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"towers patrick danville" Discussed on Chat Sematary

"I had no idea about the ties to the dark tower. But I'm reading rose madder now and it's like that is also kind of tying into the dark tower so there are more dark tower books than King has labeled essentially. Because you have the stand. You have this then you have rose matter almost immediately after this or immediately after this actually I think and then who knows how many more of his books will have these little tidbits but I feel like with insomnia. You're getting even more important information than maybe what we get from the stand about the dark tower. Yes and I have been told that 'cause I again haven't read the last book this ties in incredibly heavily with the last book like it is. It is something that you should read if you're reading the dark tower series. That's kind of how it's important side material will say because it gives you more background. But the connections to the tower kind of very slowly creep in and I wonder what someone would think if this is like the first Steven King Book they picked up like I feel like I. I would feel bad if you've been reading king for a long time like even if you've never read any of the dark tower books like you're kind of aware of the tower as thing and you've seen scene Rowland mentioned because he's mentioned couple times in this one never in any real capacity but he's talked about and you've heard mentioned mentioned. You've you've seen other things in that kind of hint that there's some other bigger world going on in the background of all of kings books but if this this when you like. Why do I care about this kid? Who's what's what so but if you've read any of his other stuff like I feel like this is a really rewarding read in not because of how how it manages to take the dark tower mythos and bring it into his other books and help it? really flesh out wrote how diverse works like you said like the tower has the levels and this gives a different metaphorical reading on what at those levels are and how the tower exists in all dimensions. I guess that's the word we'll go dimension. I feel like that's the only word that might suffice. Because when it comes to the fantasy elements of kings storytelling. Fantasy isn't necessarily my in January. I mean the most I've dug into fantasy really is like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and some of Neil gaiman stuff so it's not like I'm An avid fantasy reader by any means I got into king because of his horror elements and I felt enough of that in this book for it to kind of keep me wanting wanting to figure out what happens at the end but I feel like because I've only started the dark tower and I don't really know how this ties in yet. It made it a little less enjoyable for me if that makes any sense because now I'm kind of like okay. Well did this story serve any purpose other than serving as a connection to the dark tower or is it just one of those things working was like. Oh Hey I have all these dark tower stories in mind so let me just give you a random piece and not label it as dark tower book. Yes I can totally see that 'cause I think how well the ending works for you and like the the under arching structure of why the story is happening because you're right. This is very much a on a certain level. This is very much a explanation of of character in the dark tower But it's also like a story about Ralph because the story is indirectly about the person. It feels like it's kind of trying to work at two purposes. You know trying to like tell two stories at the same time almost and it. It's really going to depend on how it works for you because I liked it but I do read a lot of fantasy novels. I went through a period of reading a lot of epic. Fantasy like big tomes So it wasn't that they do that a lot and fantasy books. That is not unusual usual to have kind of multiple purposes going in a story so for me it was like. Oh Okay I see. We're we're trying to world build and tell a whole complete story and it's a real tossup of how it's GonNa work for the individual. Yeah because the grounded rounded parts of the story certainly take place in dairy so then you're like okay. Maybe this has more than just the connection with Mike aac being part of the story and then it Kinda doesn't go that direction and once the Greek mythology came into and I was like I don't know any of these names so there's probably probably a lot that I'm missing here so I'm glad that you have clarified some of that for me and then the character in question for the Towers Patrick Danville and he appears in this book and then in the dark tower which is book seven of the series. which you said is the last book? It's not the last published book but the one after as like a space between books four and five so you know he just really stood out of order for whatever reason but as far as I know that is at the end of the dark tower series. So the fact that I'm going to now have to wait like I don't know twenty more books. Take before I get to that. I don't I think it's twenty but it's pretty close so I have quite some time before I'm going to get to it. And that's probably how people who read these books as they were being released felt because there's a huge gap between this and that dark tower book right and I mean this was ninety. This was published in nineteen ninety four and was was the dark tower. Like you said like twenty bucks and I mean I think this this would have been after the fourth one but before the big rush of the last three that it happened because he didn't publish any dark tower books for quite some time and then he had learned three back to back to back right and I think that was the from what I've read. I think I think it's an on writing. He talks about that he realized like Oh shit I better finish the series right right right and so there's at least ten years if not more space between this and the last star tower. So it's it's very very interesting to me that this character has been was set up so long in advance because it would have been weird if he didn't didn't use it but that's a lot of setup for something that doesn't come to fruition for an incredibly long period of time and from the From what the the apropos season. Not Atra Pos close and leases. Tell him like. It's kind of clear after that king knew what he was going to use this character for. It wasn't just like oh well we'll just tell this interesting story. It's like he had a plan of like okay. This character. Patrick has this purpose that he needs to get taken care of. So we'll tell the story of his life being saved so he can fulfill that purpose. Yeah and you were right. It was ten years so book six and seven both came out in two thousand four and five came out in two thousand three so he really just like cranked out the material. And from what I can tell from the gunslinger booking knew what story he was going to tell because in the early books he kept saying and you know the story will continue so obviously he had this idea in his head for years upon years because the gap between the gunslinger being released in eighty two all the way to the series quote unquote ending in two thousand and four. That's a big gap. That's a Lotta years twenty two years and then you have the wind through the keyhole which came out even later in twenty twelve so to really get get the entire story. People had to wait thirty year. So that's just crazy for a series to drag drag on that long and it's because king was putting out so many other things he didn't want the dark tower to be his only thing he was working on right that that man is ahead is obviously stuffed with ideas. They're constantly begging like commanding to be get to be released. And you know with that kind of book or that kind of series rather you have to be so careful with what you're doing because it's usually has to come at the right time it's hard to just I force that to come out and have it come out right especially for someone who's constantly coming up with new ideas and like. Oh well I really want to write this book now. Oh and I want to write this book now. And he just didn't get back to it and I think my guess would be by the time he hit the fourth book he was like. Oh God this is. This is really complicated. I'll just put it off and keep putting it off keep putting it off until like okay. I better finish this because I might die type of situation and I think that. But he's still kinda like gives us little tidbits from this and rose matter and a few other books Later on in the series are in his collection of writings were. Yeah I definitely found Ralph and Lois as a team very compelling and like I mentioned earlier that sort of what kept me going with the story because I was so invested in those two by the time you had the little Oh ball Dr doctors playing a bigger role and trump does so you have this buildup that makes you like these characters and I think that's something Matt King does so well because if I didn't like Ralf in lowest other than this podcast I would not have had a ton of incentive to want to finish that book especially with that being as long as it is. Yeah I think they're they're so compelling there so interesting and like they're so different like you just don't get to see these kind of people who and as always he writes people who are different than him because obviously he was not seventy when he wrote this book Quite a ways away from it at that point and but yet they feel so lived in as most of his characters do and I just wanted to know and I think it was a it was really good idea a start. START US getting to know Ralph with the death of his wife because when you see someone in a book who's going through that kind of trauma like you get to. I know them on this very deep vulnerable level pretty quickly. Because you're seeing how they're reacting to all of this pain and it makes us feel for Ralph and want him to feel better and then he gets the insomnia any just starts to go downhill from there and it's like I just want this guy to have win. He's got to have a win right. You know. And then his relationship at his Ann Lewis is relationship with bill McGovern who's Ralph's downstairs neighbor And I really love how the three of them have the relationship between the three of them and how they all interplay with each other because McGovern is such which so different from the two of them so it allows them to bounce off of him and creates little conflicts. Wants to keep us going as we're building to the bigger conflict exactly and a lot of what I enjoyed about this has to do with how king structured the the story as a whole but also just the various character arcs within the story. Like you said if we didn't start off with seeing the trauma that Ralph had gone through and how he was suffering with the insomnia and everything like that we wouldn't have cared as much about his story and how so it led him to lois how it led him to ultimately in the end his sacrifice which will talk about in a little bit but just the way king rights characters. I he really knows where to drop them in in the story. It's like okay. We're going to give you this character. Who has been through this horrible thanks and is struggling so much to get over it because of this other thing that came about because of it right right and that it gives us such a recent isn't root for him and I think in particular? I think one of the things I've really loved about Ralph's character is how he interacts with a deep know. WHO's the puppet bit of the puppet? Yeah he's Atra posts human puppet and how immediately Ralph is like. I've gotten no time. I'm for you once Ed. Because we see ed in the very beginning of the book where he's acting completely out of character and he's got some road rage going yeah and cursing cursing and hitting this guy who was much bigger than him in. Ralph Kinda helps defuse the situation. But then that all gets Kinda lost once You know his wife dies which is like the next scene and then we see where Ed has beaten Helen and sheet the scene where she is walking after after he's horrifically beaten her and she's walking with her baby and how Ralph becomes so enraged despite his age seventy year old man again. Dan Goes to confront this like early thirties. Dude who literally just beat the shit out of his wife and knows he.

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