We've got climbing ladies and gentlemen what sentiment from so you're looking at your age how this hit you initially have. What did you think about going into so going into it? You know I was. I was big Jordan Fan. Big Basketball Fan so I you know thought I'd consumes quite a bit of Jordan stuff back in the day. I mean I watched all the movies had his books all that kind of stuff but the thing. I didn't realize I was a kid. And you know I've never actually thought about any of this or reflect on any of this as an adult so it's definitely hitting differently also there has been some stuff up learn. You know especially like the pippen stuff like I knew some of it but thinking about it now as an adult in NATO inside. Yeah like himself later in the episode kind of talking about the charter bus but that was very trade interesting. Because could they paid him more. Yes sign a bad deal. Yes is he doing aggression being upset? No however like the right thing to do is to pay the money businesses. Do the right thing. None and then like one second so so I really like kind of the state. So I've been kind of absorbing media around this for the last two weeks. I've been listening to a lot of ambience podcasts. Were talking about not just stories of Jordan stores in his DOT com made. Yeah she's been in the ball since ninety eight season APP and so they kinda talked about last time. Podcast they talked they kind of beauregard. They kinda talk their way into being the on the ground film crew for this quote unquote last dance with the tacit agreement. That would stay in the vault until Jordan in the NBA will use it. The number of hearings twenty million dollars. That's how much the salting cost. Nba Right's fees Music Music is a smaller. I'm talking about like the big money like Jordan. Getting probably the biggest slices did you hear how Director got your sign on for this. I've heard one sorts in starting to talk about. I heard on another Podcast I think put us in New York and got a message like can you go meet Mike and like thirty minutes at this place goes in talk show him? He looked like astro. Why do you WanNa do this? And he's like I don't and Jordan's worried about like being represented or misunderstood citing the hall of fame speeches in example a guest director made it clear that he understood Jordan and put them at ease and during Zo. I heard about the producer meaning to the producer meetings very interesting because apparently so there's a mini Dr floating around that uses this footage. It's an hour and a half and it's been around since like six and then the bolt because the world wasn't ready for because you can't do the Jordan story on and Twenty two teams run and it gets is producer reasoning. I'm forgetting but also produced the Irish doctrine thirty for thirty incomes. Any pitches to like Gisele the speech. He gives him everything on why they. WanNa do it. And part of the pitches him saying their kids wearing shoes. Mike who don't know what she did and Mike stopped and got the in the book and saw the credits in production. Tina dining said you guys have everson dog. He said Yeah and the way he said. I have no idea this now. We're done here. What looked up and said across three times watching. I love the little guy all right. Let's do so retreat. They wouldn't filming this and their target release date was twenty eighteen. And of course we're hearing twenty. It's found the bigger lease but it is a CO nation of a lot of work. A lot of passion and a lot of the people who are talking. Wouldn't have talked Jordan hence another or if you don't get Jordan doing but also if making a murder doesn't happen if the OJ knocked doesn't happen if there isn't proof in the world that you can do this with the documentary over multiple parts if he will stay on say attached and said Hey twenty dollars investment they would've espn a Netflix That up guys and here. We are in a world now two hours later. I have to tell you right now. Michael Jordan if you go to counselling I mean he talked about race. He said the word racism not about the personal stuff like the wait long interview in looks back on his childhood like fighting for attention from his father. He said you know described things as traumatic you knows seemingly really honest about it and not trying to maintain a facade. Yeah it was refreshing the Seattle team for those who are wondering. What kind of numbers thing did glad you ask the most highly rated? Espn back in history. Is You don't know which three point six million viewers for its debut last. Dad's wanted to average six point one million viewers. Yep You got constant drop my friends captive audience blue literally literal Yeah what's up? It's more big picture. Saw things that may have learned in documentary. Holy Jerry Krause like I didn't get across not the good guy. It always hurts name but ninety seven ninety eight twelve thirteen. I don't really grasp what his responsibility isn't showing. It looks like he said I'm tired of not getting his love. That goodness shine. Y'All gotta get the Fuck Outta of here. I will get to Oh right. Eighty to know you're still gone really okay and it's interesting because the same thing that you're not crying skied. Anything is one of the reasons this team so successful is that they're able to keep the costs down and cross lines. Are Billing more more money and you saw the way they treated like we'll meet The daily he mentioned that they should call across trump's always crumbs on his shirt like like. I'M NOT SAYING JERRY. Krause needed to have tickets in the iron saying that. She must've been merciless. Moore's me Jordan you think Jordan took it easy on him please. No we heard video. I feel like we didn't even scratch her. That's eight hundred three way. Worse for Reference Will Give You Jack at home. We're now like a bumped into the doesn't nineteen ninety eight season. Excuse me that was a low-carbon things. I want to touch on how they did this. They're able to tie this season. The journey into the history of Michael Jordan. I thought it was cool. Look at his life at UNC. And how much you mentioned being Jordan at UNC. Everything that would entail right. I WOULD WANNA leave but like how cool is it that he sat down with Dean Smith and dean? Smith's like yeah this makes sense to you should enter the draft. You know When he died now it a trust set aside every play whoever. Let it under him. That money need how. How did I hear about that? I think it was a lot of to civil care. Young under Dean Smith. You got casualty kicked the bucket man. Wow Okay Bill. That's a guy I'm GONNA see Roy Williams. I did not realize assistant back at you. Like just leave it like if you say it'd be some like perfect sense. Yeah Y- MARQUESA to get him on camera. Oh for sure for sure for sure I liked Like cabins all that stuff early. I really like that and then we get to the first year in College. I really you know off the top of my head. I can't think of other documents have done this. I mean I'm sure they have but you know having his mom read that letter at home and then have him watch footage of her reading. You know I thought that was that you know. That was the second bathroom to`real decisions made during Sacramento of our number. One was but he that Scott Glass full baby you want and flogged the Phillies. Very interesting regime. And it's it's it is. You're right that it was very humid. Both Michael Jordan. When that was very funny was both traveling cocaine circuits. It you can tell by contorted never heard described only before. Yeah under pro denied but Mike you. He reacted. I'd taken a firm coverage Yup laugh. Everybody had teams excuses right now. I mean I definitely went and looked up the roster. Let's give you don't ask questions before. We will want to say that there was one thing that got started in the college years continued entire career. That was interesting as patron Patrick Ewing sets. Yeah I mean I didn't realize he beat Pat in the finals in the NC Double A. To attack you just start ruining life in the NBA. I wonder if that was go me my entire life but like they became friends. I mean I sleep in later. I don't believe he has well. He helped packet better that jumper he had towards the later in came from working out with. Georgia. Summers threat runs parallel view detailed after. He said he'd help as well but she had a cool to look like as you. And I was born so Georgia's that finished product. The the really the the now view Jordan. Let's say easily ninety two long. That's true that's fair to see this other. Jordan was very. I am because I have watched all like he's always initiate that. There's no respect there because like bird said he was. It wasn't his turn yet. He felt like someone was arriving too early. In when you watch him. Dropped sixty three in the garden Cow WHOA WHOA. Whoa let's rewind to spur season. Jay had who's a third leading score in the League? Yes Sir Behind Bernard King and Larry Bird. Yes twenty years old third. Okay I mean he. He's given it to back to back defensive player of the year Sydney Moncrieff and then the Celtics Games sixty three four hall of famers in their house. Play Emmy and they're all wooden. Rick Carlisle not only on Jordan within putting that document reach. I'll saw mass squares a day and coach. Yeah like I think we all forgot. Rick was on that team and every other like everyone tried to garner file out Tredegar Jordan. And what's wild when it's going to be one of the fundings do because the fifth episode we're going to have Susan on ear his before the she had no exposure Michael Jordan. Which can you ask her how that's possible at the time that repeatedly a competitive kind of crazy person I was. She wanted drug central. Sorry that was like some of the entire world. What is wrong with you time travel or how this happened? We've frozen it's like had. She seen space jam. I I've never come up in space. Amen they could be the main Grouse speculation and of course. They did though side-by-side. I have no putting around right now and Michael Jordan. I feel like on the Jordan scale pettiness. That's like a five. You know spending today will exist forever to some five. That's appropriate. If it's five the accurate should be ended to convince jetson perpetuity. It's a whole this five jerry crust. We lost two years ago. He's no longer in the League as a kid. Say Eight involved any document. I mean I think they gave him a lot of screen time. I think he's going to continue to get some screen time from look. He's started the last dance of Phil. Titles this last season in the ninety the call lasted. He's been told across skills about him. They've done this flirtatious bullshit with Tim. Floyd out that workout and feels like the fucking about. I'll be one which is the. Which is the appropriate reaction. Our country speaking petty krause invited the entire team but fell to his kids wedding. Not just the team. Also the management field an Tim. Floyd home invite you. Yeah Yeah so the last day of the coming do make these records fluck krause. And it's amazing what you can do when you unify behind. Like I've played for coaches. Who are like the media links? They'll play harder. That's a weird way. Okay but machiavellian plan but he was just that aided now he just wanted too much credit. Well that's you know it's funny I was trying to explain this Susan The NAME OF THE BOOK. The parables you ever read it. One of the federal concepts of it is the disease of more. Yeah is worry win the more everyone's more credit more money more attention more? They feel like they're part was more important. And every time you succeed in life it's a fight that disease or moral this game. I was still working my rain. I'll be in so interesting because for this team for this bowl team you have to subscribe Yourself yet you give love yourself to the Jordan. Anything Sixty guys in his team have better success elsewhere or could have been alpha dogs. They're saving Abbas of the problem. You play with the broncos. He puts him Dunkin McBride. You have to some of Your Games. Give it up for the for the greater good. Does it happen with him? Doesn't I couldn't help it? Literally Chan thought rage I really don't know what's wrong with that. But the bottom line is that. What's being lesser does make lesser players make. Us Her talent is going to you. Had to do specific Goltz jobs and starting pippen job. Was everything else. Every when he signs a contract ninety one so he is agent is review so his get right was an early consigned before he had turned anyone. He didn't have early to bit. He signed up for seven years because he had been so burned. That was Scotty pippin authorities. And why? I don't ever remember. It'd be a player saying I want my money or one out of this town. Guess what if they keep you for cheap? They've fucking would look. He signed it for like very real reasons. One real reason to just hang on certain point your contract but like he's one of twelve kids stats and wheelchair another brother in wheelchair. He grew up dirt. Poor like his thoughts. Were I need to secure what I can for as long as I can so I know that I'm able to provide for them for the foreseeable future like he didn't WanNa Gamble that you know? He didn't want to risk getting hurt. Or you know anything like that. He was very much just trying to secure his family's future. I'm not saying it was an understandable decision. I'm saying that clearly records back sign the four year. Yeah same foreign and option seven amount. Matter is decision I and the thing is when you get to ninety eight and says hey pulls the early shack Company tells me he'll anytime I'm not messing up my summer gets is saline. I'm like what the fuck it my summer assured in which I've already purchased the greatest line in documentary. Maybe the grandson American history. Not about the fuck about summer. Who Look that might never know if had it in them covers that you'll fight mental fucking summer. I'm not gonNA fucking about summer. We'll go to Kim's Georgia on Friday. I'M NOT GONNA fuck about summer. I'm not going to do it. Might Not GonNa fuck about summer. It's gotten into bed. That about Scottie. Pippen has not been given please sorts of stories but will Jordan where he was looking of course that was that was very funny because the first few hours are very not like soft pillow Jordan but they based about Jordan. You're there lies truck now go. Women are turned away Jordan Rowdy Lot. That's fine but the flash and he said scouting was wrong. It was being selfish by two point five mill and he's on the fifth dirtiest ever that that old clip. That was glass right like time to think about this for the uninitiated. That's the moment you need your that. You're going to give it a lot more over the next eight hours early. You're waiting for it. Does on sobe didn't smile instill agent that like I'm pretty sure Jordan. Made more on his like battery. Endorsement Than Pippen may on his power in the League of unintended consequences. This is the fact that they're very. Funny Scottie Pippen local commercials floating around you so the NBA. Low commercials are the best but skied into the best because he had no choice so everyone to go search guiding Commercials and Bask in the awkwardness of Scotty. Giving selling you anything anything anything. You couldn't get Michael. Yeah you couldn't you couldn't afford it doesn't do regional underpaid under study and the second one for their styling opening night in that big ass suit. I don't remember what was happening. Evangelist time all. That fabric for sunny couch died. Scotty live we used to couple man that was out? They called me physical hours worrying about that. Sometimes let's see the trends happen in twenty years. You'RE GONNA look back and laugh at this shit so I distrust like a child of all growing. Were close. I don't think you're immune to this? I'm not sure that's the molins but man. I've never had that suit. Never I enter into a rectangle. One man were a brick made of cloth. That's what I saw. I feel like it's only gonna get better slash worse. Yeah they could do attend documentary on Draft suits no shit. I second For like a five year period is is there a point where it hurts but points after the we know that that generation player loves to talk so for those five years? That's easy easy. But the show ends with kind of a combination of all things. He'd seen the competitiveness the drivers of teammates his disdain for the front office A Phil Jackson having to tell Skye to not be so mean to Jerry. Krause you imagine got cussing out in front of the whole organization on the team bus Allen. Say is I want to be sensitive. Actual blood or bullying is big and no one should be bullied. Their place of work should not agree of me having tell another grown at him to stop being so mean this other own ass man in front of everybody. Mike and I know there are certain that'd be Nutley. Okay celebrate and I'm okay with that now I hope I co-signed that movement couldn't be me like housing was spill. Was He like very serious when he told sky? Don't eat more. I notice fills in this ever shit about fuel to get to be master and be a highly competitive athletes like on sorry. Bill found a way for pets. Thinking was Zinn when he won the championship in New York Lord the Championship at New York. I mean he did. They've been living off that ever since. That's all the health verse. The first Culminates and ends with Scottie. Pippen trader bust and that time in the documentary was the in those like trade. Scotty I was very taken brought of. They can get make this year work and we know how it is now they do but I guess foreparts ahead of a Su parts in the CAM. What are you looking most forward to seeing in the documentary? I mean so much. I'm very much looking for to the Dennis Rodman episode which was three yes. I watched that made for TV bio bio pic back in the day in looking at Dennis Rodman in twenty twenty. You know the way we think about things that I think is gonNA greatness can be so when there's more to North Korea did trump. I'd forgotten about that. You gotta remember. This is the year. He's doing professional wrestling during the fines former member. Nwea OH he's on WB television during the finals his match against General. Please Carl Malone. He won right. I'm not GonNa Bibit moment in his territory. Speaking of I'm also looking forward to Scotty pippin ruining Carl Malone at the free throw line telling him he doesn't deliver on Sunday and there's a lot that's looking forward to the most is selling holiday for the most. I two things before we get to that. I'm really see how Jordan legitimately feels management. Fourteen minutes fourteen minute. We're GONNA stab support you when they took him out. And there's like thirty seconds left in there tied or something impacts and the shot over Louis Jordan shoots up leader in a playoff that same year. The playoff just Bravo Ravi Cima. But the thing. I'm looking forward to most entire documentary. It's small and it is petty and it goes beyond even my love of Jordan stories or might disdain for Doesn't capacity this day because the biggest looking forward to the most is yes. We all short the shot Jordan Universal. How'd that shot Michael Easter up? Rodman stole the ball from Carl notes. Written Kroth Working Rodman Jordan swipes. Because Carl Malone's never met Opportunity to come up big where he's ever come not come up short. I love watching like that was fun things that they I was during dock near a podcast if you an MVP. When Michael was playing he made it a point to hurt you in the playoffs. Yeah in the greatest that is will always be Akeem dismantling Dennis Rodman Dennis Robinson David Robinson my bat. It's if you don't know talking back from two young first of all God bless you second of all just what just go watch a King clips on Youtube. I mean that's another thing but the key like mentioned in the document keep up looking Ducati's I mean man he goes so good so good even asthmatic. Sarah but none of Michael Jordan and it's really cool to have encapsulation kind of you know bearing all that out before we go. You must think you're like me grew up in the Jordan era. But you've come over to the side of Lebron's the grids will time. Are we doing? What do you mean cessation strong as a unit or folding? I think the Broncos fans are okay through two or go through two. I'm annoyed with Kobe stance. Kobe need phonebook. That yeah like the guy. You're covering copy of it. That's cool. Are we forgetting or are we not seeing again? How ridiculous and efficient Jordan was it was. We watched Kobe on a lot of mazing. And then you want to play it. Looks like he's just like a better version of Kobe. In the you just not yet. That's it co it was Jordan split. Let's say things about Kobe Bryant? This is the limits of guests. That's fine they can come on. Man. Thank you for watching the first shoe. I'm certain Los Angeles will be here every Tuesday to break the next to last dance for the next five weeks. That was his show. Tomorrow we back with between two palms and the finale of the fast and furious film Franchise Finally Watch it.

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