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"tore stra" Discussed on Three Wide No Cover

"Joined as allies boy Benny Clifton from the sports trading floor as you wake being Benny. Good wake. Obviously, the story of the week is the Mass Spain made mandatory. Head you with your mask wearing this week? That's ridiculous you are. What are we? What are we going here? That's anyway. That's title Roy vessel you to be Larry with. Sure people have issues with it or something, but anyway hopefully we're wearing masks actually really thrown. You're actually as completely open the offbeat. Treasure this week four corners last week. I think it's on after the show usually. Four corners last week day. Roar terrifying real pace on the Italian. situation the COVID nineteen over there, and just in the health department. What the doctors and nurses going through? Got To watch it. It's so brutal okay, and for the people doing an amazing job for the people. Tore Stra. Hats off, but we can do up wearing it moss caufield track. Do you think applied played great thought? At five maters when there's no winded coffee is probably the fares track in Melwood. Authority you could win from wherever. In saw. Win on the inside as well so authorities pretty fair in general, do you? Off Brilliantly played absolutely sensationally. Vince alqadi sent the toy story, so thanks for that put into our database crunch the numbers and it's rice as a genuine good for no problems with that whatsoever. Let's crack on rice one even tempo here a tenth of a second and so I'd standard. Time Benny Twenty, three, four, five, eight, twelve, flat, last, four, hundred glass, two hundred. K. and probably the story of the rice is the short price favourite heavy dance. Well he's very very good last up, but woods very plain on Saturday. Very disappointed are thought you say. The white loomed into the rice off that good. decision guy back was probably vindicated that it was a good Tampa. And at the three or made them occupied, probably thought it was still going to win and last hundred meters at Laden aren't enough. It's pulled out with an injury because it has had injury injuries in the past, but it's very hard to back from that. Always concerned when I heard that they were going back. Gate thought the the money for the whole suggested. It was going to go forward, but Are Thought the why the race pay the it was probably in a decent enough spot and it and it was very disappointing for one year. I think you bring up. Some really good points affected at lighting. Sort of that lasts four hundred meters is usually so as there is, there is a problem we know. This horse had a really long layoff. Inches to say what the price in came junior came come out with resource, but as you say, it's always tough to back from that job. Going forward. It's so sold in the market. Do you trust at market going forward or is there enough to to note to not worry better for the rest of the camp where we speak about it a lot, you've got to trust the with these horses so to ten into a dollar eighty, so that's the positive sign for the horse obviously doesn't run up to the market expectation, heavenly emperor, six, fifty, two nine now is saying. Father to seeks screaming twenty eight to twenty six, we talk about the pros wanted to I wanted to play with evidence, and they just got this one horribly wrong. We Sco I. Mean are twelve months ago. This would have been heavily supported the raisin being the person that's left fixed odds market Dr Nick all is wanted to back. They imports I up. When they first industry, it done over seven furlong plus. Back Horses Well obviously not happening this week with man. In Chris Wallace pulling not really a bidding. Can't you find some stables? If another state will had this horse in their camp, there might have been some early money for which would've prompted other more support for. A lot of the pros they wait to safety any money for the night back can really snowball and start a lot shorter, but in this case Chris and not really abating camping, and there was no late from the market for these Walla I just want to mention some stats for him. He's a Camp I. Find it very difficult to get a hit or and especially in Melbourne last twelve months thirty nine from three, hundred, forty, going in eleven, percent last six months thirteen from one hundred and sixty going ike percent. Far from. His lost twenty, three young at twenty two percent, Puglia in moments in. Maybe he's got this camp and foreing so just be careful of that, but it's definitely gotten better than what has. Chris Wallace Stat says well. He's never going to try that winning percentage. To twenty percent. He has a lot of. Which? Vying but he's also stay which take a few runs to hit the so those runs effective stats. Yep. Let's get into rice to hear Benny. This was a good fast run rice. Point six of a second inside standard time now he's the worrying part. Twenty four I lost four, hundred, twelve, twenty two loss to one hundred, which is both the worst of the die for both sections there. But flinders river cut the inside. rondos. A really good Rod Cute Rod from Craig I thought, and it wins the rice. Before these preparation good, I ran behind saw, which is a very promising. Hayes Horse Improved into its second outrun Craig Williams went on so really good set up for this rise in the money in the market really fanned it. Did as we talk about the pros with I knew here ten dollars, Wednesday afternoon the six dollars fifty Saturday morning, and then heavily gaining to five dollars fifty gets the job done saw allies since sensation whatever you WANNA call. Such noise action sensationalized. Three, ninety to four dollars forty and Zesty Bell for twenty hundred four dollars forty, but bark wanted to be with this winner through..

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