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"travis rollason" Discussed on Rick and Morty Podcast

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"travis rollason" Discussed on Rick and Morty Podcast

"Public site. Where there are. There's shirts and mugs from us. But also rick and morty which that's officially licensed over there Some shrubs stuff is in our shop. A which is important when it comes to this episode and then finally if you like the show and you want to support us. Financially patriot dot com slash apathetic enthusiasm. You'll eventually be able to get some commentary from traveling. I for episodes of rick. And morty once i added them and once i released him on on the patriot. They are coming. They're just not there yet okay. It's been a busy week. It's been a busy week so Yeah anyway thank you brandon. Thank you for covering all of those social links so wonderfully appreciate it. And how are you feeling long weekend. A big episode. You are you feeling. Are you feeling ready. Or you feeling feeling psyched for for breaking it. All down for for unity. This this this this. This episode is excited not excited. Not the word. I would use for it and i shouldn't have watched the episode directly before recording. Because i think. I think i think it kind of put me in a weird. It put me in a weird head space to to come into the steps. That's i you know. Listen this is the fun part we should. What do the fun part. I will let fussy the fun part. It's all fun but the most fun in this episode has got to be semi pertinent news gang up on data dot up doto my my wife and kid her downstairs. God your your father we can. We can have still stayed with our with our mike grandparents and benin said on the senate daniell up stairs. They're they're having that conversation. I listen your dad has chosen to do certain things with his life and it. Listen you can be anything you want to be. You don't have to be like him. It's okay let's get your get your overnight bag packs. We're leaving all right folks. We have a very special semi-permanent news for you this week We had the pleasure of touching base with jacob pan. Char the president and ceo of digital dream labs If you are an avid listeners of the podcast. Even when rick. And morty isn't on the air then you know that we got to have a conversation with him in a previous episode last fall This was just after the announcement that they would be developing. The butter robot a an interactive. I don't wanna call it a toy. 'cause it's like i mean it's like legit robot that'll do a lot more than you would think of from a normal collectible. It's not it's not. It's not just a fancy paper holder paper way right. It is it is at is actually going to be really really cool with machine. Learning movable parts. It it's it's gonna it's gonna be great so Jacob came on. I saw i saw him on. Cnn randomly and i reached out to like. Hey i sign on cnn looking good. And he's like hey all day thanks. Thanks say we should. We should chautauqua. Hang out and That that's the genesis of this short short interview for semi-permanent news this this week. So without further ado. Travis rollason to jacob hampshire the ceo of digital dream. Labs so jacob. How have you been since since we last got to talk to. You stressed out but outside of that now we're we're we're doing well and obviously i think fans of this podcast specifically would be interested in knowing like how are things progressing with the butter. Robot are i mean i. A lot of people were excited with the announcement last year Is there any update that they could Certain kind of get excited about will obviously. We're leagues And that's that's my fault okay. I let the engineering team go overboard. Because we got in a rhythm and this thing is so over engineered. It is the cost of goods on it skyrocketed. Over like whatever you know what we we love this project where we're doing it and it doesn't matter but the the funny thing is that because everyone inside the company is such a fan of the show this thing it has more. Okay so you're familiar with cosmic back. Do we talked about that. Last time and kuzma vector were were slightly behind schedule there. But we were okay. There's like the end of the tunnel. Darren butorova were further behind schedule. But with with with cosmic vector you have molded parts. He have lake. Maybe forty total molded parts k. The butter robot just by comparison has eighty eighty so intricate in. It's so over designed. It's going to be beautiful. So what. I was mentioning. We jumped on here. Is that outgoing. I gotta show you guys like everything that goes into the process. And i'll have to do a shot of art factory mental of the office. Were kind of like. We're doing setups. Where the person comes in. And then the assembly line do this. Put this together to get through this together. So we have what's called the dvd t so development test unit essentially. That's we have four of those being assembled rig now and we're going to we're going to be running those and assuming they run fine we're going to be giving those out and everyone can play with it to the heart's content. So we're going to do that. And then that's when we actually open too late as we we and we just opened fully now so just to give you an idea of where we are in the process. I purchased all the chips all the british circuit boards. We purchased months ago so it because the shortages we we saw it coming. That's where we were really concerned because we saw chip shortages. so i bought. What's called a real in on a real that chips. We have ten thousand ship so we have more than enough to cover the preorders.

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