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"travels orc" Discussed on The Jeff Does Vegas Podcast

The Jeff Does Vegas Podcast

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"travels orc" Discussed on The Jeff Does Vegas Podcast

"On this episode of the jeff does vegas podcast. I still think there's value in vegas. I'm not drinks are expensive. They're expensive shows food meals. Make sense it but you can't do it on a budget. Well i just think it's a wonderful wonderful place in spanish. Its name means the meadows. You might know it. As the entertainment capital the world lost wages or simply sin city. Of course talking about fabulous. Las vegas nevada on average forty. Two million people. Visit las vegas every year. And i'm one of them. I love this city. The sights the sounds the shows the people the history. I wanna share all of it with you taking you to the world famous vegas strip and beyond my name is jeff and this is the jeff does vegas podcast there and welcome to episode number eighty three of the jeff does vegas podcast before we get rolling this episode of the show. I want to thank my guest from the last episode. Danny elizabeth a legit vegas showgirl. Who's appeared in the legendary show jubilee and is currently one of the performers and host of the show crazy girls at planet hollywood. We talked about her past dancing. Experience training with a world renowned broadway dancer and choreographer and her road to landing her very first biggest gig. If you haven't had a chance to listen as of yet. Jump into the archives. Where ever you get your podcasts and search out episode number eighty two my special guest danny elizabeth or head to the website at jeff does vegas dot com all right here we go onto the show. It's always fun having other vegas fanatics on the show and my guest for this episode of the podcast definitely falls into that category. Joining me this time around. All the way from across the pond is steve white better known on twitter as las vegas. Uk if you've ever listened to these or cast podcast presented by travels orc. You'll be familiar with steve. He's the british half of the show and is extremely well-versed in all things las vegas stephen. I had an awesome conversation chatting about everything from our predictions. Potential changes coming to las vegas to our very first vegas trips. The mistakes we made and what we've learned from them to the rather unique vegas guide that he's currently in the process of writing and being that steve is in the uk and on full on lockdown. And i'm in canada with extremely strict quarantine measures in place. We thought it might be worth having a discussion about travel restrictions and.

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