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"tracy depot" Discussed on KQED Radio

"With more local news live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly. The latest legal challenge to the Trump administration adding a citizenship question to the twenty twenty US census is wrapping up today in Maryland. NPR's Hansie lo-long says the issue will go before the US supreme court in April. The supreme court has said to your challenges to a ruling for two separate cases in New York. The cases in Maryland are unique because one of the cases alleges that administration officials were part of a conspiracy to deprive immigrants and communities of color of their constitutional rights by including a question that is expected to depress participation especially among Latinos and immigrant communities Virginia. Governor Ralph northern MS cancelling an appearance at a historically black university in Richmond. The democratic governor was supposed to attend a civil rights commemoration today. Megan Pauley with member station W C V E says the governor changed his plans amid student objections over his acknowledgement of wearing black face in the nineteen eighties. Northam had planned to attend an annual event honoring Virginia union university alumni known as the Richmond thirty four who participated in sit ins to protest segregated in the nineteen sixties. North of canceled those plans Wednesday evening following calls from the student government association to come and other time Northam has instead invited the Richmond thirty four to the governor's mansion on Friday. This is NPR news from Washington from K Kiwi news in San Francisco, I'm Brian watt. President Trump's national emergency declaration to help pay for a border wall clue take millions of dollars away from a military construction project in the central valley. He Tara Siler reports. Congress has already appropriated nearly eighteen million dollars to reconfigure security gates at a defense, logistics depot in Tracy. It's among the three point six billion dollars in military construction projects the administration is aiming to axe nationally democratic congressman Josh harder represents the area and calls the emergency declaration unconstitutional. And it's also terrible. Just in terms of politics taking money from efforts to combat. Drug trafficking efforts to still military construction projects like the Tracy depot does not make our country safer. It it does the exact opposite. The emergency declaration is facing multiple lawsuits. A spokeswoman for the Tracy military depot says the project is currently in the design phase and moving forward unless it's halted by the White House. I'm Tara Siler news. San francisco. Bike advocates are calling for two thousand more bike racks to be placed on city streets. Supervisor Rafael men Delman says the city has reserves of racks in storage, they could be put to use. Brian Weeden Meyer is executive director of the SF bicycle coalition in San Francisco because of our high rate of theft blocking things to Iraq is necessary. That's not just true for people's own personal bikes. It's true for shared scooters and dacas bike share. We have the racks. Now, it's time to install them. We didn't Meyer says more racks means more people on bikes and fewer people in congestion in cars..

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