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"tracy east" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"So she provided the emergency regulations and estimates of how many inmates that they will affect at the request of The Associated Press, But the department otherwise made no public comments whatsoever. Obviously this this has got some people who I think are clear thinking very, very concerned, including Senator Jim Nielsen. On D course. I have very significant concern about what this does to the safety and the well being of the public. Where will these people go? 63,000 of them are violent felons 63,000 out of 76,000 total. Um, the the problems associated with this. I think your crystal clear the inmate population. The state of California has dropped by more than 21,000 from the roughly 117,000. Throughout the state system before the Corona virus pandemic. The partly because about 10,000 prison down inmates have been held temporarily in county jails. Officials announced last month mid month that they were close a second prison as a result of the dwindling population, which will fulfill the primitive promised by Governor Gavin Newsom. California Correctional Center and Susan. There were closed by July of 2022 while officials announced last fall that do well vocation list Devi I used to house the worst of the worst. Down and Tracy east of Stockton. I'm sorry east of San Francisco will close by, but this October The population has been declining for a decade starting when the state began keeping lower level fell felons in county jails, theoretically, but they didn't provide. The resource is for the jails to keep them so many of them are out of the street. The trend continues when voters I think were duped back in 2014 and passed proposition 47, reducing penalties for for some property and crime and drug crimes. On then, of course, two years later the past proposition 57 because the politicians in Sacramento promised them if first of all proposition, 47 was called the state, the safe schools and safe neighborhoods Bill Proposition, 57 was billed as an effort to keep the most hardened criminals in custody. No, it does not. Neither of those are true. So the How did what do you How do you feel about this? What do you think is the ultimate outcome of this? You've got people now who have demonstrated their propensity for violent criminal conduct or at the very least profound nuisance conduct. And they will be released from custody early as a result of what seems to be a very, very hard desire on the part of the governor and in many in the California Legislature, clearly the majority Tonto to rid the system. The present system of inmates. They don't want amended. They want him out. They want him in your community in your neighborhood. One of the ironic things is the spokesperson for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is that we want to make the prisons safer. Well, the the danger associated with presence is it's full of crooks. So you want to push them out of the institutions making the prisons safer? But what does that foreseeably due to the communities throughout the state of California? Seamus said. The departments of the CDC spokesperson said the department was granted authority through the rule making process. The emergency regulations take effect took effect rather last Saturday. The department must submit permanent regulations next year, which will then be considered. With a public hearing and opportunity for public comment. Don't forget the fact that Governor Newsome faces a recall election this fall. In part by those upset over his handling of the pandemic, including sweeping orders that shut down the economy for months. But we know that many Democrats, lawmakers and advocacy groups have been calling for further releases of shorter sentences. In the California prison system. Californians United for a responsible budget, for instance, earlier this this year So the state should shudder at least 10 more of his 35 prisons. How does that work out by the way, with the with the release of these inmates so far, the significant reduction the prison population in California. Did you think that the Department of Corrections and rehabilitation budget would drop Now it's increased by almost 10%. Does that make any sense? So my question for you is You think this course of action was done with your best interests at heart? You think they're concerned about you? Or is there some other issue at play here? Some other agenda that is causing the leadership in the state of California to do this? That's the poll question. You'll find it on the John McGuinness page it kpk dot com. We can also chat about it on the airwaves at 808 34 15 38 108 34 15 30. Is this music to your ears? Do you want to see people in this? We all know that there are so many people. You could look at the Sacramento County Da's website and see the number of inmates released early for violent criminal offenses because it's been the philosophy of this governor and his predecessor to do just that. Does this serve your best interest, is it? Do you think it's done with your well being in mind? 808 34 15 30. You can hear.

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