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2,560-pound pumpkin wins California contest; sets record

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00:42 sec | 8 months ago

2,560-pound pumpkin wins California contest; sets record

"A week after a national pumpkin record was broken a new one has been set Wow Great gorgeous fire That didn't take long a horticulture teacher from Minnesota now owns the new U.S. mark for heaviest pumpkin Travis gingrich's huge gourd weighing in at 2560 pounds tops the marks at just last week in New York State by 6 pounds Ginner says one thing working against him was the weather in Minnesota where it's nice in midyear but spring can be rough It's like winning the Tour de France on a big wheel You know you just you can only hope You know drove 35 hours from Minnesota to the world championship pumpkin way off in half moon bay in California I'm Oscar wells Gabriel

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