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"totta grenada community college" Discussed on Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

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"totta grenada community college" Discussed on Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

"I'm public health. My guest for this episode is dale stricter from green cover seed and from many other places as well not just green cover seed but i think when we look geographically at all the places dale has been than it would make for an interesting map so dale thank you very much for joining us. I've been really been looking forward to this conversation. Thank you yeah. You have lots of experience on a cover crops and on regenerating soil in lots of different landscapes and ecosystems. Can you tell us a little bit about your personal story and kind of the background. The context of your work and what. You're really passionate an inspired about that. Grow up on a farm southeast kansas. I actually i recently moved close to where i grew up as little town named colony. Kansas father was a basically sharecropper for a long time and then eventually bought land in and we had hogs and cattle in crops and occasionally sheep ducks goats the whole old macdonald thing so we were very diversified and school at kansas state university and got a couple of bachelors in masters and then totta grenada community college for fifteen years in thoroughly enjoyed that experience but found. It's hard to raise a family in the manner. I'd like to on teaching salary. I entered private industry at worked for land lakes agr- alliance you know all all these different permutations of of land legs that they had in agronomy at the time as a great learning experience as well got learn work with a lot of really good people and worked for star seed for awhile lab and vaillant usa and now with green cover. Which is a. I don't know if i could write a job. That relieve fit me better personality wise or or interest y site. I've always been fascinated by cover. Crops have been fascinated by soil. What makes so better of number of experiences early on in my life. That made me very interested in soil and when i went away to college it was you know every summer where i live now. We get about thirty six inches right which should be fully adequate but every summer crops will just burn up while i just thought we didn't get enough rain because all summer long woah. We could use. Your rain. Boy could use rain and just like yesterday. I was driving through and the area where i live now. We only got into the field. Start planning seven days ago and yesterday hundred degree day the corn is already rolling while and that's seven days after being saturated seven days after being to the plant we've got corn that suffering in salaciously. Here we're always one week away from a drought and it's true. I just grew up. Assuming that's normal. This is this how it is everywhere. You gotta have rain every week or you're in trouble and then i moved away in went to places where they have this stuff called soil and like you mean you can go whole month without rain or two months without rain your crops. Don't just die. Oh wow this. This is great. And so i looked at are really heavy. Clay soil i mean. Brickmaking has historically been huge industry in this area because the soils better for making bricks and it is for making crops and is like i don't like just accepting bets the way things are and so it's like how can i fix the soil. What can i do while the the answer obviously is organic matter. Have you increase your solar gang ladder. While if you open a garden book it says well you import you know all these long clippings are leaf moulder..

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