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Fresh update on "trans women" discussed on Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro

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Fresh update on "trans women" discussed on Ben Shapiro

"1000 thing pieces from people who are dumb, but it is also creating very on alliances. How far is left gone? They forced me into now defending Matthew Iglesias. So well done, Everybody all the way around. There's a writer named Emily. Evander Worth was a trans woman, which is to say biological man who says she's the one who says he is a woman. And and this person writes to the editors as a trans woman very much values for position at box and the support the publication has given her through the emotional and physical turmoil of transition. I was deeply saddened to see Matt Iglesias his signature on the Harper's weekly letter. Now you may be saying yourself Wait a second trends. Stuff isn't even mentioned in that letter. Like I just read the entire text of the letter to you out loud. Not once our transitions mentioned not a single solitary time. But, says Emily Vander Werf. Matt is, of course, entitled to his own opinion. I know he's a more nuanced thinker and signing the letter would suggest thing. You're more nuanced thinker is just a suggestion that he didn't really know what you're signing. There's no new monster letter. No, there's nuances letter. You just don't like what the letters as well, Just say it more. You're not nuanced. Ina is a way for somebody in the left to basically sneer at new injury, gin and paternalistic concern for your stupidity. And so Emily Vander Wert again. This was written to matter glaciers that the editor is it at the ad box where he's co founder, right? Has never been anything but kind to me and is often supported my work publicly, all of which I am extremely grateful for, But But the letter signed as it is by several prominent anti trans voices and continues many job whistles toward anti trans positions, as it does ideally would not have been signed by anybody in box, much less one of most prominent people in our publication again, mats, opinions and experiences are his own. You can do what he wants in his free time, but his signature being on the letter makes me feel less safe box. God. There it is. There it is. Oh, so you have to do is wait for it, like seven sentences. Eight sentences every time every time. Cancel culture warriors they go to I feel inside. You know you should do. You should really start something. I think you can call it. Maybe. Like the committee on public Safety. You call it the Committee on public safety. And then you can just go around canceling people. And if you don't really, really got problems, just behead them, in fact, like the Committee of Public Safety, which was a for those who are not hitting the references In overt reference to the French revolution. The committee of Public Safety was the provisional government of France during the reign of terror. That's why I'm making the reference. You can call it the committee of Public Safety because your safety has been threatened. Don't you see you've been threatened by the fact that Matthew Iglesias signed onto an extraordinarily and a nine letter about the evils of council culture? And you can say Well, you know, as a trans woman, I now feel threatened. So the letter Khun simultaneously suggests that the person that you are writing about quote has never been anything but kind to me and is often supported my work publicly, but also his opinion. It makes me feel less a fool so so unsafe so much unsafe this happening. They used the exact excused by the way for firing Kevin Williamson at the Atlantic. They hired chemical incident, the Atlantic and then a bunch of feminist said I feel unsafe. Kevin Williamson has been hired at the Atlantic, he said, and like his, he's sitting with his his house in in Texas. You never met any of these people. I feel someone saved. I'm feeling so unsafe. Really did send a death threat to you. Did he leave like an anonymous phone? Call on your phone? What exactly did you what matter Glaziers do to Emily Vander Wert? You call this person up on their phones say, I think that you are a biological man, and therefore I just miss your existence. What exactly is the big threatening thing? Matt Iglesias did he didn't say anything about trans stuff matter. Gracie's agrees with this person on trans policies he's written about it. Extensively. OK, look, What are you What, But apparently it's a threat to safety for this person to even appear on a list of people like J. K. Rowling is J. K. Rowling said. Well, that's really what this letter is. This particular blowback is about J. K. Rowling, who said the biological women exist which by the way is not a threatening position. I'm sorry. It is not a threat to your safety for me to point out that a biological man is, in fact, a biological man and not a woman. Okay. That is not a threat to your safety. I'm not saying anything bad should happen to you. I think anybody who tries to threaten you should go to jail, right? The law applies to you, just as it applies to everyone else. But the idea is, if you disagree with him, if you make me feel less for if you make me feel bad, then you threaten my safety. You have threatened my safety. Your words are more damaging than me ruining your career or going or going to the editors at your publication and publicly. Is that by the way, let me just say this man Iglesias, you're the co founder of Box Is somebody at my organization said something like this, like put out a public letter suggesting that I had threatened their safety for an opinion of mine will be out on their ass. The next day, I would fire them the next day the next day, because let me explain. I run my publication, Okay?.

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