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"tourist educators union" Discussed on 760 KFMB Radio

"CBS is Danya Bacchus has the latest from Los Angeles investigators are taking a close look at video of Kobe Bryant's Tropper just minutes before it went down it appears to show the choppers circling near Burbank airport and its final twelve seconds of flight the helicopter basic left and abruptly descended following up to five thousand feet per minute it's the last recorded speed was about a hundred eighty four miles per hour in this is the pretty steep descents at high speed so it wouldn't be a normal landing speed the NTSB says it has wrapped up its investigation at the crash site and I padded cell phone found at the scene will be examined in Washington DC a preliminary report will be released in about ten days down your back is CBS news Los Angeles the president and his allies in Congress are now engaging in a full court press to discredit former national security adviser John Bolton as a vote on whether to call witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial draws near CBS news White House correspondent Stephen Portnoy report as a senior official says the White House has gone to def con to to prevent witness testimony the president tweets a warning to his fellow Republicans urging them to remember witnesses were already called in the house he adds don't let the dams play you he also blasts his former national security adviser claiming John Bolton begged him for the job and if Mr trump listen to his advice would have led the country in the world war six Rudy guiliani the president's personal attorney tells CBS news he's a backstabber Stephen Portnoy's CBS news the White House teachers in the Chula Vista elementary school district or walking out after the final bell today the tourist educators union says they've been negotiating with the district for the past nine months without any real progress you're pushing for a salary increase that does not also increase class sizes community leaders and residents fighting the pollution flowing up from Mexico or celebrating today signing of a new trade agreement in Washington the story next it's not just a when the day care calls at four to see your little one has a fever when that swollen ankle from Saturday soccer can't wait till Monday when you're away on vacation and forgot your allergy prescription.

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