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"treasurer grolier" Discussed on Harvard Classics

"Vaunted themselves to be the ablest craftsmen in the world for works of this kind and informed the king that nothing more perfect could possibly have been produced in silver insisting at the same time upon being paid two thousand ducats for the filthy piece of work this made the king when he beheld mine affirm that the finish of its workmanship exceeded his highest expectations. Accordingly he made an equitable judgment and had my statue valued. Almost at two thousand duke. It's saying i gave those other men no salary shalini. Who gets about one thousand crowns. A year from me can sterling. Let me have this masterpiece for two thousand crowns of gold since he has his salary into the bargain then exhibited of the things in gold and silver and a variety of models for new undertakings and at the last just when he was taking leave. I pointed out upon the lawn of the castle that great giant which roused him to a higher astonishment than any of the other things he had inspected turning to his admiral. Who was called monseigneur anna beli he said since the cardinal had made him no provision we must do so all the more because the man himself is slow at asking favors to cut it short. I mean to have him well. Provided for yes these men who asked for nothing feel that their masterpieces call allowed for recompense. Therefore see that he gets the first abby that falls vacant worth two thousand pounds a year it this cannot be had in one benefits. Let him have two or three to that amount. For in his case it will come to the same thing as i was standing by. Could hear what. The king said and thanked his majesty at once for the donation as though i were already in possession. I told him that as soon as his orders were carried into effect. I would work for his majesty without other salary or recompense of any kind until old age deprive me of the power to labor when i hope to rest my tired body in peace maintaining myself with honor on that income in always bearing in mind that i had served so great a monarch as his majesty at the end of the speech the king turn towards me with a lively gesture and a joyous continent saying so let it then be done after that the departed highly satisfied with what he had seen their chapter. Forty madam de tomes. When she'd heard how well my affairs were going redoubled her spite against me saying in her own heart it is i who ruled the world today and a little fellow like that snaps his fingers at me. She put every iron into the fire which she could think of in order to stir up mischief against me now. A certain man fell in her way. Who enjoyed a great fame as a distiller. He supplied her with perfumed waters which were excellent for complexion and hitherto unknown. in france. This fellow she introduced to the king who was much delighted by the process for distilling which he exhibited while engaged in these experiments. The man begged his majesty to give him a tennis court. I had in my castle together with some little apartments which he said. I did not use the good king. Guessing who was at the bottom of the business made no answer. But madame de thomps used those wiles with which women no so well to work on men and very easily succeeded in her enterprise for having taken the king at a moment of amorous weakness to which he was much subject. She wheedled him into conceding what she wanted. The distiller came accompanied by treasurer grolier. A very great nobleman of france who spoke italian excellently. And when he entered my castle began to just with me in that language watching his opportunity. He said in the king's name. I put this man here in the possession of that tennis court together with the.

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