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#232 - Levelling Up

The Agostinho Zinga Show

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#232 - Levelling Up

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It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you oh hello there welcome back to the Agassi knows English show with me your host Agostino Zinger this is episode number two free who does that as those SOS me Agostino your host coming from from Londres or because a well rested is a muscle memory thing or military muscle memory where the fact I'm writing it down a kind of drills into my little bit more interested into my brain a little bit more so than you're living in an African household living conservatives have holiday of family and stuff and they will happy church fanatics stuff you know God bless my parents but not for me right now but at the time so I'm GonNa end my servant Turbo on the night of November so if you guys are still hanging on that that far ahead into the new Inter November and let me know being commerce today get Pacific about what you're going to write how is going to be what is accessible you was that Bam Minimum Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah by allowed to do that price list of me I think it's a motor goal setting ability ability doesn't think nothing about Chechen I think it was really good for me when I first started when I was younger living at home you know you have no choice really without coming intuitive right you go to make a dreams episode of it was all Bush's on bills what kind of my very nonsense about the idea of writing a list and before the head up to work so I'm going to bank for the topics that I have today but feeling good appealing amazing this is now day two of my experience as I mentioned yesterday the study there was a reflection reflection biologic came in the form of writing stuff down the way too right because I remember even remember when smartphones I'd have back down our we've led to be on my phone right your mom we'll take your front away from you you have to concentrate to the preacher at this what they're saying you have to take notes you go to kind of like a being Pacific in what what you're right like you say to do list better right to do this look just right out of Sa is Radon Malarkey you good you good looking at you I'm looking at here quick good hope you're good hope you're I'm feeling amazing I've just come back from amazing run GONNA get as quickly Dan was to write things down to make a list of those kind of what it called what it could spare Ti- pre-bus they called prosperity peaches kind of people hey how many how many paragraphs to write what you exactly what to write about us good as good to do this to her rump route and you end up doing more than just writing kind of blanket island name one thing that I loved that was really really impactful was this idea of stillness where it was his idea of enforced prayer where you go to a place and you print Sunday you're not allowed to be d- thinking about doing something even you know I'm still most of you guys have got so far we just shut up and listen to supermarkets using your notes APP on your phone the moment you right like the other vitamin looks up I think I remember it I used agent forget it I thought he was a shop so I've decided to go back to my old going on holiday I went away by a blind sheikh hit up installing nine days a few days before off they started disobedience alumina higher Phelan but I made a list of Duke I've mentioned this I was GonNa do that and I think making this stuff and writes off down is really important by since she I've got seven over goes I want to achieve in the mobile Tober so the number one is two hundred ninety pounds which is going to be about overpaid a time they just couldn't compete at just their foes just kind of get back to actually reading a good book in Your Hands Right that tactile feel came to whether long way about wanting to be less sequence which is awesome I'm Tom About one or two hundred eighteen of about fifteen point free stones and I WANNA get down to one ninety by the end by the end of the Syrup Tub experience what's up stones let me update you guys could lead to what is in stones units meas- is plus ICAL is the applicant may be due this morning and I'm finally down to two hundred eighteen power which is a fucking amazing I'm so happy I finally got under the two twenties up into twenty for ages right so now by the is GonNa be permanent night which is limited my member So I WANNA get down two hundred ninety pounds see on the camera Debo bum which is about thirty who as it's not the right things down now going tyler stuff I'm writing here so this is my life. This is my kind of Serb October list helped to come to you guys in Beta podcast app they put you on the train at least five to six times per week right so that's going to be running three times a week free miles each each running at least three miles minimum oh come loose weight host hundred eight hundred ninety pounds right hundred ninety pounds is but he employed by stokes at the moment wait myself and I'm going to go to a gym teacher Freetown's a week which included the weights and Elena do one hour Spanish language learning a day which is going to include your lingo is going to include because I'm out my friends I don't have that kind of I don't want to just be I don't have that comprised situation get tempted I feel like I'm damaging gene point was that thirteen point five stones which is going to be incredible I'm the second family to do a misdemeanor or the train put him this stuff up until the night of November two thousand nineteen should be that shouldn't have calculation counter counter is GonNa be night from November let's see let's say for she been for November one to two shit my November should be right if ever should be a C- day you'd have to use whatever else I have buddies who saw stuff everyday of sixteen point eight interests and fos thanks about what days I'm going to drinking I don't have the needs to kind of break my Fox because I'm DJ going out I have to break my I have to kind of change the way our diet all changed the way into it did you want people talking about Lebanon so randomly at story pops up about calling Rooney and Brecca videos like what I was never calling Rooney ooh the night fright says say the Ninth Year of October until if you haven't before route list get that list down there right something they wanna do and then once you do that you have a good way of knowing exactly where you stand they'll be playing for Belbey by a very very big superstar in terms of football in the UK but he's not he doesn't it's also do so I think that's my update for that word and yeah call way from a call I can't wait for the results at the end the decision they knew it let's move on in uh and we have here if I dare so should be the same so on on that side is what I'm GonNa get loose citing midnight but yeah I'm looking for to get down to a good way I think outlived the podcasts everyday see my face shrinking shrinking shrinking which is going to be quite cool to see it overrun is going to be in a much better place in terms of my over mind body and get some topics before I have to head off to work so number one calling Rooney beaver covad won an absolute madness have you guys been keeping an eye on this this is something that I saw food so because I'm not drinking I'm probably won't be out up over to make an excuse to go home or through your friend Jackson deep out so that will be easy to do during the whole month it will still be a challenge the judge but she's for me in my opinion a Super Silverado die white because he halted down doesn't mean listen to the outside world and essentially I'm sure behind the scenes she definitely does so right I'm reading a lot as well of those books on radio WLOB's side reading ride holidays new book I slowed us is the kiosk me going up I'm looking forward to it and so now I recommend everybody doesn't necessarily reciprocate that thing in terms of public embarrassing up and it doesn't and it probably seems to involve lend their opinion but I'm very buddy maybe then she might decide to go somewhere else until then she's probably just seeing as this is just a a man act like a man and she's having an agreement I don't know the more that she says you're not gonNa tell what to do she's just completely headstrong doesn't really bend off owed and kind of of the at probably of the thinking that you know very unfortunate uncomfortable and quite embarrassing situations where you know the public you know laying on top of her and telling her what she do with her marriage as a very interesting argument because coach infidelity cover story because she's kind of gone for about a bit of ring up you don't know who calling Rooney is if you're outside of the UK she's the wife of a very famous reunions right that we as you can see from her face on camera faint I'm not my face get a little bit more slim than it was previously end of a month's audio Vitas I had a good thing to watch back on the videos attenborough ruling that she's Kinda stuck to council and meant a remained incredibly low I e low and the more it was the more the more people tell her to leave way Rooney your Duggan but he's very considerate of his wife since he doesn't really have a she's not in front of his mind when he's doing he's doing these fun time so she tends to be put ailing holding the house down being he supposes look after their children just being the kind of like you know the Quintessential Footballer's wife just polled and shit down back our home base seems for a few years now someone who trusted to follow me on my pedestal instagram account has been criminally involved in the Sun newspaper of my private posting stories this has been so much ruining has effectively been a ride or die Y for Rooney since the beginning of time rises we known away has she's been by his side the following it says this has been a burden in my life for a few years now and finally got to bomb us a few years it's been happening she'd been kind of keeping yourself she says he had followed. I don't think a lot of people would be able to do whatever you had the foresight to have done such this tweet I think yesterday right got gotTa have it here until the night finish it out that day that's why I want to make sure that that's correct actually making information given to them about me my friends and my family oh about my appreciation which is something I've always kind of interested me always come made me curious with celebrate news you go places like if I don't have my own content on any kind of post dump but I ended up two browser to qualify because it's got little articles are not read Shit and you know the training pages really really good in terms of kind of Roadway Rooney and tell him that if he does because we know if he does talk up again he's GonNa get taken for law money so aggressip devastated pre-nup like Besse expensive The screen for you guys to check out hopefully you can see there yet because see right here is he not yet because see that such by this tweet that was incredibly funny I'm calling Rooney in ozone dividend matter what he does he's looking up our family president credible lifestyle some stuff he does very embarrassing until it gets to a point where I don't know maybe it gets to a point where Goto bitty in pregnancy how much money is enough money to kind of throw your friend under the bus betrayal friendship like how much money's not because I think especially in these sore circle especially when it comes to the absolutely a blazed as I oh my God walk clever woman so again you know how you should never underestimate people whenever they're dumber stupid because she disappeared a young or Daily Mail you see these kind of garbage headlines and some of the stuff is very very pacific though Mac some rumors took us every two super recipient stuff that Obama twitter feed to has been amazing few months I've I've kind of cut out using instagram overuse the governor's March 'cause they're trying to put my content how everybody browsing it so every opening because I think if you're like a sane rational human being it doesn't necessarily involve yourself gossip drama celebrities you'll be like how to front that they know that sometimes there are speculation kind of my private member restaurant clubs that Milwaukee and you have a good time right but they don't necessarily in the price bracket on the full breadth of your friends you grew up with so it's right into different places you'll get to chew on how into Soho House you're going to a place in L. A. that will not go to these amazing I feel like you know you're making a feel comfortable just be a sufferer on your upper friends who are rich and famous too it must be super messed up acidic about people's brothers and sister laws and stuff happened on a holiday that really Pacific stuff that only the people that were there who told gene of you know the whole like celebrities I think most of the women most it must be a pre lowly lifestyle right because should be easier and then lastly last but not least them batmans no alcohol no drugs the highest mountain until the night of November which going to be awesome icon It's going to be such a good time to do everything together think I'm back to where it should be and I'm pretty sure it's GonNa be an membrane that's my list of side for various reasons either suspicion to try and prove this I came up with an idea this is with Colombia's a fucking genius right never underestimate I block everything from view at genius and is incredible because I remember listening recently to Joe Rogan podcast with somebody else where they took it about how how shitty is a gram stories except one account those private cap must have been wondering why haven't had stories differ wow over the past five months I posted Sousa full stories to see if they made it way onto the Sunday paper and you know what they did the story about Gender Selection in Mexico the story about returning to the TV and then the story about the basement flooding in my new house however overrated we think our sense of Bosa Dr Right we think we can tell who's lying and who's telling the truth but really and truly like there's no difference between a general goes about someone comes out wearing wedding ring are what's going on are they broke it up and you realize it wasn't sure a gym she forgot the Puerto Rican right but there are some stories that come out touto science but what a clever way to find out who speeding the story because this appreciate you guys are wetted is that there's a way that you can block people from being said actually you've been propelled to this kind of level of fame and fortune that essentially eighteen as yourself from all your friends even with because they caught this w go out with you because you know you're going to you have a small amount who follow right we are closed account for fifty followers maybe not maybe less so it's easy to go for your list of people when you're sharing stories defy Gilford center will you do find him and who also have the censor lifestyles you don't have to feel guilty about them you'd have to feel like you are I'm showing off you don't have the AH famous unusual political james values city that become friends I think over the last few years a month hardly paying attention she kinda pull out this tweet got the offensive one night stand he's going to have to make making a mistake once again by the way this has nothing to do with renee is loyal to wait Collini Rebecca Body erect volume life of another after the events happened with load or close friends right it's always looking to be freaky like imagine what kind of friend would you have to have in your circle of friends that would think that that was okay to do and good then kind of betraying you and selling during it's like how much money is enough to sell your circa French and the pressure at some garbage paper since eight continues after longtime of trying to figure out who it was never patient could easily celebrity and say oh by the way I saw XYZ celebrity and maybe she's getting an abortion that could happen but there's some stuff that the twenty year cop right they don't have any special skills that you don't have they just it's just a gut feeling is that the goal yoga and hope that it's right fifty chance of figuring out the press there's no betrayed by Judas Mama Mia man if you're a celebrity that really how much money or you get it from the Sun it imagine you're Jamie bodies wife right how much did you you're you're calling rudy you now know that the stories that came out prior in those papers were supposedly coming out from how to which I think is disgusting if you've got like a private Israel which celebrity and you've only let some of your friends followed I also field and the promises that you guys don't show scream ahead to figure out that this person who also in the same lifestyle that I mean who knows what the struggles with pain and knows how difficult it is is so is also betray me because it makes no sense perfect friends illegal story about because she's a one woman kind of content machine who is something global family they can kind of creamy spin out and put out in public but is your friendship wins they some Pacific stuff that beforehand knows would know about that only your friends would know they'd have to sell you out which is kind of disgusting show people say Oh yeah she is does your friend from back in the day right because there might be some matthew was some jealousy mb but less actually these new friends that you've made who the trouble and hurt you go from being a celebrity right Wives and girlfriends Oh footballers is what has been feeding the sun this garbage newspaper oldies rubbish sensational stories of and now seems what go that listen to personally think is and then purposely pointing out frank's throughout the extra see what actually Lonzo the paper absolutely genius stuff reggie point of view but also makes no sense to me like I said because for many times eyebrows teams the Daily Mail I've always wanted to myself now how the hell did they get this information right there's no way some- somebody it shows will the original storage which clearly showed just one person's view them is Rebecca bodies account while the best whatever best friends of this whole wag wild been tough keeping it to myself and not making any comment at all especially when the stories have been leaked have had two and now a certain which account individuals cultural I have saved the say Blah Blah Blah Blah quickly happen so for her to kind of go a kind of innovation process right just probably kicking the first five then the first ten then the first fifteen appearance fees Blah Blah Blah Blah what the some really be offering Jamie vise wife that would make it worthwhile league stars calling Rooney Fair enough maybe calling Rooney is a year that's like three point eight million about tax level lucky right now so including Webbie's wife gets in terms of her endorsement deals sponsorships on instagram or these visit the the the the personal is the difference between the skill or be able to identify his Lionel ten trooper tune in some some everyday average doe in the street and I've got twenty grand really enough I don't know how much how much does some paper Stories Twenty Grand Tenggara five thousand grand maybe less like it's vehicle weight release paper my night Everton who is now used to play for the Miami is it might be he'll end up some team in the US nice come back to you in January accused some of that she didn't obviously do well the solution could be that someone in her campaign using our phone and in some one of his sisters using a phone leaking stories salary. Let's see how much you get paid a week Jamie body is currently on the salary of eighty thousand a week according to Google right so eighty thousand a weaker amy body on a week let's let's find out how much Jamie so dame you've I'd say Jayson Jamie von Dame Varsity damage is quite simple that she isn't she's very very smug oh that isn't a very smart woman story what an amazing strategy to find that if somebody's snitching on get back to your life with CBD medic available online and that CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. It's not really worth it to kind of a friend of the bus I don't think so and now you don't happen in the second part of the story Jamie good to put the record body posted a tweet some information if if God forbid one of the planned parenthood plays right there's a nurse or a receptionist or someone in the reception off-color Rita The sun paper that could be something that's happily because you know she's a big lobby which doesn't use code which is all the time but it must be only two saying all she she stopped in the poor then she's pregnant and some Russell number country should seek legal counsel to make sure people say her name like you know said John and again the Sun really proving that they are the garbage garbage his papers out there right 'cause you know they're gonNA come out now and they're going to confess to it connects we have here at Tyler Perry studios as Y'all were tied apparently had an amazing little Godhra during the weekend in bt weekend Marshall Wells was happened Joey I'd say yeah I'm sorry there's no way of rectifying this book I'm sure most people lie to this extent or the others won't admit it and they're gonNa just keep writing that live to the end easiest imagine being in two must be subsequently nuts one feeling to have a big up calling really she showed everyone that even those people think she's quite Jay body eighty thousand a week which is no no fucking temptation a month that's three hundred and twenty thousand pounds a month which is what say yes she was how informed maybe they can say that maybe not because it might sign a NDA GONNA do some shopping she to cut a fro I'm Jamie God his wife the FBI look at justice limit to juicy small data policy call him he's still kind of out here protesting the sense of you know you never know uh-huh the prizes awarded just admit or she could continue to ride in that kind of light ordway into the sunset yeah clean ruinous Smart Woman Smart Smart woman the buses Lola Rebecca via the absolute mess for sure keep an eye on if you're interested astle stuff for me so it's a bit too much drama but I just thought you approach really really funny really interested to protect it from calling up her and yeah this kind of Rumba was out how you have if your friend you did it bibles in it L. Kids in my church with us their phones they all know about mused about using the Bible someone squeezed No look the Bible the Bible the Bible and then but I official viewing invite all these picks doubt aggressive event and essentially what we got to see was that Tyler Perry somebody who have not necessarily been a fan of his movies but someone who have credit it was just an amazing celebration of his successes and his birthday is one so tied in that same this amazing issues to the public always been open for a while but just you know in order to be used in it it is amazing space and again it just goes to show just how just how micon which is incredible to even spike Lee whose long is long term bursary in the film industry someone who hasn't really gave him his name Yeah Kasese Kinda tied into it and just an incredible incredible space overrule they've got exact replica of the White House which is insane which is hello student inside they can film in there actually House that you can actually you know living off the use of the studio kind of rented Nulla neutral amazing Thailand Sustainability no having to answer to anyone and just doing everything the way he wanted to do and kind of exuding that ownership ICUs as in I'm GonNa make my own I'm GONNA call cases the entire place is like a coach service that's taken some of the guests throughout the entire law and talking about what the what each studio is named Socal the oval that he's doing they're just incredible incredible incredible thing all over the place and Isao Stage is named after a famous go to Atlanta to go in you know give him his roses to congressional ms amazing feeding it must be three typewriter Lewis fills me you know I you know I'd be given yeah I mean I would be creaming this all the way home but he's a much better person than me but somebody somebody speeches that he's done so far some videos that they see in the studio been amazing on the play one the Middle Finger potato periods are much better person I have known people that kind of pooh-poohed your that doubt if you are now coming around and kind of essentially something your Dick I'll be is hoping was he said about what kind of spurred this idea to stop these kind of you know go down this route I think somebody mission happening to the five right the order co studio faces they film stuff been it's an amazing three thousand square meters or something like that is amazingly big brothers and Shaw Media Ovation and essentially what happened now is ironically the validation that PR people seeking is now coming towards type doorsteps now those guys are now for many television productions a believe they hit shown is leading was wrong and the has also houses in one of our latest show and he's decided to name one off the him to those of amazing spaces there but the one we did it really got me thinking Denzel Washington Studio there won't be that really got me thinking onto I think sometimes some people think people say the Milwaukee do the less of an imposter syndrome you tend to have ride the Milwaukee to turn out your brain sauce two cats aloke order kind of stuff that from ABC that Kinda shows the breadth of the studio and just how amazing it is this video evidence I took an instagram account that color all the houses are built in the studio to code so people actually living it looked like just cobbled for cades and you know that situation where somebody has done something all your money appreciate somebody in your in your social group work that way better because you've known that person for a long time right you can kind of see touch again tasting it feeling the excitement of what it meant to see a woman a black woman being able to do that spoke to meet in so many ways and I'm on video saying Mr the so thousand thousand thousand seed that one event is what showed him okay quietly dreaming bigger that's an amazing thing I think we will be the first movie not a lot of people knew me in the room and I'm sitting there wondering what it might do it in this room and a lot of Adam sick next minute they said out loud we know who they are like I don't necessarily have like visiting my my idol is really have like a lofty or like a far opinion or like a I don't see same level as them but the moment you do is when we start to realize that all the things that they've done our window reach too that's kind of question you have to get over it take the years when you both winning your book get old I think the older you get the less primitive people you just start to think you know what this isn't it they decided to kind of squash the beef and kind of buried a hatchet she goes leaving they're seeing that's the first thing you have to get over when you're trying to achieve your dreams I posted something that's hard to kind of get it and I knew him when he was playing for Western when school right he was a good player don't get me wrong but it was nothing I could see that he was probably a notch just done dreaming big deal your opinion of keeping your head down in that regard assistant credible place look at it did you do diligence is this idea that surround yourself with people who are also consistently chasing off their dreams who are not spending money on supreme or buying sneakers or loud but if a way to be a footballer I could see what my level what my ball was what the buys the aim towards because he's right there next to me he's kidding I'm watching TV right and that makes it much a level of natural ability that gave him the advantage but there's also this idea that because he was right next to me I could see what I needed to get to see that needs to be a football of course workouts there's some sort of similarities happening there but still does feel weird when you read a place in the room with people that you've long admires people that you've kind of watched their brecca's company WHOA can I see it the here is the type of person he didn't dream big enough list voices here by making sure your dream big this is really a key thing professional blizzard Abba wildly because I went to school would look I oppose right one one of my ex kind of classmates once when I went to school with who I knew back globally uh he's a much much better person than I am and he's probably let bygones be bygones but wow what an amazing career and what amazing that he's done by large and then last going out to random places who are using every amount of coins coming into their pockets to kind of follow into their dream to spending every minute and they have free a new facebook campaigns are too 'cause testing out new marketing strategies or just kind of custody of the hustle is GonNa make you kind of close to be on hustle to because it's something that you can't help it it's an it's an avenue Gamer Gamer essentially you get good too because the Cisco Sicily being exposed at world you're streaming online hanging in the studio was confederate army base and I won't you hear this which meant that there was a confederate soldiers on that face plotting and planning to keep w why a lot of entrepreneurs say to people into changing social group into kind of hanging on says because the route to be successful in just a hardware isn't just the there was a moment that having two thousand five at the legends ball upon people topers legend in my cardiac big I'm looking great I said I'm just absolutely and my thing leaving here I'm going to drink bigger entry avenue archive and Susta makes sense day because didn't shut tonight Talia passats and I can pay the people who else agnew Rubel Okay Cool Debbie look I'm the work I was at this gathering humans speech he gave at the bt would early this year we got to give him a lifetime achievement what I think of some sort and he talks about the need for ownership right and the fact that you know with him again and again I think that's that's really cool to see and again for me like I if it was me and I was tired Perry I'd be like Middle Finger the Senate chosen but let's see what has come up the the CASSIA fee to kind of deal with it also allows dreaming because the hold on if he's doing it I can do it too because he's a kid just let me think for Tyler Perry that must be crucial member to be nice in this too listen to be like no I belong here this should be right seeing somebody that Oprah being celebrated Oh sing just that whole celebration of excellent quote unquote a spider tobacco the this needs to constantly be situated next to a big brand is very interesting to me especially within the niche community but you've been an under represented will far far reaching influence more far-reaching because essentially you will have to be you wouldn't have to be dictated by these I pray that way to pay ownership one and it's got me thinking about wild up why why don't more people within the black entertainment industry decided to vice that doing that kind of way so with the support of major label they kind of use the major label this kind of funding machine completely talks Oscarssowhite he had to go away and do think but this is kind of what he has to say right this and it got me thinking more intense again maybe it's maybe early people that you've floetry magazine people field listen to podcast you kind of absorb every bit of content out there is kind of hard to kind of seal on the convene industry they would just need to be signed you look at the whole laughing complaining that he went to Gaba labeled and he gets obviously when he resigned back toward take like independence in music is difficult to kind of decide to kind of you know go out and find your marketing team Garate and design or design your market that's the major speech about ownership but I don't really think people kind of heat will take much notice but something always kinda wondered right we'll do this money on to help somebody cross while everybody was fighting for a seat in the tables on but Oscar so White House y'all go ahead and do that but why are you fighting for the table I'll be down in Atlanta building my own Nine million negroes enslaved now that land Bub one Negro it's amazing kind of made for made for Blockbuster TV episode where he essentially ended up entire crew but if you look at it from a humane point of run guardian trying to figure out what packing do figure out what the best places to go to radio interviews with these do on your own as a team but there are so then when you push away your undeniable and there's nowhere else and there's no way you can take it on your own maybe par up with a big label but again it's an amazing story. Congratulations beside price doers amazing sign on the highway has Saint Taya prestigious than we thought Linda it just completely inspiring and again I think that kind of inspiration I west damage kind of you know a Western legend by law a one club before you can apply for also backing us a kid he says she'd been out west I'm his whole life the most amazing situation because the people that were involved in their lives a completely been ruined by this kid who they decided to come of us as a cloud machine uses a kind of a human keeping all their operations in house that works as well I would like to see a little bit more of an independent stabbed people just take the lane to be acknowledged it completely on my own cashpoint has now effectively ruined the entire lives where involvement situation but some some people you'd say you know the kids you get the guys needed with against into right the streets Melissa we've got some very interesting comments from one Casanovas regarding six nine as you are aware six nine is going through or has gone through a big trial in the US oh this should be true this is par trajectory to and I need to kind of focus in dire lynn able to kind of be on that on that path to and I think that's the that's so you you'd think that you'd want to be have more ownersh more you think you'd have to have multiple choice of ownership we've been a small I represented community because then it would make your influence more he's involvement with the nine trae gyns sending his involvement with gangs in general New York consigning the whole way his career from zero to a hundred is base of the year at and it kind of and with a sell it from our website I'm GonNa have audit tickets for my own platform a replica TIKKI TIKKI in person company or wherever you may be called do never made a liberal water progress again maybe in his eyes you know he has a different view of how he was created go and he kind of wants our big neighbour push machine to be behind him kind of pushing down the line he was on the same level as a kid Kadi's drake's if he kind of peer group TJ holes and he doesn't see him being able to do that maybe an independent label maybe being licensing itself but we'll go on a ripple through the patches of time and will help you see a lot more than your generation kind of taken a mental on designed to thing if you too because we need more Bratislava dictate the terms they have to meet your your toes because you you had you have audience you have everything prepared you have your students have cameras you have a ready made audience that are engaged I have to do they don't have to go to them to them to get you have to go to them to get draw they have to come to UTICA doors get the renovation and I've wanted maybe it's a heart maybe it's a harder uh essentially lifted the lid on the entire Italian mafia or Italian organized crime go for Italy Spain parts so essentially he might be able to get out by the beginning of next year now especially since they've moved a court date for would they want to get things out away quickness possibly lock those guys up so they wanna get whether it's gonna be able to come back off this career and be able to have a career because now we've learned that for his testimony of stitching these co-conspirators I'll be realized that he may be suffering from some mental illness normally oh they're the head but he's leaving a pre normal life nowadays it's not maybe the best of lives but he is still living and inducements loads of appearance fees Blah Blah but essentially is kind of put musician where he touted his family is hiding had to kind of higher as God so I think if he can do it with having the entire Italian mobile him I think six hundred gonna be able to get away with just fine but essentially customer had survey just in commerce thank you for the Beverage Uso you see more people bowl under obsessively comedian decided to take Missouri and heads in the waiting for the medical permission that's out say next I love interviews where he's life has been completely ruined betting on the cost of books rare because allow them opportunities to come out and capitalizes work screenplays getting those deals guys get involved in street business doing things the street way is that he won't be you can end of you look doing it in smart way and we never say we can never say they were doing it being nowadays and nothing's really happened to and I think six nine probably do the same thing I think of six nine the same way I think of Colorado Savannah the guide I read who soul and of course twelve months and caused a twelve month minutes a million fields the book called a Gommorah of you guys aware of it Roberta Savannah he traveled around with with with security everywhere he goes because he written this book would Comoro six hundred zero situation and yeah interesting take him from customer outside the world surely going the wrong route from to begin with poop even care about the people that he took off the street because nobody cared about they'll be those little talk about you know what he had done for the black community and you know once we telling anyone anything about condoning violence but it was his idea in America really big of a deal I think if you look at people like George Zimmerman right the kid that killed the guy that killed Trayvon Martin brazenly were in they let him it was so we'll give at the end of the day you know what I'm saying a lot about jumping out the window the gagging you know detailing lucrative they were doing he's now going to guess a reduced sentence is going to the time he saw the job's going to counsel was time served he was going to assassinate on the streets guaranteed but nothing happened to us publicly find us going on talk shows he was acting a fool on social media and we kind of assumed every now how he's supposed to be rejected witness protection it was his resume his own career which is very interesting to just give me an interesting case goes but a rat house you're going to be able to small way because it was so brazen sober that it kind of made you feel about these guys actually have braids amid heads below the centered around six a rat was one of the you know he said when he got locked up at miss them on social media right there's always something happened he was kind of essentially he was the apex of Mahjong Hudson such a heavy handed such a brazen way kind of seen as if like you know it was complete amateur hour like how could these guys being organized crime unit when they were just doing so ridiculously obvious and the jury in the presence of My enemies the era of about you know being able to hold that sound do it in the right way really precise hiding artistry obviously the street affiliation had some kind of way in it but the nation was odd what's is the guy here on screen about recommend you haven't checked out Gamarra's a TV series on Sky NA member so variable and he essentially has he's he's detailed of compasses kind of manipulate social media to your to your will right there's always something happening something he was kind of at the Bob the joke Kobe just place or should be to play that trolling game be better trucks that I think even with the album came out people surprise of how good it was his collaborations every single was the top ten with bill one hundred he just had a very keen is what is happening in this is absolutely ridiculous so that was the thing that was kind of crazy and of course these guys are career criminals right they're like kids are just you know again it's unfortunate is walking living meme and he didn't write did it probably the best anyone could of this new generation then you have on the side of it he actually makes a really good tracks right terms of minimal you tend to catch up you but why are you getting him involved in your titties in the moment right why is he holding guns why is he in the call when you rub in invite all the attention to come on them if any should be completely quiet dishes probably had him as far away as possible from their illegal activity easily continue on that way six nine cases people had the same things I want to speak about low by this truth way saying here but this has custody over seven given interview with Bruno's speaking veto around him and he kind of feels as if it was gonNA TACO is back people following him wherever he goes eight br pretty secluded lifestyle but he's alive and well bribing and oh it's an incredible fickle industry music the moment he comes out and get some attraction again the same people that were quoting Ratna wherever it may be will be the first I'd just didn't see what the what the what the benefit was for the nitrate blessed to have six nights back next to them I know what it did for six nine riot they didn't have this life partners sucking so I'm not 'cause weighty had it the way they did it was so heavy handed the way tonight tabloids went about kind of you know having this guy be one of the artists and kind of putting him under their wing was done do not be mobile which is a very good point he makes it 'cause priego place their number one six nine because people actually I think people think the world operates one way people think that but in reality the actual reality of the situation is that in the same way that people who six nine situations to be a war situation or a landmark moment for the entertainment industry all for the world in general especially when you look at the stuff right you to wear the point maybe not the point Lisa this is but they go to the places where they are assured that where they're going to get something at the end of it right like I know I'm going to get checked it all has little at all business nickelodeon but this is the life that you've chosen but six nine would industry that are like pooh-poohing him the problem with the industry is that as we reflection because what it will show that people generally don't really give a shit as much as people think they do what they care about is the music what they care about is the content of being produced from this other stuff if anybody's going to you couldn't take my eyes off them right fucking ballot tally hanging out doing shit that was incredible stuff that'd be able to come back and resume his career it will be a mother like secretly tell him who a public is saying they would never put trump and only election came around they privately vote anyone ever surprise as the same way you're going to see people that were saying all six zebra create you snitch the the Rod Webber got regarding may be in private saying they can't wait for it to come back because it was fun having around got European they did interviews Tim West would be Kinda questioned whether it should be collaborated with him and that's where the morals are principles that some people have go out the window because people don't have physical for the most part he would generally go have any reason why they should they should be next to him they should have pushed him follow it for him demos possible if they had to explore in for money to fund their fanfare dues do it right it was a little bit to press decent cool quality for me at the soda but surely away from all the kind of hype away from all the validation from the industry at the slowly but surely carving his Ole I'm going to get something from ninety six lane so I put my mortgage principal side and just annexes kit that's what people do and you're going to see that happening very very soon because the narrative six able to imprison now about drugs or alcohol and think of because that's the thing that you don't beforehand where he was under the woods and you know sniffing and do whatever you're doing imagine these able to think clearly about his approach as he comes out a prison right posts niche and do the actual marketing run abyss probably he the statements have not been evaluated by the F._D._a. this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease in nineteen fifty four collection co-founder intrigue says Caused never went on tour is Mike La Right let me see if I can find actual being meritas beautiful documentary but they've come out completely slammed Michael Kors for using as a reference of wasn't there we don't remember you may let's see by Michael Calls and I'm GonNa fight him because they looked at they're able to present right that million America's of Glam it became out and started saying you know this solidifies as alleged forever right now what happens if you die summer regardless because our label to have this career within a year will be forgotten no new non remember about was that he didn't have in a pass are absolutely for sure that's a a very astute observation different casinos I recommend you check out probably Komo comfortable and again I'm interested in how the story pans out interesting way to go about things but I I respect Kosovo for taking a very different approach to and kind of seeing it for did go to prison with this massive kind of in a rico charge of the back of my neck enough snitch come out have another year and then at the end of it but that's a club in a clever way where it makes it seem as if it was a long term plan this is Paul the long journey who's meant to if anything if he wants to you I wouldn't an amazing comeback fairytale run they had But Yeah I think it's going to really make it's GonNa fucking was heads up when he comes out is able to start his career up again ed listener in Lebanon completely ripped into pieces of mail they play Games so this is an article for mixed Max is the CO founder slammed Michael Kors phrase nope that cancelled Chris Brown they counseled all Kelly he'll say council the council the new this six to them lowest infamous six balcony dress code and open club drug use sixty four has celebrity guest list of the likes of Andy Warhol share Freddie Mercury and David Bowie Michael costly collection includes an oversized puffy coat and crushed so blouse brandishing sixty five logo the logo on it really was Eliza logo on it see district for hangs out because he says he was never dead you were there I mean you that you were there so the patient I think he was annoyed by four collects four winter collection two thousand nineteen right there's lots to fifty four represents here I'm sure you guys can make out doc the rat that's that's therefore if top associated and by large knows how the game is you know the entertainment industry is fickle once he comes out of a head banger interview out now on hold any seven was this the Burnett told properties check on that shaded onto a Lincoln Abaya feet is to check out if you need you next year we got four play no games DVD full Olas as you guys are aware because I've watched the documentary shows people might more stuck mentioned that came out of Quebec was is what you see what the record industry now if you if you've no is no pun intended industry has ruled him out no one from the radio save looking to play six nine no one that said that so far was it what what on seventies the Deuce this one I think this on you review like look this guy was never kind of somebody who I kinda fool as street guy owners Gangsta I'm not surprised anything that he's done the guys they have complete bombs why would they think that this guy was this is one of them right so this is the way okay this one I think I'm talking about so I think he's talking about this one the full two thousand nineteen collection right is this one I'm not matter it but again I I imagine if I just love the fact that people can be snobby back no there's there's some people who don't want to be found Zimmer work right and you put the logo somewhere oh there is yeah Mama Mia okay no one that he's pissed I'll be pissed to look at that precipitated for logo on there can you can you do that to jihadi looking awesome as per usual that Biz look incredible so you what is it before this is not too yeah this is country for ish with the boost the flares I imagine he did at Burke they will give you a cease and desist quicker than you could save fucking nine hundred now becoming Rieter why you can't do that anyway it can this Lahser sherline blows my patent loads of amazing hats glasses lost four biplane here right you can see okay that just socially for Tina tonics were in that him as he made no impression this is nothing more than obvious exploitation by garbage centric scarlet sent a person all fucking Oh this also closed it has to do studio or what it's about again I'm inspired by nightclubs I think we're all being nightclub called especially in that era must have been something to marvel especially imagine the first touch points because I'm rich clements gala radio interview for Short Preface interview when he comes out prisoners that's going to happen is going to be a lot of those things happening as it as it as it transpires that you've come on of course okay so we get what he meant so to quote the article sixty four was a former nightclub most of hedonistic paradise in your city seventies we know that especially stiff diploma who caused the fuck make no sense so I said the following Michael Caused American designer longtime judgment runner released a new full to nine hundred things existing I'm taking the first this mixed between ecstasy LSD MBA may and cocaine the pill right enjoying life like the news interview Argentina so Michael Kors Kasich action upside papa coat and crushed blouse you wasn't there that is is take this Michael Collaboration this collection he says you can again I admire that kind of level of of just say no you're not there I do not want you to be associated my brand get the fuck out of here but yeah you can't be doing stuff like this right you put out like that kind of idea of being this night this nighttime merchant right as Maktum Warrior is Ninja flow infrastructure going in between places Inzerillo wow absolutely demolished him right having hits before so yeah maybe he was there who knows Having the logo of flipping CD four on the puffer jacket has reduced before was ever like even that lady they're thinking hey come on dude that's that's that's a that's a nice staying in Schrager right from what was look common public hotels I don't believe Michael Kors ever before I certainly don't remember put down by in Schrager just not having about Michael Kors you cannot you cannot take my name in vain bright enough fair enough my records learned lesson next his experiences the club everyone was having sex balcony people were so high that you could see them for down the stairs and go there don flow ever intriguing went to instagram to debunk this machinist logo bread pants and metallic trenchcoat for interview engineer intelligent design a longtime vocal cords about two four days I thought he was maybe the number in it right with this they call on in multiples could fifty for all while you die in six meeting New People celebrities wish stuff imagine that whole entire headed this too collapsed out without cell phones we've outcome smartphones for the first time it would leave an impression on you in gym yesterday but you know what can do so next I think I'm Gonna I'm GonNa take on here was the Innovation Liberal Night Clubs Vode the you know the legendary even in this day and age right when I grow up dude in your New Your first question you try to draws bracing for more your life experiences like that will form a big part of your life like me all the way in probably said please rip of what she wore what she was in there or died a rosary yes so losers do differ references we can see here was at massive mink coat yet and I would be very very aware of it somewhere shape or form but Yeh amazing put now of intrigue and they're just not having it shit but hey let's see Burger I'll let the sea bug eyed much do understand 'cause I know some people acting because I love tomato bled yoga blue for she weather guy standing in front of a CGI a green screen of the Burgh modeling people outraged by that but I'd love to see them do a flip the list what we have here we have warm fucking back is killing me isn't it absolutely killing a little bit tweak are doing some backs after he died who was it because of because a lot of people right Nolan's council six nine hundred we're looking at a place no one's done that and to play with our remember like my first experience guarantee the Stuff like that right well even my swallowed experience right imagine being the first pass to go this place is right for the first time it feels if the phone is gonNA reach another chapter I think there was a period of time where I felt like it was a bit dicey though kind of struggling to get people to comforter does by think as per restaurants as per all the time if you if you want to commend you see give lows of interviews and there he's always things interviewed a couple of the Inter intrigued to into magazines check out to causes to see an Oto the big clubs around the world maybe that plays into our early coin Georgia now come on but yeah well amazing amazing amazing other forms of entertainment places Basel ever slow build you have to earn the respect or other trusted partners and now if you'll zip my even going to agree with the unhappiness complete on a Rolodex of big DJ playing weekend we can Kinda Cook keeps going but that being said they have a big label not happening are very very soon and the forty Alexa I've champion in the very beginning I went to the first part e went to a couple of pies hence that henceforth I recommended on my Youtube for awhile recommend he'll read a podcast they are Thursday Friday or something where continually just go there because it's going to be sick detail all night long I think that'd be quite good long-term by again this is my us but it's going to be a full twenty our twenty four hour party from twelve on Saturday all the way into was that yeah when the him on Monday mulies is going to be is particularly for certain times of the month but by up until six which is good enough London at upping is going to be there's not many places you can go to pie from ten to six anyway so it's good enough I still think some of the books are a little bit to a little bit too much reliance on the promote as bringing in good people as look at any to be able to make a spry insane night individuals appointed rave at full individuals. If you know from where is the Dix Dickson held label that's going to be at the forefront of pushing the musical that kind of deep deep techno electronic sound you know into forefront I'm sure somebody would arms new Gaza familiar with Jimmy Jaws uh-huh grew up or if I ever became design I thought that era I came up in going up good into warehouse parties and going into the Strip dosing kings that would maybe impose load my question is a bit Undergrad events organized is definitely not to be missed for all local electronic music lovers the event runs from midnight Saturday the flame symbol took midnight on fifty

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