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"travis makor" Discussed on Motorsports Monday

"He was available came back. And now they think that's going to be a really good combination. At work than week one. You never know again listeners of the show for the last six years because now we're in our seventh year if you want to go back and listen to it you can find it on MR. I'm sure we've always talked about this being a relationship spotter. Driver crew chief pit crews owners. It's a relationship. It's a little bit of a marriage because we spend a lot of time sometimes they simply don't work or they work. Okay. You get through, you know, Michael nets made the playoffs last couple of years really wasn't the guy you thought was going to contend for the championship. So you're always trying to mix and match kind of like a recipe. Add a little salt, add a little taken a garlic out. Yeah. You're trying to match that garlic back out. Once you put it in just a tip there. Can you have too much garlic? You probably can't have love gar-. Yeah. Real big fan of girl. Anyway. So you're looking for that relationship to just get better. And those guys made those changes in the off season del junior had a number of changes over at junior motorsports. The one big one that paid off. Immediately was bringing Travis Makor team ACC as everybody calls them is crew chief over to Michael. Net. And Michael drove a great race had a good spotter of top. And was able to keep that lead there at the end. Yeah. It was a fun to watch just all teammate right there gives junior motorsports a one to finish on the trinity side. But here's the thing all week long. We heard they're not raising. Oh, they're running single file. Oh, they're not going to do anything. Well, we get the Sunday. And they do go to primarily because it was warmer. There was an ability for more stronger cars to develop another lane. Chase Elliott tried and tried and tried and the extremely race. And just couldn't get enough cars to go with him to make it happen on Sunday with different with forty cars out there, and some strong cars willing to go to the bottom when it was slick and hot and greasy they could make something happen. It really realistically. It's about a numbers game. It's strength in numbers too, similar lines. The more one has more cars is really going to be more dominant or stronger and with chase trying to make his moves on Saturday by himself. He was a single car trying to compete against ten or fifteen other cards. You get two or. Three. But not enough. It's you know..

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