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The Toyota Automobile Museum of Japan


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The Toyota Automobile Museum of Japan

"Talking about a museum That is in Japan. It's it's the Toyota Automobile Museum right. Yes that's right Scott earlier. This year I went to Japan for the first time my Girlfriend Brandy and I went there and a lot of people when they go to Japan they fly into the Tokyo airport. Tokyo Joe is of course the most populous city Japan ethnic. It's unfair to even call it a city. It's like twenty three different cities awards all smashed together not airports very very crowded so we were able to fly instead of to Tokyo. We flew to a town called Nagoya. which might not be as has familiar to a lot of people? It's a smaller area. It's more industrial. It is also famously a Toyota town. How and we had planned to land in Japan at the Nagoya Airport and spend a few days Nagoya And then sort of ease our way into Tokyo via the Shinkansen which have finally road very cool. Yeah which we've talked about for years man and while we we're in Nagoya which has a ton of history a learned of the going toward their. I learned of the Automotive Museum. And you know how it is when you travel with your significant other. It's it's a negotiation very much of the mind that most relationships chips are kind of like the Cold War. You know I mean sure and So so we had our list of things that you know we're like bins ends definite must do it's you know trade off and we figure out We just prioritize the stuff that we individually wanted to do and what we wanted to like. Go and my priority wordy My number one priority was to check out this museum and I didn't know I was getting into. I didn't really want to spoil it because because it was a little bit of a gamble you know what I mean is a little bit out of the way for us and I definitely. We did not want to have to spend the rest of the trip thinking that I was the one who took us to a stinker museum. Yeah I could see that happening where it eats up most is your day right and then you blame like well. How often are we going to be in Japan? Oh God our worst you get the list of things we could have been doing a situation and so I wanted to avoid that but when I got there I was amazed. It's lake nine bucks a person first off and it has hundreds of cars like over one hundred sixty. And they're not all. They're not all toyotas that. That's the most astonishing thing they are from all these different eras. There's a replica of steam Steam driven car and they're really really more so interested trysted in instead of studying the rise of Toyota. Don't get me wrong. Guys is a very Toyota Heavy Museum. Sure They are studying being the rise of the automobile in general and the rise of the automobile in Japan the exhibits. Can you guys have had a chance to look at. These are much much older. I mean this is a billion with history. This is building was some truly priceless automobiles in there. Are you know I got a little bit confused when I was looking at this up so I hope I'm looking at the right one here Ben because I know there's a commemorative museum yeah There's also in the same area Toyota. It's got the Toyotas label on it. However however that one is more skewed to focus on the industrial revolution and the idea of the power loom? And I think there's some you know old machinery in that building. It's the old factory Vaccari where they would produce textiles thing and they've got a small car collection in that building but it's nothing like the collection that you saw right. Yeah the Toyota Auto Auto Museum And again I still can't believe it's like nine bucks a pop. They're not paying me. Just say that it's just it's crazy super steep and through expensive and it's it's it's dedicated entirely to the automobile. You know they have even have. Maybe it's not so much. The automobile definitely heavier on that. I do remember there was a rickshaw one of the exhibits To me it almost seems without having been there but seeing the list of cars Sir can you can look at the exhibits online. You can go to their website and signed that. Yeah it looks like they're maybe maybe read this somewhere but it seems like they're focused. On like the style of the cars cars and the advancements that have been made along the way and like kind of like these milestones to say. Hey look what we were doing in the early nineteen hundreds. And here's what we did between nineteen twenty and nineteen thirty and and not and not just we Toyota. But we could so it wasn't around until what nineteen thirty seven I believe as the very first You know the founding of Toyota but the Erez before that and after that they're focusing on a automotive as you said automotive industry as a whole and the advancements that have been made aided to how we got from where we started to where we are now and I find that pretty fast into to build a collection in that way you know these significant makes and models for some the reason you know style or technology also shout out to our old Toyota episode where we explore the origin story of the company Yeah the way that the cars are displayed when their position next. Toyotas are even in the same building. As Toyota's it kind of tells you the story of why Toyota designed designed certain cars a certain way when you see cars from America like say from the late fifties like a big cadillac. See a European compact it car and then you see the Toyota the same time period. All the other cars are there to kind of tell Toyota's story in a

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