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"toronto birth" Discussed on There Are No Girls on the Internet

"Of yale. Google facebook washington post tech etc and recently decided to leave pinterest which just declared solidarity with black lives matter. What a joke as a black woman seeing middle of the night black employees matter statement made me scratch my head after i just thought for a full year to be paid and leveled fairly a year in which i was docked by a white male colleague. He shared my cell phone number. My photo and my name was a violently racist. Misogynistic part of the internet followed by a dangerously inadequate response from pinterest. I continued to serve as the leader and spokesperson for pinterest. Biggest public policy wins kept all of the above quiet per quote professionalism in the hope that do the right thing instead. They doubled down on retaliation after we left pinterest former coo francois brower who white accused pinterest of gender discrimination in december pinterest paid brower. Twenty two point five million dollars to settle her lawsuit. She says she was encouraged to speak out against the discrimination. She faced at pinterest after he fomer and erica. Shimizu banks another black former pinterest. Employees spoke out. I only they never got any big payout. If i remember correctly you didn't even get a year of severance from pinterest. that's correct and laid the groundwork she was not going to speak up publicly and actually in the medium post where she didn't reference us when she first lumped public but she herself said that women had come to her over the course of her career and she actually had not been a helpful ally to other women. So i think she said everything But yeah no. I was crazy about that situation. People got to see in real time what it means to lead a movement and then be left out of whatever progress comes i mean when you think about me to who has me to actually benefited. If not white women maybe maybe a sense all women but it is most benefited white women and yet it was started by toronto birth. A black woman so this is not. it's not new. it's not. I didn't speak got because i expected them to do the right thing. I from the jump expected them not expected them to denigrate my name my experience which they've done all of that and then not to pay me what they own me but seeing it all happen in front of everyone i think was Lesson not only for the folks who are watching it and just expecting that the right thing would happen but then also some of the reporters who worked on the story and where the very first wants to reach out and be like how is it possible that you like. I literally remember talking to you and then talking to her several months later you are the reason why she came forward. You are the reason why she had a strong case. And then this happens yes for better or for worse it always seems that black women we are the ones built like. We're the ones building. And then other people are the ones who are benefiting. And i think i see that in politics. I see that intact. I see that in so many different. It just seems to be at this one and almost it is what it is but like it that seems to be our lot on this on this earth like building things that we then don't get to to use ourselves right like i think it was this writer clarice brooks who once wrote like i as a black woman. I don't want my back to be used as a bridge to a world on. I'll never see feel like that is our lot and i see it particularly intact but in so many different different avenues. Yep and that's why even know this was painful personally painful of course to have been the one who experienced all of this and then have someone else benefit from it. It was instructive for everyone to see it. And to see the timeline and how quickly and the different way in which they responded to her and then also i think it was a helpful lesson for people who consider themselves allies to see as well because there are a lot of people who think of themselves as allies. Who and where wait what. 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