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"travis hetman" Discussed on Here & Now

"And tomorrow is not just tuesday it is tom waits tuesday at least according to an artist in denver named travis hetman he is obsessed with the lovely and guttural singer songwriter tom waits colorado public radio's stephanie wolfe explains travis hetman says the first time he heard tom waits he was not impressed house a young punk rock kid hetman was fourteen when he was listening to punk rock compilation from the nineties called punk aroma and had to wait song on it and i remember just hearing that and thinking that that just this guy sounds really weird i'll skip this song that song was weights nineteen ninety nine hit big in japan from his album you'll variations great the face now that's like one of my favorite songs in existence but at the time it is funny to think back all those years that was listening to this weird gravelly voice thought care for that engine prayer big it was weights eleventh album rain dogs that was the gateway for hetman just lose doors open hetman was in a minneapolis band then and his bandmate gave him a copy of rain dogs this was seven years after his initial tepid introduction hetman says listening to that record was transported but his obsession with weights was quote a slow burn really what does it is getting to know the entire length of this artist's career and seeing oh my gosh this person is constantly reinventing himself as an artist and really it's like the variety and progression of his total scope hetman is drawn to what he sees as weights masterful blending of darkness and tenderness.

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