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"trash health department" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"That means that never gets to rest runs forward all summer that runs backward all winter. That's like running the 29 Mile marathon, then running another one. Your system is gonna love you. If you call right now and schedule a system rejuvenation. It's the best $129 you'll ever spend and we'll give you a Sadie Guard dog face mask and a flashlight. Joey TI TL. It'll keep you cool, but it's hard to spell pop quiz. What's the funniest podcast in the country right now? It's called last culturally stuff just named the number one comedy podcast of the year, and it's no surprise. The show is co hosted by Boeing. Yang from Saturday night Live along with the hilarious Matt Rogers. If we say it on this podcast it is, can it did we say that? Yes, we said we are lost culture is that we are the arbiters of culture and taste. Yes, listen to last culturally says on the I Heart radio app. Or wherever you get your podcasts guidelines say on Lee, people on the priority list should be vaccinated, even if it means the vaccines would otherwise end up in the trash Health department needs to come out and say it's okay to an ocular eight people who are not on the priority list. If there are no shows, and you've got extra and it's going to spoil Gary and Shannon weekdays attending out that should be the common sense way of doing this on K F. I Hey, if I am 6 40 Conway show that concludes our guests for tonight. No more guests tonight. Stuck with May so like how they go. All right, get the other news going on. Right. There is a The Queen Mary is in trouble. Right? Queen Mary. I think most of the people listening right now have either been to the Queen Mary or been on the Queen.

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