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Season 3 - Episode 34

They Walk Among Us

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Season 3 - Episode 34

"To season three episode thirty four think we'll put cow steady Katie to UK true crime. For really act free access to visit patriots dot com for what's Nash, they walk among us. Cushion is advised is the Sepah side contains adult themes and descriptions that some listeners may find distressing. In a school in Punti, pref- Wales. Christopher may sent peacefully playing piano, oblivious to the firefighters around him. Continue to play the flame circle flames from the fire. He had started the awesome was just one in a string of fences. This former Butcha would commit before being arrested for murder. Was born on December twenty third nineteen sixty four in Punti preve- attended school in the local area, but was a troubled young, man. He was arrested of fourteen for burglary was later sentenced to an eighteen month jail term for starting fire to Punti pre school. Nice. First job was working part time for headless butcher's shop, initially packed sausages. But graduated to stripping the meat from animal carcasses night was a fast learner and was eventually offered a full time position of the butchers until it closed down eighteen years later. After a number of jobs never settling and moving frequently effect employment as a taxi driver before working in new bridge. Ca fully as an employee to Electric's factor nine now thirty one moved to Cardiff during the mid nineties, and it was there a met and fell in love with his partner. Tina, they moved into gather and had two children but separated in two thousand and two in November two thousand and ten after she moved to Kent Tina, sadly took around life. It appears as they may had been in and out of work since the time of tina's death. Immovable into a flat in Andrews court on Ricard street Ponti pre in two thousand and thirteen. Is days consisted of drinking and local pubs favorites. Hang out was the skinny dog public house on Broadway near the river Taff. Over the years. His drinking habits became excessive. He would sit in the skinny dog and consumed between six to eight pints day. Rebecca Williams who serve customers at the pub seemed unaware report Christopher may was capable of. She later spoke to Wales online and recalled never had to say bad words to him in the pub, stop his drink is always been a gentleman. We used to have banter would call him little legs and would give him lifts home from work. Described as a pleasant fella or a good laugh by his friends and more unnerving picture was painted. But teenage bombing the skinny dog carries Richards described how Christopher my had twice might feel uncomfortable with sexual advances. She said he started talking to me about his love of redheads. And we were perfect and good in bed. Quite offended me. Carris Richards went on to say it upset me disturbed me. He was saying these strange things to someone who was young enough to be his daughter. On the evening of April twenty first two thousand fifteen Christopher my noticed, incredibly intoxicated woman with stroke blunt hair in the smoking area of the skinny dog and Troy to flirt with her. Joe into money's friends to nearby table. Christopher my joked if a ball, you if you drinks, maybe you'll come home with me tonight, when sex was mentioned the woman who had a nervous disposition made it clear, she wasn't interested stating I'm not that kind of girl main sister. He was joking and invited her back to his flat with the promise of morale comb, the group left the skinny dog eleven twenty pm my in the woman headed to his flat to continue drinking his friends went to a nearby kebab. Shop. They watched Christopher may on the woman walked towards Pontypridd railway station in the direction of mice home. When the pair arrived. We started drinking. In the early hours. Christopher my used his laptop to access YouTube and play the music video for the west live song flying without wings. He then saw an opportunity to make sexual advances, which the woman rebuffed. Neighbors would hear a loud bang around two thirty in Ashim. It was my fall into the ground in a drunken stupor. Christopher my picked up his laptop which had been given to him by the department for work and pensions to go on an IT calls and to help him. Find employment opportunities used it to binge-watch pornography review hours. And then thought about how he would dispose of a bookie. Kristof amazing pursue him the fulling morning, and it was clear he hadn't slept one of his friends who had been out drinking with him rang light to that day of three PM and teased may saying all after boy wedding suit with you being with that girl might told his friend that the pair had a kissing a cuddle at Pontypridd station. But claimed he went time in the woman went the other way. Christopher my return to work the grill state council, April twenty third washing pots, he told the manager that the scratches to his face were made by Paul had moved when building wolf for his parents. The manager of the grill state counts Charlotte Lewis, would like to say I didn't think anything of it at the time. But when I our time, I thought it didn't make sense. With her shoulder length. Strawberry, blonde hair, forty seven year old, Tracy. Woodford was a slim woman and petita just five feet till Boone on February thirteenth nineteen sixty eight. She was described as a quantum gentle. So she lived in the village of read Verlaine short distance from Pontypridd town center. He spent most of her time with a family principally with a mother and brother whom she live with Tracy struggle to find employment and apart from trips to collect her benefits or visit the local pub most days, she chose to stay indoors. She never ventured far in two thousand and thirteen. She was cautioned for stealing a bottle of wine and received a fixed penalty for shoplifting. She had a history of depression, which led to a dependence on our hall. Cheese day pulled twenty first two thousand fifteen wearing jeans a blue cardigan and carrying red bag Tracy would foot headed out to do a weekly shop when she arrived in Pontypridd town centre, she withdrew one hundred pounds from her Bank account. She went to buy ring from cash generator the train of stores that buys and sells secondhand goods. The two thirty nine PM. She was seen going into the tumbling whether spoon pub on Broadway next to the river Taff she remained there for over two hours before heading to our for its Bah just off tap street. Outside. She was captured on C C T V falling over once inside. She appeared. Highly intoxicated, slipping off her boss stolen number of times. Just before seven forty five pm, she left and walked downtown street onto Broadway. An end to the skinny dog pub. John's for glass of Chardonnay, but she was highly intoxicated Rebecca Williams, one of the boss stuff refuse to surfer Tracy was offered a soft drink which she accepted. She was observed by Rebecca Williams struggling to unwrap the cellophane from her cigarette packet due to the alcohol affecting her dexterity. Tracy asked for a light in headed to the smoking area. The back of the pub. After speaking to one of the pint trends, she sat down with him in two other men at the table, Tracy remarked that she was called so one of the men gave his coat to of a chill. The group left the skinny dog. Good around eleven twenty pm. C C T V camera Trenton movements, but after she disappeared into the night. She was never heard from again. she Wednesday three twenty-second Tracy's mother and brother grew concerned is cooled to trace his mobile phone were unanswered. It was uncovered terrific her not to return home. A social circle was small, and she wasn't rhyme Mantika involved with anyone at the time. Opposed highlighting her disappearance was added to missing people dot org dot U K it read, Tracy. We are here for you. Whenever you are ready. We can listen talk you through whatever you need pass a message for year, and how you to be safe. Cool. Text anytime, free confidential. The post then listed a number for her to contact. After Tracy's family formed, the police of her disappearance two detectives was sent to track last known movements, and they were quickly led to the skinny dog public house and the man Tracy was with. The often noon Friday, April twenty fourth two thousand and fifteen to police officers entered Christopher maze. Home in Andrews court on record straight. They knew Tracy had been in the skinny dog. So contacted staff at the public housing spoke with Rebecca Williams who work there. She passed on Christopher maze. Mobile phone number you'd been spotted with Tracy would foot on the night. She had gone missing. And is flat was a five minute walk from the pub at I may was vase if but eventually relented and told police his address. When officers arrived, he explained that the last time he saw, Tracy. She was angry after he made advances to her under a bridge near the pump. And she told them to piss off. He seemed to be acting uneasy went on string the questions posed to his hands trembled, and his voice Shukan broke. The two officers completed a search of the flat. And we were informed by Christopher that. There was nothing in the bathroom. One of the officers remarked. They could smell gone off milk cats eerie. When they pulled back the shower curtain, what they found would be later described as being from a horror film. Christopher main was remanded in custody will the investigation was ongoing. Police have confirmed that a person's body has been discovered at a frat in Ricard street, which is in the Greig area of pointer preve-, they say a fifty year old man has been arrested in connection with the death and is currently in police custody. Friends teams are now trying to publish how and why she came to be found here as part of the investigation. Police teams are also sitting in number of locations, including the local rugby club. Tracy's family are being supported by specially trained officers as the investigation into her death continues. Joyce castle. Local councillor was interviewed and said it shook in knows these things are horrible for residents. When these awful things happen. People shouldn't live in fear, these sorts of things ralian to us. When asked about her daughter, and how she was coping trace his mother would like to say, Tracy led a simple life, which revolved around her family. She was happy doing her crosswords and wouldn't have heard of fly. Mrs so much a wake up in the morning. And the first thing I think of is Tracy every day. I just get boy, I am surviving. Family friends and neighbors spoke about how shock they were concern as it's families Littler is also. You know, it's quite close community today. I'm so it's it's quite a shock to have it here on your doorstep, mostly Noah sister. But. Schalken really? A neighbor of Christopher Mayes was interviewed. She referred to him as Chris and said, he kept himself tuned, self informed. Her neighbor had been arrested for murder. She said I would be shocked if he is done anything. He didn't seem back kind of man. After Christopher Maher was arrested. Police will give an extra thirty six hours to question him. He refused to answer. Detectives I ne- repeating the initial statement he gave to officers that is flat. Night to that day. The police held a press conference detective superintendant Paul Hurley appeal to anyone that had seen Tracy in the skinny dog or heard anything suspicious in the days leading up to her disappearance. The tragic events surrounding the death of Trixie Woodford. Forty seven lady from the with valley area has had a profound impact upon her family on the wider community. Especially when you consider consider the harrowing circumstances surrounding this death. Trixie was law seen at twelve forty five by her family on Tuesday, the twenty-first April when she left home in the valley area, we know from inquires that we've made that about eleven pm on Tuesday, the twenty first of April choosing the skinny dog public house in Pontypridd. She was in company with a male. We know from enquiries that we've made that she left the premises shortly after eleven pm as part of an ongoing investigation. Officers attended Andrews court at Ricard street in Pontiac pref-. It was here tragically that we are dentist by the dismembered body body of Trixie Woodford. At that address. We arrested a fifty year old man on suspicion of murder who is currently in custody. Appealing for anyone who may have information in relation to this investigation to come forward. There are well established communities in the South Wales. Valleys, align. No, those communities will rally round support, Tracy woods family and support our investigation appealing for anyone who may have information that were in the skinny dog public house between nine PM and eleven PM on shoes the twenty first of April, the may have seen Tracy in company with a male person. Or if you live or are or were in the vicinity of Ricard's street in Pontypridd around about eleven pm on the twenty first of April, and may have heard or seen something that you thought was suspicious to contact. Support for they walk. Among us is brought to you by ADT ADT can now design and install a small time. Just for you back for twenty four seven protection, the new small times, customizable to your launch stone. Make you feel safe or listening to this podcast. For instance, you can say neighborhood watch service, an ADT will turn on outdoor lighting and make it look like you a home. Even when you aunt ADT will set up your home with multiple smart home devices and security features like video doorbells, cameras locks and more. Visit ADT dot com for what slash podcasts to learn. How ADT can design uninstall secure smart home, just for you? The rain fell a heavy media presence descended on the flat. Police cooled off Andrews court long with the rugby ground on the roads next to and under the railway line. Christopher Maher admitted he had hidden some of Tracy would fits body parts in an alcove in a storm drain near Pontypridd rugby ground to specially trained officers were dispatched to find them in the darkness. They walk through over one hundred meters of underground tunnels full of running water to a chain. But where they soon discovered to Mt. Pound stretcher plastic bags in which traces DNA would lie to be found a third bag set on a ledge in the drain contain the lower part of a tool so a human head was also discovered Christopher my hoped. The remains would be washed out to sea. An initial postmortem was completed on Sunday, April twenty six the definitive cause of death was still to be determined as officers were awaiting the results of further forensic testing. But traces of alcohol codeine and paracetemol would like to be found in traces system. Tracey's mother had to view her daughter's remains which had been piece back together. When reflecting on the incident. She said it was like I was living in a nightmare. I didn't want to believe what they were saying thought what person would do something like this? What did he do to her stood over her crying? But didn't know what to do was say a kissed her on the forehead, and then I had to leave the room. Christopher Maher was charged with murder, Monday, April twenty-seventh, he appeared before Murtha typical magistrates Assia photographers caught a glimpse of may as he was being escorted to a secure vehicle dressed in a great tracksuit and handcuff to a prison custody officer. We did not end to replay. He looked motionless is he confirmed his nine date of birth and address during the two minutes hearing, he was shoulder to shoulder with to security stuff is case was referred. And he appeared the following day for video link recorder of Cardiff judge Ellery resource or proceedings where may set with his own crossed giving only one word answers. He was expected to enter a plea in July and a trial was set for Tober that year. Friday, August, seventh two thousand fifteen during a brief hearing Cardiff Crown Court Christopher may again appeared for video link from long Latin prison in was to sheer nicer with his hands clasped tightly together, he looked indifferent. As he stated is nine the enter the plea of not guilty for the charge of murder. Judge Reese confirmed may would remain in custody while awaiting trial. Fifty year old Christopher may seen here at a previous hearing. He was accused in court of strangling and killing forty seven year old Tracy Woodford in it's liberal, brutal and vicious murder. The jury has been told that Christopher may admits that his actions were responsible for Tracy Woodford staff, but he denies murdering her the trial at Cardiff Crown Court is expected to last two weeks. A jury of six men and six women were selected before. Judge Justice nichole Davis on Monday, November ninth two thousand fifteen Christopher my admitted to causing Tracy would for today, but insisted that he acted in self defense. The judge warned the jury the evidence would be distressing. Acting on behalf of the crown Roger Thomas QC said, Tracy. Elizabeth Woodford was strangled sometime between April twenty first and twenty second. The defendant admits is actions were responsible in causing her death but disputes his conduct amounts to murder. The prosecution says that this was a brutal vicious and sexually motivated murder after her death. She was mutilated undesired -membered. These actions were carried out the liberally on methodically with the intention of concealing her body parts and thereby avoiding detection, Roger Thomas QC added. It seems that is experts in a butcher shop has been put to use on a human body. Later in court sergeant Stuart Williams and constable Craig Gardner testified that they arrived. Christopher Mace flat. Gave his account of the night Tracy would for died. Christopher metal them after annoyed in the pub. He thought he'd got lucky so tried to cop a feel upset. Tracey shouted. Faceoff Christopher may than walked away. Inform sergeant Williams constable Gardner, the Tracy never even went to his flat. Christopher was asked by the officers if they could look around his home. He agreed. They initially entered nice bedroom. Undergo untidy they didn't identify anything untoward. When the officers entered the bathroom by noticed a strong odor. I nothing looked out of the ordinary until they pulled back the shower curtain sergeant Williams testified close the curtain and double check to confirm. What I saw could not believe my eyes are described it as if someone had cut up a mannequin and placed it in the shower try. I told mR may he was under arrest on suspicion of murder. He said. Constable Gardner was visibly upset as he recalled the memory of finding tracey's body. He said I thought I was watching a horror movie of been in the police force eleven years of never had to deal with anything like this before. Christopher Knight was asked where the rest of tracey's body was any blunt. You've responded some of her is in the cupboard and in the drain Pontypridd rugby club. Night was taken in for questioning forensic officers work but seen they came across the upper part of a tour which had been forced into a black Addidas rucksack. Thumb and four fingers were found in Hamburg, contained traces, bankcards traces DNA was discovered on a mattress ado, vais, Unson gloves, all of which were blood-stained bra and a blue cardigans were found in a hallway cupboard the implements used in. The dismemberment included a saw Stanley knife and secretaries forensic officers. Also found some rubber gloves bleach an unused condom. Christopher's toilet had been blocked with human remains. the results from the postmortem confirmed that Tracy died from pressure to the neck which caused cardiac arrest a pathologist Derek James who carried out to series of examinations on Tracy would for remains testified that dismembering body in this manner required skill and the person responsible would have knowledge or experience of cutting up animals the pathologist went onto describe Tracy would for injuries. He said she did not have a mixture of older new bruises almost all of them were fresh. Confirmed the injuries included bruising to the neck on the head consistent with signs of a struggle. They were inflicted on Tracy when she was alive. The hemorrhage is found in her Roy's will consistent with someone that had been strangled. During cross examination. Dr James agreed with the defense's theory that some of the injuries mart have been caused by someone repeatedly falling over that said, there are places she has been injured that you don't really get from full. Dr Kim at woods forensic scientists tool so visited mice flat with doctor James testified the scissors found in Christopher Maher shower were coated in fatty residue. She believed this to be consistent with findings that they had been used. Come through human remains. DNA from Tracy would foot was identified on a black handed saw found at the scene. Trace amount of semen was discovered in a pair of women's underwear. However, a full DNA profile could not be obtained further sample of semen was located on the body. And the chance of it belonging to anyone other than Christopher may was one in a billion. Christopher Michael tell the court the wall in the smoking area of the skinny dog. He I saw Tracy Woodford during his testimony. He made no mention of how intoxicated she was towards with the initial county gave police in now claim that he asked her to come back to his flat and Tracy said, yes, the also claimed that they kissed while on the way back to his home. He stated they had six both smoked to cigarette and fell asleep. My testified that he was woken a few hours later. Bye, Tracy going through his wallet the too then started fighting my said, she came at me flailing with Rome's try to defend myself, boy stopping her got hold of her hands and push the white with my hands. She called me fucking prick unless controlled the don't remember, then next thing, I know she was on the floor dead. Couldn't believe she was actually dead. Just sat on the couch in had a cigarette. Is the sun rose and taking inspiration from a television show. He had seen Christopher may began to dismember Tracy would foot buddy he was physically sick during the attempt. Christopher was asked how he felt when the police arrived. We said, it was a mixed feeling relief or suppose. Speaking about how he felt he said, I'm disgusted with myself account apologize for it accounts for forgiveness canoy prosecuting Roger Thomas QC cross examined Christopher may announced him. The you have any regard over Morse. Did you feel sorry for the victim? The defendant noted saying he did. But Roger Thomas QC quickly replied didn't stop dismembering her. Night was asked by the prosecutor why he cut Tracy would for fingers off. And he said a thought it would stop DNA. There would be no fingerprints. Christopher may went on to say was plainly apparent that? Tracy came back with him over Roan volition Roja Thomas exclaimed that night was manipulating the facts before stating you would denigrate that dead woman in any way, you could to save your own skin. Closing statement. Roger Thomas QC prosecuting claim that the defense's argument of self defense was a pack of lies an addressing the defendant directly. He said you have sex with a woman, it's not to cut a Rupp. And then sometime during that period, you decide now is a good time to watch a little bit of porn facing. The jury. Roger Thomas continued. We submit the exactions were committed by defendants so determined so cold blooded, the T can strangler woman. He barely knows the death dismembered. Her left her remains in the bathroom cutoff fingers and carries on the Bolivia's. Malcolm, Bishop QC who had been defending Christopher may throughout the trial explained to the jury the Tracy Woodford was having a good time on the noise. She died and went back to maced flat willingly USA proclaimed. It was only in a moment of blind panic. The defendant lashed out to defend himself. Now can Bishop stated non wishes to be unkind disrespectful to the deceased. Can there be any doubt? She was extremely drunk, and she was refused alcohol by three public houses. There's no criticism of Tracy as a result of that. But her intoxication is important into ways we saw her full over a number of times this may well account for some of the bruises on her body, not all of them. The second reason we suggest is this when Tracy went from public house to public house that gives us an insight into her life and state of mind, we remember the evidence of Rebecca Williams the bombing. She agreed Tracy seem to nervous lonely and fragile spirits lifted when she joined the trio that was banter laughter counsel for the defence than detailed. What he believed happened when Tracy Woodford went to Christopher Mesa home. He said that listen to music at a drink at consensual sex went to bed and things went horribly wrong. Malcolm Bishop told the jury to Christopher miocene Tracy stealing from him an argument to -rupt it in which she made disparaging remark about one of my children. He said he touched a raw nerve when she might. That's how burst may lose control puts pressure on her neck and she dies. What happens afterwards can be explained by blind panic. Is he concluded his closing argument? Malcolm, Bishop stated all the witnesses. He knew the defendant had nothing but good to say about him. How can you reconcile the friendly helpful guy with a picture painted on the prosecution? The prosecution must make you sure. This defendant did not act in self defense. The important question is what did he generally believe he was doing? Did he genuinely believe he was attacked? And did he genuinely believe he was acting in self defense? If that is right. The law says he must be acquitted because we are rolling title to act in self defense. The judge summed up the case she stressed to the jury. They must cost aside. Feelings of emotion and remain objective. Facing the jury. She said undisputed is the fact that in the early hours of Wednesday, April twenty second two thousand fifteen the defendant. Christopher my strangled and caused the death of Tracy Woodford. It's flat in Andrews core. Ponti pre the issue for you to decide is whether this was as the prosecution allege a brutal sexually motivated murder by sexually motivated predator. On a fragile woman. Or is it as the defense say the Christopher my acted in lawful. Self defence as Tracy Woodford came at him flailing with roms when he caught a looking through his wallet. The prosecution must prove the defendant is guilty. The defendant doesn't have to prove his innocence. The prosecution must make sure of it. Nothing less will do if you assure you must return guilty verdict. If you're not sure you must return not guilty verdict. She added you must reach if you can a unanimous verdict. Following a two week trial. It took the jury only fifty minutes to reach a unanimous decision. On November eighteenth two thousand fifteen Christopher my who sat staring blankly head with his arms crossed was found. Guilty of murdering Tracy would. Cries and cheers echoed throughout the courtroom. After victim impact statements read to the court. The aggravating and mitigating factors will heard from both the prosecution and defense. Roger Thomas QC acting for the crown said that the starting point must be at least twenty five years. He stated the sexual intercourse took place in life. It was nonconsensual. And if it took place after death, it was not consensual addressing the judge Malcolm Bishop QC arguing for the defense said we submit the playing of a west life video is consistent with a couple. Having a relaxing time. Together, the forensic evidence is consistent with consensual intercourse. The evidence is not sufficient to enable you'll lady to entirely disregard the defendant's account. This was an unplanned meeting leading to a flash of anger with catastrophic results. As a further discussion took place around relevant case law can Bishop QC quietly argued a long period of imprisonment is inevitable and cooled for our simple submission is the sentence. Your lady must par should not mean that that offended can never hope to gain his liberty in his old age. Davis sentence. Christopher may to life in prison and said he would have to serve a minimum of twenty eight years. Labeling Christopher mate a dangerous sexual predator. The judge I did you murder Tracy would foot. It was cruel. Callous, undetermined these same characteristics prompted you to dismember the body of Tracy and then deliberately conceal it. You did this for one purpose to avoid detection for the murder. You knew you had committed the judge concluded you embarked on this little thought for your victim and still less for that of her family whose grief for their daughter insists there was made more anguished by the grim dismemberment of her body. When if Christopher Mays released he would remain on license for the rest of his life. Speaking after the verdict, which it Killick senior crown prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service said Christopher maze responsible for brutal heinous attack on Tracy Woodford having killed her. He compounded his dreadful actions attempting to conceal her body in the most horrific circumstances. And then concocting a story based on wicked and deliberate lies to explain what he had done. Detective Inspector rope chronic from the South Wales police would later provide an interview to the press father's twenty four th of April this year. I was onto the caucus police station actually when the call from the BBC in Pali pres. That tragically missing person being found tries to be found dismembered with an address in point breeze and not then triggers a major crime investigation. The challenge for search teams were what we're gonna have to deal with on the recovery of body parts. This is an investigation of was police have never had to deal with certain in my twenty years of policing may himself showed no remorse. Even at the time of the discovery of Tracy. He tried to trick the often in the believe in that, she wasn't in the flat in first instance. I have no doubts that if they wouldn't have them what they did certainly within the the bathroom of the flat that we would not have recovered tracey's body. We cannot have. This investigation will the help and support of two communities community of rude valley where Tracy is from with family currently live and the community Pardue pres they'd have to live through all of this. Sir. Over of the costal seven minutes. But I really thank the family. They've showed immense strength to get through this investigation to this point. But hopefully this now provide some closure the Senator Christopher may allow the family to get on with their own lives. Clearly, they will never forget what has happened to them. But at least the start of that process. So where are we now? And side the courtroom, Tracy siblings. Released a heart wrenching statement read on their behalf by detective constable calf Brown, their family liaison, officer, it Red Eye words can begin to explain what Christopher my has done to our family is action on that noise tonight Pearl and over the following days with what he did to trace his body is destroyed. So we simply cannot understand how anyone could treat another human being in this way, Tracy was very kind caring and loving person who didn't have a bad bone in her body. She wouldn't to fly was just a quiet, gentle soul. She was a devoted door to our mother. Linda, a wonderful sister and sister in law on the grant on t to her niece nephews, he didn't have much in the way of money will possessions. But what little she had? She loved to give to the three of them would love to buy them, some sort of treat just to put a smile on their faces, but always made her so happy just the type of person she was. The statement went onto thank the police family liaison officer before concluding people say time is a great healer. We can only say that no amount of time will ever heal our pain or fill the hole that this monster is left in our family. We miss Tracy so much. Our lives will never be the same again. Thank you for listening and special things to our patriot supporters. Two more information. Visit they walk him on us podcast dot com.

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