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"tre monti williams" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Despite the morning that shooting will go on with Hank Aaron 86 years on this earth made a difference succeeded the highest level. Was able to mix this very, very difficult to find combination off transcendent success and talent and transcendent, successful graciousness like those Things don't usually happen in combination And what a what A what a life Well lived. I mean, what a what a wonderful life Well lived. All right, Andrea Bookish. I know it's a bit of Ah, you know that. That's um, somber news, but happy Friday to you, nonetheless, what's going on? Yeah, that is. It's the breaking news right now. Still processing. All of it from the baseball front of it adds to. I think the number is 10. Maybe it's only nine. But still it's a shockingly high number. Hall of Famers have passed away since 2020 began and I maybe there's been another stretch like this in history, But the last 13 14 months have been really hard on. Baseball history. Just Tom Lasorda recently to which is a lot and you know significant names, huge names that have crossed just outside of baseball to all sports. I mean, Hank Aaron is a legend across the board. On again. He passed away today at 86. Obviously, the home run record is the number one thing with him. But he still is the old time leader and R B I and total bases and his obviously is not playing a very, very long time and those numbers have stood The test of time so far, it obviously any more detail will pass along to you. As the morning progresses. We jump now to the NFL. The Buccaneers got themselves into Sunday's NFC title game by pouncing on four state turnovers last weekend. So Packers head coach Matt the floor wants his guys on their P's and Q's come Sunday. Bottom line. When you get in games like this, you can't beat yourself. You've got to be disciplined, so the penalty is always coming to play and a swell as turnovers. So we got to do a great job in those areas yesterday signed their former quarter Tre Monti Williams to their practice squad. He has already played this postseason for the Ravens. Tampa Bay, meanwhile, says Antonio Brown will be a game time decision Sunday. Because of last weekend's knee injury. The chief's injury report is due later today. It certainly sounds like Patrick Moore home is on target to play against the bills to straight practices of taking the majority of snaps in Casey. At the moment, Mahomes remains even concussion protocol. Now Sundays winners will play in front of 22,000 fans in the Super Bowl in Tampa. About 7500. Those fans will be vaccinated healthcare workers as the league honors Healthcare heroes Last season, Yonas beat out LeBron from VP and Anthony Davis for defensive player of the Year A D was asked if they had some extra motivation last night in Milwaukee. No, don't last season. Obviously no one. You know that brought it up. We talked about it. You know, our motivation was not lose on the road tonight and were able to get that car makers of 1 13 106 victory. Davis had 18 points, nine rebounds, six assists and two blocks. LeBron scored a season high 34 the Jazz push their win streak to 71 29 1 18 over the pelicans. And the Knicks beat the Warriors 1 19 104. The Cavaliers reportedly trading last year's first round pick Kevin Porter Jr. To the Rockets. Porter hasn't played this season because of personal issues. He was around the team for the first time last Friday, saw that his locker had been given to Torrey Imprints who came over the James Harden trade and then got into a screaming match with team officials. College shoots forthright Diable, losing at home to Indiana last night. 81 69, Tennessee, Hiring Danny White away from you see, have to be there. A D. His first job is finding a new football coach after Jeremy Pruitt was fired amid recruiting violations. And speaking of those Notre Dame football Now on one year probation for a former assistants impermissible contact with linebackers Sevele. Small, too. Must be very good. Because Florida and Texas A and M also got in trouble for their recruitment of him, and none of them got him. Smalls is at Washington. Connor McGregor and Daniel Korea have made wait for tomorrow's You have see about in Abu Dhabi and hockey Last night, the King's rallied past the Avalanche for two for their first win of the season. Winnipeg, four out of a woman and the Bruins topped the Flyers. 54 in a shootout bill back to you. Bogus. Thank you. The Kevin Porter Jr thing I find so fascinating in part because just how different industries view Babers differently. You know, going up to your colleagues screaming at them being indignant, being disrespectful as I understand it in some some radio sports radio worlds is actually ah, fairly accepted approach for aspiring producers, but obviously in a In a Cavaliers locker room, you know? Not not not okay? You know, just you gotta shepherd your way through these sort of different approaches. Toc. Guess how How the world works. Bogus. Thank you. It is my pleasure. That was good stuff, dude. Um All right, so so we're going to get into I want to try to do this together. For me. There's a bit of paradox taking place in this coaching search. It is absurdity that Eric, The enemy doesn't have a job yet, and we have some insight on what respect they're done yesterday. He wanted one, and as I understand it was not one of the line. It would've taken line job was interesting. The line's job is not You know the idea that maybe didn't want it? Not true. So I want to talk about that, but But I'm also not willing to do this pile on Dan Campbell take his press conference out of context and assume that he and a vacuum is unworthy because and it's true, Eric. The enemy has been wronged. Both things are complicated, and we're going to talk about them together..

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