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"toyota allen ripken" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

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"toyota allen ripken" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"Is a cost-effective tiny singing the vendors raving generate electronic invoice English defenders who can pay through horse bills for just fifty cents turn out on work in yes with our have our team take over or continuing yourself check out a video tutorial on the questions continue to get started today for free or spills dot com toll free number eight hundred eight nine four six four three times including the Great Champions and inspired unforgettable memories and maybe let your cash ticket to over the years we even have a former child prodigy here a superstar the Davis afternoon delights and kept us on the lights absolutely galloping in Hollywood paternity these are the champions that help out the horses that might not have wanted one race but always try just as hard come visit them all at all friends when you're in Kentucky or at our Bobby Frankel Division old friends and Saratoga I know it'll be glad to see good old friends equine dot org or call us at five to eight six three seventeen seventy five bringing the biggest stories sleep with scheme siriusxm learning we're back at the races twenty minutes into the Monday get together and normally we're talking about the first two couple of great one recaps at this juncture however ever a great one set of negotiations at the absolute highest levels of the Maryland and Baltimore for governments and the Anna Rundle County Baltimore County road all the way to the State House and stronach group and everybody involved breeders that Cetera all coming together to announce an amazing perspective landman mark plan to change things at them look at Laurel and elsewhere Alan Foreman joins US and of course Allen at the center of all the this Alan I hope I can say congratulations and make it stick good morning I agree with you Steve Good morning hang on what a great weekend for thoroughbred racing of thoroughbred racing and four thoroughbred racing on so many levels. This was a really good weekend I couldn't agree more and that included on track and and this BC news and there's actually some things I think this week that there are some other shoes at the fall and we'll also have to talk about the MIDLANTIC group That had the meeting at a Delaware mid week that actually part of the recent spate of uptick positives but let's talk about this deal Alan and when the when the seeds were planted there had been acrimony that dissipated and a real estate even better than anybody that when you come to the preakness every year the conversation automatically shifts to which what's with Kemoko what's going to happen the pregnancy is gonna stay what's going to happen to the dilapidated building that's falling apart the toilets don't flush the winter means break the electric goes down `just everyone knew it was unsuitable facility for racing the question was how to solve the problem and astronomers made a decision and the legislative session last year to push for the closure of tomato and the move of the preakness tomorrow and that was an ill advised decision made by some executive no longer with the company but nonetheless forced the issue in the state legislature and it really set off an acrimonious debate in our state capital over the future of the horse racing industry future to go in the future greatness and from that was a lawsuit that was brought by the mayor the former mayor and city of Baltimore against the stronger group seeking to condemn the mcco eminent domain the property and essentially strip the strike group of its hold on the preakness and the future of the preakness I don't believe the litigation would have been successful but nonetheless tempers flared there was a sense that may be industry shouldn't be getting the revenues that it's getting from gaming to support the industry particularly the strike or and so acrimonious litigation began and at the preakness the the new mayor of Baltimore and Belinda Strana Cata conversation and essentially it was can maybe have some conversations to see if we can find some way to solve this problem and Belinda Toyota Allen Ripken who has had a history not only horseracing representing the Francis Family previously and I've dealt with Alan for more than thirty years though serially and frankly but Allen at one time was chief counsel to Governor William Donald Schaefer who bill came towards created on stadium is already and asked Allen to talk to the warriors from the city to see what could be done and they troy negotiated a hundred and twenty days standdown period was Allen said he had some ideas on how he thought we could move forward and they agreed to that and Allen Shit I wanna put a group together who I wanna work with who I think can perhaps put something together and he called me and he said I need your help I we've got to stand down period in this litigation I assume ideas about how we might be able to solve this I need you I need your expertise and horse racing and the the third leg of the stool was bill Cole was asked to represent Baltimore city hit former director of the Baltimore Economic Development Corporation city councilman former delegated dynamic young guy who loves the city of Baltimore and he looked inactivity involved in the Maryland Stadium with already study at Pimlico that we've talked about previously and the three of us put together and there was a with individual a a an unsung hero. All this Anthony Maggie narrows CNN form rubs Baltimore City and is a very wealthy man but he's committed to eradicate poverty in our cities I mean particularly focused on on the voice of the Park Heights area and to love the state in methodic plan and wanted to ensure that the preakness which stood up and Anthony you know offered us numerous resources and we began in the middle of June. What we're highly confidential discussion some nobody knew about this what's amazing it's up until we broke the story Saturday it blindsided everyone we just went behind closed doors we engaged experts we had populace former h okay architecture firm which built camden yards we brought financial experts in and we have a certain basics doc state to this number one we knew that whatever we did could not involve state money would never sell number two to make this work Belinda would probably have to donate the properties that something would have to be done with the properties to ensure protection of the craziness going forward and most importantly from my standpoint with whatever we were GONNA DO Co. which pretty much meant there would be no year round racing or stabling comeback Oh we had to consolidate which is what distracts wanted to do I think the industry felt needed to happen we needed to consolidate our training and racing operations Laurel Laurel and Dewey and that's starting point and as we work through this realized that wasn't financially feasible to do billy that we needed to do a training facility Laurel and it just snowballed from scrape off the the property with a new clubhouse to a total scrape of Laurel and a new clubhouse at world new backstretch laurel the addition of a synthetic surface Civil had three surfaces safest racing will be able to accommodate fifteen hundred horses you'll have new housing were backstretch people badly needed it's a it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something for horse racing that I don't know we'll keep located elsewhere but something new doc getting rid of these big old behemoth facilities rebuilding your back stretches modernizing your industry for the future and in doing this we potentially protected the Maryland racing industry for the next thirty years and allows us to control our fate bromate track owner whether it's strand group or church or anyone else who would had second thoughts about whether they want to be involved in racing gives us brand new facility beans and totally reinvigorates business. I really believe Maryland will become the epicenter of the racing industry when this is done you know you mentioned the Lord A portion of this which I think was lost on a lot of people unless you really delved into all the specifics of the plan and it it really does benefit stronach group in terms of what their long-term strategy concept was and then the the -tunities to keep the preakness at Pimlico and then utilize the property as the lynch pin of a an Tiv- to to help the community and of course the hospital Sinai involved in it as well as the physical plant Allen talk about that I the foremost in terms of what you know what's going to happen because there are so many innovative elements to this it it just seems like everybody that brought a blue sky component got it installed into the into the plane yeah that's what we try to do is if you could start from scratch and if you could design facility that takes the sitting empty year round with big open space with nothing to do in a community that really want something done we had the opportunity you to do it you know I it really was a very creative exercise go one of the things that I learned and I've learned Alan Rifkin who's involved in splits franchise is baseball other sports is this the consumer today doesn't want a seat and sit in seat all day they wanna get up and they WANNA be able to move around so building first of all there was no chance that they were going to build a building just for a short pregnant I mean just couldn't be functional doesn't make sense or otherwise and what you do today and see it at PGA Dolphin dance and you considered other sporting events is they overload the property with which can recall a temporary seating but they're suites and seating areas there is better as nice as any place you would ever want to go you wouldn't know the difference coach and the theory was that we didn't need a big building we could build a multipurpose building with a year round off track betting or satellite simulcast betting center restaurants ULTA purpose use for the building with the building could be used year round but still have a piece of property that could accommodate you know seventy five eighty ninety one hundred thousand people and so every aspect of the property taxes that into consideration for just the preakness me for example There you'll have some seating in the building but you'll have switched they'll have overlays they'll be section built out all around the race track there will be seating on the inside of the racetrack with areas of Royal Ascott has an area at the third turn that is the most popular places to Ray Schalk we're going to build something similar to that the Infield we'll have we'll have a firm that has built so that you'll be able to sit on the arm you'll be able to watch the races completely from at the end it's going in fact for many racetracks you're going to be able to watch the entire race the clubhouse will be raised what you're you're sitting at Tom McCall you can't see crystal versus coming across you know the the the first stretch run because it's blocked by tents and and all all different things the infield festival can't watch the horse rates that's all going to go away there will be athletics it's on the infield which swing bridges that will take people from the community to the Infield.

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