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"tranquillised matai" Discussed on Hard Factor

"So the mom either didn't read the sign or blatantly. Just lied and said that's all good, and then didn't pay attention to the kid that was small enough to fit through the thing because three year olds probably a little bit bigger and can't fit through the fucking bar. So this mom should probably go to jail. There bill. Everybody can finally relax knowing that. Elizabeth Warren will definitely be running for president in twenty twenty. So don't worry rule is the first of probably double digit number of candidates that will formally campaign for the democratic primary. There's just a lot of people who might run, but she's just alter eager. She's going to be the first one to let us all know that she's definitely running. So in case, you were worried that the girl who's claimed native American descent for preferential treatment over the course for entire career wouldn't apply for the most powerful job in the world. Don't worry. She definitely is going to apply for it. And she'll be running. Thank you think think she'll get a larger percentage of votes in the primary than she was percentage of native American. It's going to be close probably to a tough number to beat look in other news on Sunday, Alexandra black a young newly hired intern. Probably child was mauled to death by a lion named matai and animal center, North Carolina. Tough zoo week stuff was get black was cleaning the lines cage when the line who quote been locked into a separate holding enclosure somehow escaped and was out for blood personnel. Were unable to tranquillised matai said deputies police that came on the scene shot shoot and kill it to that blacks body could be retrieved because the line did really not wanna give it back. Yeah. Her kinda like this though. I kinda like knowing that the lion. The enclosure definitely would kill me. Yeah. God closures, so it's not. So it's not a fake robot lion. You wanted to be like, you know, an actual lion. I I wanted to I wanna know that there's some danger involved. I think when you go to the zoo as an adult and adult activity as you somebody who wasn't killed by a lion. Yeah. Exactly. Where your child at home? Look anyway, her family described the twenty two year old has an animal lover and claims she died following her passion, which was being wall to death by a lion during unpaid internship. Really? It's tough on. That is all right. Here's one isn't this better ending to this one in explosion presumed to have been caused by a gas leak and Magon Magon Tor Goss. I don't know how to say that one magazine for gore scrushy ah got destroyed an Arbed building over the weekend. But then on New Year's day, a ten month old baby boy was discovered inside the wreckage so the baby survived over thirty five hours in the rubble with temperatures averaging zero during the day and negative twenty at night..

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