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How 0.3 seconds saved the Golden Knights season

Golden Edge - Vegas Golden Knights Hockey

34:10 min | 8 months ago

How 0.3 seconds saved the Golden Knights season

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I was something I don't really need to deal with again. One of the hat is not fun. I tell you what is fun though. Sdn Sports Mobile from station casinos. They of course are the sponsor of the Golden Edge. Podcast we are also of course brought to you by the Las Vegas Review Journal. Make sure to check out all our stuff at review journal Dot Com. Dave has had some great stories from the East Coast trip including a good one this morning on one Malcolm Sue ban who was playing really well recently. But we're going into day. All of the Golden Knights are pretty much playing saying well right now since we last podcast did they have gone on a four game winning streak after we kind of just dunked on them for about a half hour they have really set Out to prove US wrong. Yeah absolutely I mean it's crazy like the one gold changes everything right next patriot. He scores and they're able to get the two points in overtime time and it just seemed to be exactly what they needed. It was the spark that they've been waiting for kind of you know the first twenty something games they finally got it and I think the biggest I think more than anything is just. They've been able to build on it. There's been points and we've talked about this kind of endlessly. There's been points early in the season where you feel like okay. Maybe this is a turning earning point and they just kind of you know. Don't don't run with it. At least this time. They've they've built on it. They've gene lament them and they seem to be in a good place. It's a I mean. The Locker Room on the team is completely different night and day hundred and eighty turn. Yeah that goal as you mentioned end. Quote the lovely Kodama and from Star Wars. That is the spark that will light the fire that will earn. I guess not the first order. But in this case the Golden Knights season down in a good way the time to get back to Dako specifically so we recorded on Tuesday Wednesday. The Golden Knights are playing in Nashville. Obviously have really tough arena to play. They're down down three too late in the game. The predators do a really good job getting go ahead goal early in the third period and they basically just sit on the lead the entire third. They played really really good structure. Defensive Hockey Gold had a late power. Play didn't get any shots and so the predators look like they're in cruise control mode the Golden Knights go to six on five. Ah The predators throw the puck away with about like a little bit more than fifteen seconds left. Jonathan Marsha so gets it skates it. Up Gets to the Blue Line of the offensive zone ships. It in goes after it himself creates a turnover behind the net rally. Smith fix passes to Marston fires. They know look packs to Max. Patty Maddie hats. Ready ties the game with zero point. Three seconds left in the game the predators were just absolutely stunned and the home crowd at Bridgestone arena was absolutely crushed. I mean you could see it. And the Golden Knights of course he said built off it right away because they got an overtime winner from Paul static nature had a great takeaway in the defensive zone. skated the other way setup pulsed Asmi for the game winner and yeah and then the night's have built off it said that was the first of four straight wins for them. It's their longest win streak of the season. They hadn't even won three straight before that so it just felt like as you said everything that was going wrong for the nights and kind of pilot piling up. Now everything's going right for them the opposite way and it's all kinds of 'cause that moment that seemed to breathe so much confidence into the team yet. Yeah I mean it's it's crazy. How swings like that right? I mean just the ups and downs and and the twists and turns and things. I mean you know we're talking about this and I I mean look you were there i. I don't know how you feel about this but I don't I the funny thing is like I don't even feel like the Knights won won that game. I feel like the predators gave it away. Like the ninth. Didn't do anything hardly for nineteen minutes. Thank you kind of mentioned they had like seven shotgun goal until like the the last minute and then just kinda need a Balaj and took advantage of hand. WHO's I mean at least for for me having a brain cramp or something something like I don't know what he was doing? The last ten seconds usually thinkers trying to wrap the puck in the corner and it just did not go well right which now credits Marxist. So for for the forechecking credit. You know it's all those guys for you know making the play and and taking advantage of it but yeah I mean it's crazy. I mean if if that doesn't happen if the time signed and put back on the clock earlier and you know all the the sort of butterfly effect things that we can talk about but the reality is the got to win and and like we. We've just been talking about the the use it. They haven't really using that stuff earlier the Anaheim game and they fall on their face. Start after that. You know all these like I said all these other points in the season they haven't been able to take it and run and right now. They're running with it there. What fifteen? Eleven four which I mean we can argue about what five hundred and whether that's over five hundred five hundred you know whatever but you know. They're in a good spot right now. They're you know they're gaining ground in because all these other teams in the other And and the other thing too I I just think I mean they. You know just to go back to Monday a little bit. The Rangers are playing really. Well I mean they were like four zero one. It was like ten to four and their last sixteen or something like that. It just got back. I I mean like for them to go in there and basically for seven minutes in the first area just completely overwhelmed the Rangers. I get it to nothing lead and then you know not sit on kind of ride it out. I mean not that to me was was maybe the most important game on this road. Sure at least because it sets the tone you know they got the two points New Jersey and and right now there's four points out a potentially six regardless of what happens. You know on the island tomorrow so you know everything is just kinda going right now. I think the way that everybody thought was from the start of the season. It's just something about December. I guess lose guys. I mean the last couple of years there. I think I ended up. It's like twenty four in four or something like that. It was like eleven one in one the first year nine hundred thousand three last year in December. It just seems like this time of the year. I don't know the snow the cold weather something something at some going. Yeah it's crazy How that worked out all three seasons so far and so you mentioned it? The united used that four three overtime win over the predators. They beat there's coyotes at home to one in the shootout than they go to New York. They went four one and Madison Square Garden and then last night they win. Four three Prudential Center over the New Jersey devils who were breaking in a new coach coach after firing their coach before the game about two and a half hours before puck drop which was a fascinating scenario. But one thing I want to mention that was key you in all these. WINDS IS MALCOLM SUE ban. The Golden Knights backup goaltender has been called upon for actually five straight games now because Mark Andrea Flurry had to leave the team because of a family situation. His father. Andrei flurry passed away a week ago. Last Wednesday obviously our condolences. Go out to the flurry family. But Malcolm Superman man has really stepped up in his absence. That win over the Nashville. Predators was Sudan's first win of the season. And you could just tell the locker room postgame how much that meant to him to kind of get the monkey kick off his back. I mean he was grinning just so so wide and he talked about how you know in overtime he was basically like blacked out so just so excited about the teams teams comeback win over the predators and then the last three games you played really really well the last three games. He's a nine fifty save percentage. She saved ninety six of one on one shot. And this is the Malcolm Soup End. The Golden Knights need because you know obviously regardless of the flurries current absence flurries and older goaltender who the nights are are going to need to rest a little bit more. Now that he's thirty five. He recently had a birthday. And so of Malcolm Sue Ben can give you these types of performances and that's exactly what the Golden Knights need from their backup backup goaltender position. Yeah I mean if you know all his critics in everybody's kind of questioned whether the golden need to go get a goaltender and all let's start just I throw it out the window like you know based on the last week. But he's shown what he can do shown that that if the nights you know are confident on it and they show faith in him that he he's he's going to reward them. I mean I think part of it is just as much as he's played at five nine days and and we'll see what happens a slurry and if he's able to come back on the road trips or Glenn both said that they expected the joined the team at some point on the road but lost to Kinda couch that a little bit and southern other. Not Entirely. Sure we'll see Kinda you know. So maybe he's there today. Maybe you know the the team has off today when they need either for the morning seat tomorrow for the game. I don't know if I play on. That might be a tough ask but at least Garrett sparks going down yesterday. That's fine needed a mark on your three. Come back right but you know. I mean we've talked about this again. The Knights have been very open up their plans. She would use for his work load in part of that is going to be predicated on. Knocking Sudan Dan. You know giving them quality starts in being productive and and for the last week plus. That's that's exactly what he's done he's been good and and this is the other the thing too though and because he's mentioned a lot. I think we need to talk about. This is the changes that they've made in there. Because what we're seeing right now is Malcolm souvenirs is getting a lot of shots from the outside from the perimeter much easier saved for him to make an and it's something that he's talked about. How well they're playing in front Donovan? I'm much the system kind of helped him out in terms of where the shots coming from versus you know. Maybe the chances that he was seen before. Yeah totally moving into that. The Knights meet a small tweak in their defensive zone before the game against the predators and I wanNA quick small tweets. Well East sound like George Durant quoting him exactly. Because that's what. He is emphasized that we haven't completely overhauled or defensive zone own coverage which whatever guy overhaul they will all gone he wants to downplay it. ille- hundred eighty degree chain. You cannot go from Man Coverage Gijon covers it at some all week yes furthest away you can go but anyway go ahead go go yeah. We'll quicken into it. I just WANNA finish up the point. Sue Ben One. I'd make playing regularly has helped him a lot because it will bring up on his guests. We've talked about whether they need to look back up goaltender. Well well he now that he's getting regular playing time and we can argue whether five straight starts as maybe two regular of playing time including back to back Monday and Tuesday but he's in clearly in a rhythm right now that's clearly helping them a lot to before the predators game to three five five goals against average in eighty three save percentage. Those numbers are up to to a two eighty six and nine save percentage so big improvements from Zubin as you mentioned in large part because of the defensive zone coverage changes. We're talk about those right after some quick messages. Hey are you looking for a great gift for someone in Your Life. I mean most of the time us us guys get pretty cliche gifts for Christmas. Like socks wallets ties. I got a Lotta dies. At Harry's is a gift that's both thoughtful and practical listeners of this show can get five dollars off any hairy shave set I heading to Harrys dot com slash blue wire free shipping ends on December sixteenth. 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Click on the front of the top of the page and type in blue a chip station DOT com. Enter Offer Code Blue Ship Station. Make ship ship happen all right. We're back in before we took that quick break. We were talking about the changes in their defensive zone coverage coverage so the nights primarily. I you know two years and you know twenty plus Games have been a man to man team. Everyone's got a guy in the defensive zone zone will now. They've really switched up to kind of zone scheme. Where as a John Merrill kind of termed it before the coyotes game they wanNA protect the good ice which which is the Swat in front of the net and Kinda give up more of the quote unquote advice which is outside of the faceoff circles the edges of the defensive zone Golden? It kind of felt that they're giving up too many chances in the slot right in front of the net. Too many kind of quality high danger looks for their opponents. And they've been maybe I guess too. Good good at pressure on the outside so another flipping that goaltender drifting more shots from the outside. They're not seeing as many shots right in front and it seems to have helped their defense a lot. Dave Yeah it's it's a big change. I let me let me say I WANNA give jargon a lot of credit because you know I mean. Let's put this as a basketball coach. If you're or like you know exclusively a man and coach and you recognize you know. Hey this isn't working for us. We need to change something and you're able to go to his own. I mean I mean in some regards. That's essentially what he's done at some. You know Dr Glenn with that system in from day one. It's something that he's always coached. And I think in discussion you know with Man and Man and coaching staff and whenever they just like you said they realized the giving up too many chances in certain areas jeans were exploiting certain the things that the one that really jumped out to me in terms of of that was against Edmonson It was a goal that youth unbear- scored but what what happened on. The play was instead of a defense and I think it was neat. Schnitt was in front of the net instead of Neat Schmidt being able to pick up the on dry Seidel Mark Stone ended up picking him up and then kind of dot became his man and so marks. Don't follow dry subtle as you went around behind the net in kind of a long leslie in a nation nation. It wasn't an happening is he. Was Kinda stranded in front of the net. Didn't have anybody to cover and was kind of a late win. Drives me I can out to bear the point and Schmidt try to get out there and but but essentially that's kind of what's happening is play like that and then plays where the defenseman offensive to follow somebody and they track all the way out toward the Blue Line and it will basically all three forward to cover low. And that's not you know the strength. Obviously you forward. Is You know covering the front of that and and doing those sorts of things. That's what sense do so in that regard I think how but what's interesting to me also is just more so so the acknowledgement that. It's kind of a trend in the NHL. You look around and enjoy our glance talking about the islanders and we'll see them on Thursday You know some other teams have have gone to a US a very similar system it restricts chances that keeps the Games you know in theory lower scoring and and things like that from that perspective and this is something that I've talked about in terms of the nights I guess quote unquote process or style of play a game game plan. You know whatever kind of Buzzword you WANNA put on it that I think their best chance to win is playing those types of gains on getting into you know one gun kind of fire lagging hockey so for them to kind of make this change and acknowledge. Hey this is we think is going to be best for us to help our goalies. It's going to stay some energy. We're not chasing and on the defensive zone. You think we're going to be in a better position once you get talk to them. Break out because we've talked about extensively the break of the issue all all year and I don't think it's been as much the last few games. I think that's really helped too so I mean it's interesting kind of one of those things that you look at it with a few games insight and you're like Whoa. Yeah it seems perfect. Why why we just you on before and I know it's not that easy but I really do think you you know? Once they were able to kind of look at personnel. Look at what. They have what they need to do to be successful. I mean I applaud them for making a change in that. Yeah Yeah I mean you look at their personnel especially on the Blue Line. It's not like they're the most fleet of foot on the blue lines while might have not been the best idea to have guys like Erick England blend you know John Merrill to a lesser extent Even Nicole news a fine skater. But like those aren't necessarily guys you want running all around the defensive zone and you had to those people who ask well. Why haven't they made the switch sooner? This sounds like a no brainer. The one thing they have to keep in mind with this kind of zone look they are giving up parts of the the ice that they potentially weren't before they are giving up stuff to the outside. Which means that they're going to face? Potentially a couple more shots from the outside. That means is really important. The Malcolm Subic Zubin. Marc Andre Fleury. Whoever is a net does a really good job controlling their rebounds? That was something. That Malcolm Susanne mentioned after the Arizona coyotes game where overall the really well. But he's like I need to be better with my rebounds you know. Basically you can't let if you're a goaltender. One of those bad shots from the outside turned into a really good shot. Because because you give up a rebound in the slot an opposing player is right there. So those are the kind of drawbacks as you potentially could allow more shots and then you need to clean up the rebounds but so far through these first couple Games Golden Knights have done a good job clearing out rebounds in front of their goaltenders and Malcolm Subas playing well. So it's kind of hasn't been a big issue and you talk about them kind of almost is being like the islanders Certainly worked for the islanders. They are third in goals against per game at two point. Four to bury trots at least in my opinion is the favourite to win his second Street Jack Adams Award for best coach. Because he's getting I mean absolutely the most out of that roster that you possibly can and as you mentioned I just think stylistically the Knights WanNa be more of a grinded out team. This was going to work for them. I mean you know like I said it. Just it fits. They are right now. You know the reality of the situation nations. They are not the same team they were two years ago. That kind of go go go. You know fast paced and things. I mean it's not to say that there are slow team or anything Now but I just don't think that that bio two years ago is a suited for this team so if that's the key you know. They recognize that they seem to have adjusted us. And you know it's interesting because it's interesting. how quickly everybody seems to adapted to it? I guess more than anything you know. You hear somebody like all This maybe a little transition here. newly-acquired Chandler Stevenson US asked about the system used. It's well he said three hundred sixty degrees. He Amen hundred and eighty degrees but I mean essentially Washington doing the same thing with the man coverage and then he comes over here in his own the couple of Oh sessions you know basically jumps right out there and whatever so just the fact that you know. You've got a rookie defenseman nick a doctor. You know you've got a rookie forward. You know. And cody last. You've got some guys who maybe you know in their career having necessarily played it and they've done a good job topping. I'm going to give up. What you know the three goals in Nashville Israel? But I think they were still working out a couple of things to give up one goal. Yes there's owner one goal against the Rangers. You know three last night but you know what one of the breakaway you. You the kind of off the rush You know we haven't seen that you know in zone teams kind of running you know running the nights around around and increasing chances that way so you know going forward. I think that's the way that they want to play and they feel good about you know where they're out everything. Yeah Nashville. Obviously there was a trial. Oh by fire. Because you've got Romeo see who might be a norris finalist at this point Ryan Alice to really good offensive for the predators who aren't afraid to kind of go. UH wherever in the offensive zone so we saw specifically I one of the predators goals where a Nick Hagan Mark Stone. Were Kinda like which one of us is picking up Roman Yosi. He's going basically down below the goal line so their coverage got a little mixed up there because you know those predators defenseman are just so rare with what they can do you and so we'll see if they can do better and some defensemen moving forward. Yes you mentioned. New Guide Chandler Stevenson nothing like Chandler in New York Insert friends joke here. The Golden Knights picked him up from the Washington capitals for a fifth round pick. I believe at twenty twenty one fifth round. Pick Dave correct me correct me if I'm correct. Okay so basically kind of throwaway pick because the knight's still have a ton of surplus pick from the trades that they've made throughout these first couple of years. Kind of throwaway pick for them for a kind of bottom six guy. He's played some center can play wing too. But he's filled in Isaiah's fourth line center Tuesday against against the New Jersey devils. He's not a big point producer. He had four points heading into last night's game and of course I say that and he scores in his debut. He was set up very very well by Alex. Talk scored a goal. He was on the penalty. Kill right away. He was protecting a lead right away. which I thought was really notable jargon plant but really comfortable protecting a four three lead late with a guy who hadn't practiced with the team basically before they played because they didn't have a morning skate yesterday because there was a back to back What did you think about him? And His knights debut. Dave and why do you think the Golden Knights acquired him. Well I I'll say everybody can get a sneak. She goes far as the end of the game stuff last night. Because I'll be writing about that for the for the Review Journal. Hey make sure to check out. There's a quick little plug But as far as you know why they acquired him what can you bring. I think it's doable. Killing the Kremlin when we were talking to him made it very clear that he's somebody that they've looked. Look at scouted. You know had time for his game I guess he's kind of hockey as you know. They likely he brings certainly George mcphee familiar with him. He drafted craft him. While you know while in Washington and then even can also play. Didn't whol and as we've talked about you know plenty of whol l. players from juniors Telling the criminals somebody or with obviously from owning the bring the King and his million coaching and and and all sorts of stuff in that League for the last twenty years and and what have you. So He's the guy that they've known about. He's a guy that I think they feel you know at least short term. If with cody taken out at each and give them give them some and then the other thing too is obviously you know. We don't know what's going on with on TV cost You down the miners. You know he's working way back at least according to Berman. So we'll see if you had replaced but but right now I mean the ninth Bulk House. You know a lot of forward depth especially at the bottom six right now so for them to be able to you know. I don't want to take advantage of Washington and of salary recap decision but the fact that Stevenson was available. I mean there were some reports that Washington basically I watched it ended up against cap it had to do something. Apparently came down to Student Center Boyd. They kinda decided they were gonNA hold on the void. Stevenson became available and the nights town. So you know like you said I think you know with short-term without economic nice gives them another penalty killer by just think more than anything just gives them some depth they give them some flexibility. You know in the bottom six if you know if somebody's not playing well. Hey you can play a wing you know you can scratch guy Creates competition all that sort of stuff And he's got experience in the playoff. Obviously winning the Cup with the with the cats all those sorts of things. So th there's a lot of intangibles You know off the ice and and you know on the ice. Yeah you're not going to get a lot of points and things like that but it's also something that the killing the Kerman mentioned. Hey maybe with a change of scenery. We think there's a little more in there that we can get out of them so there is a little bit more often. Yeah you mentioned that the off the ice stuff Aqui. Of course but this day with the Stanley Cup visited the city of Humboldt. Which of course it was a victim to the horrible bus crash on a few years ago? The humbled broncos junior team. So really cool move Chandler Stevenson to do that. Yeah but I mean the capitals are just up against the cap so it really seemed like they had to get you know either either ham or you mentioned Travis Boyd whose Twenty six years old former our gopher actually covered him in college. Nice Guy Happy to have him doing well But the fact that Boyd emerged means that the Golden Knights have picked up. You know twenty five year old bottom six Ford who can contribute a little bit so we'll have to see what role he plays moving forward. Could you in his week-to-week right now with an injury. So Stevenson's certainly feels like he's going to get some rope to make an impact the next couple games. Well Lemme Lemme just really quick. Let me just jumping. I'm doing on beacon because the week to week thing is is intriguing to me and it's something that I asked about the reason I bring it up is because everybody who started to hit and clearly. It looks like you've got an hour ahead. WELL IF WE'RE GONNA speculate that it's a concussion. I I find it very interesting that they would leave without week to week in the past and and things like that it's cautioning that seems like a day to day injury. One of the things that I specifically asked the criminal about was whether this is an injury that has a specific prime table. Cool because you're you're labeling week to week and you know he kind of Said you know one that they don't expect it to music thing but that's once to get into it a little more you know having exactly but yeah basically. They're saying that ICE BY I. Listen as week-to-week dotted something more than just a minor injury now. Clearly that could concussion could be something else but I just think it at least for for folks who are speculating. About whether it's concussion I you know the the week we think ends up a little bit of alarm for me just because like I said I think concussion I mean if we're GONNA speculate Alex Talk to hide hit and miss a handful of games and was backing. Seems to be fine. Everybody's different. You know. CONCUSSIONS everybody reacts to them in different ways and all all sorts of stuff so we'll see what happens with cody eakin. Whether that isn't facts issue worse is something else but at least for right now. It doesn't seem like he's going to be backing you know. At least the immediate future yeah the ripple effect at least short-term is that a rookie. Cody glasses no longer playing right wing. You got moved to center. And he's looked a little a bit more comfortable there in the last couple of games one guy who's definitely looked comfortable. Moving back to his natural position of right wing has been Alex Tuk Tuk had two points in his first ten games and he kind of you know was stopping and starting because he had a couple of injuries early on in the season six points in his last three games. I mean he's he's looking like the kind of bottom sakes contributor. The Golden Knights have been looking for kind of all season. I mean he's just looking like the guy who led them in points heading into the trade identified last year. He looks like kind of a rejuvenated. Play right now one hundred percent. I mean I've said I think it was last week. I don't remember but I mentioned before for that with all this tinkering. The Ger going with doing before that I thought the one thing that he could ever should have done was try. Alex talk up top fix. He didn't ask fine and and I think right now the way that he's got him with cody last seems to be working And I guess the other interesting thing at least is you know. Carry a on that line in kind of a dimension that he brings and and sort of what that trio you know presents her for opposing team but I think you know. I don't WanNa see them. As Alex goes the nights go but it kind of close to that won't lead you know what you can get out of their topics for the most part. And if you you all of a sudden have the confident consistent scoring threat on your third line. And I'm not saying that I'll suck is gonna you know score six excretes in three games and you know Arizona points a game you know the whole rest of the season whenever but if you can get out of him why it just makes you so much better. And so much the deeper and I think that's that's neat undervalued or overlooked aspect of this four game. Winning streak is is Kinda the death scoring especially with Alex acas brought. Yeah no I totally agree. I mean mentioned the top six guy who also contributed to at least yesterday's win was drunk the marsh so got a natural hat trick which I don't know man. He scored three straight goals in the game so big number Jonathan Marceau kind of needed it to get himself going. He's up to twenty two points on the season. Ah Dare Gangland Dare I say is actually when playing really well. Since this kind of switch was made I think it helps him a lot because he obviously ah smart player really experienced player. Not The fastest player. So chasing guys around the defensive zone is not his forte but getting a spot and kind of reading how you opposing players are going to attack. The nights I think is more to his speed. So that's been a big positive for the nights there's been a lot of positive it's they are on a four game winning streak. They play a the New York islanders tomorrow as a recording. This Thursday to finish up a three-game trip Dave will be there. Make sure to follow him at David Shane. LV RJ. For All your Goldeneye coverage. I am at Ben Escorts on twitter. You can find at review journal Dot Com. We Golden Age podcasts. Thanks again to. SDN SPORTS MOBILE FROM STATION CASINOS FOR SPONSORING US. We try to hit you guys every week with a new episode usually on Wednesday so make sure to like subscribe. Do whatever you do do with various podcasts APPS. Whether that's Itunes Stitcher spotify excetera and we will talk to you again real soon.

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