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"trail lewisburg" Discussed on Patriots Beat

"If not in the top five probably in the top ten picks. I don't see how it gets past Dallas at 10, you know, I think that that sort of the floor for him at that point, but I'm in Philadelphia if they stay at 6 with that big might actually scoop him up at that point because they need a corner as well. You mentioned a team that needs a corner too so I can see a lot of teams in a very interested in Patrick certain after today a couple of other names Cristian barmore certainly checked all the measurables boxes. I think he measured in at like 6 for 3:20 or something like that. He's a big dude that can move obviously and not my type of player for the Patriots in the first round, but I think looking at their moves on the defensive line Henry Anderson, nice player Devon got shot nice player, but I don't necessarily have that difference-maker up front that guy that's going to demand double teams or really be able to create in the pass rush. So maybe God like Christian barimore starts to creep into the conversation if they do and sticking at 15 month. Don't end up taking a quarterback or they trade back in the first round because the quarterbacks are gone or something like that. Yeah, no, I I agree with that. I think that you know, this was a Legendary Legendary Alabama team. This was up there with the best teams. Nick Saban's coach not just from their their talent in college, but in terms of probe a potential so I would be shocked and maybe it doesn't come in till later on but I would be shocked if we don't see a player from that Alabama team end up on the Patriots. Not as it doesn't have to be in around 1, but I think we see at least one this year off and it's been a couple of years in a row now, I believe. Yeah after after something like ten in the last like ten years or something like you may lead NFL in the amount of guys drafted from Alabama since 2018. I think that's the status of the other guys. Let a Dickerson didn't even work out but everybody's buzzing about him just because he seems to be a great guy to have around very funny. They've got no centers now so they got David Andrews on a fourth. I think we can maybe cross that one off deal with Dylan Moses an interesting one. I don't think he does in the first round cuz the injury concerns but he's he's a great fit for like he's a great day to pick fits the scheme very athletic. Player, there's just a huge shift when it comes to his health. But if you hit on that pick, you're going to get a great linebacker and that's kind of what you want to do in day too. So I look at Dylan Moses as a potential potential Patriot. That means somebody that there's one or two of those guys in the draft in the front seven where the last year was Gerald Lewis from Alabama who just kind of struggled with injuries struggled to stay on the field Moses played more games than Trail Lewisburg in in college, but there's always a couple of those guys that you're kind.

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