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"travis cananea brown" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"The hours millions of dollars that we've wasted last four years on impeaching this president. Next week. We're going to be entering a new phase with a totally new administration, a brand new president, North Texas We have small businesses. They're going out of business. We've got restaurants that are closing had been open for decades. We've got the aviation industry that is floundering. We've got families who are not able to put food on their table. I pay for insurance, and we're going to continue talking about Impeachment for president. He was going to be gone in seven days. This is doing nothing to empower families is doing everything to further divide the country and further divide this Congress. It's not doing anything proactive. It's not doing anything that actually helps working families in a time when we need it way. Just keep continuing to go back to the trough. For these 32nd 12th sound bites that make make headline news. But they're not doing anything to actually help on policy. They're not doing anything to help people. There you go. No. Well, so the Democrats, they can't do anything different now. They spewed and regurgitated so much rhetoric out there. That man in the White House that mean on Orange man's air Nazi racist homophobe transform. He's mean he's evil. He's Hitler. Of course, they have to get rid of him. If they truly believe those things, then they can't back off there. You think again if they do back off, they're just admitting that it's all alive. They were just making things up. Politically. They dug that hole so deep. They have used that language for four years they have incited and inflame the radical wing of their side of the of the political spectrum. And they're cowards. They can't they can't stand up to him. It's like when the mayor started. But being up with some of those Beale and protesters that turned rioters be careful what you ask for. Be careful with the partnerships you develop because the radicals, they're going to make these demands. And if the Democrats want to stay in office in Washington, they have to fulfill those demands. I sure do. Yes, simply put their past the point of no return. They are that they would not do themselves that they would not look good if they switched. They said Directions it Belvidere on the tide of Don show. Good morning here. Hey, Belvidere. So, yes doing this girl's doing this morning. We're fine. Separate guys for that girl. Concert halls, Girls my bad call This girl's what's on your mind. I was gonna test us actually gonna, uh, you were talking about y'all were talking about lobbyists, uh, that the city of Austin or killing Travis Cananea Brown would whatever Yup. The government hired lobbyists is crazy, and I don't know if it.

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