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"That midfield to be honest with you, is going to have too much for NYC FC. Atlanta to share this in The Bronx and make it a winter a further discontent. For NY CFC fans. That's a tough one to call. I'm glad you had that one not me. I don't know. I'm going on just just the names in the attack engine. Just look at them. And NYC FC are a little bit beaten up in the center of the park. You know, it's not rocket science. So that was the early game on Sunday November 21st. The later game 5 30 out west another four verse 5 another one tough to call. Number four, Portland. Number 5 Minnesota United FC. Minnesota swept the season series. Loons have actually been a brutal opponent for the timbers in their brief history. It's been like since the April of 2018, I believe, it was the last time that Portland beat Minnesota. But Portland come in riding a three match win streak to end the season, Sebastian Blanco, of course, has been back for them a player that they did not have. I think in any of their meetings against Minnesota this year. So that could have been some way contributed to Minnesota's success against them. And he's been in good form, too, he scored a couple goals two weeks ago when Portland clinched the number two spot in there went against rail Salt Lake. It's tough to call. It's tough to call. Timber scored 14 more goals than Minnesota this season, but by the same token only real Salt Lake conceited more goals than the timbers did among playoff teams. I don't know. Maybe it's a three game winning streak. Maybe it's their history of success and knockout tournament play. An unconfident one nil to Portland for me. That's what I'm saying. That is you just siding with history right there. That's all this is. Well, I think highly of Portland. I do of Minnesota as well. Yeah, and they're at home. It's not easy. I mean, look, the four first 5 matchups are going to be tough. And so it's kind of a coin flip. So I'm going one nil, but who knows? It could be extra time. It could be on penalties. It's going to be a tough one. All right, I'm up again, JJ Tuesday, November 23rd, 8 o'clock p.m., number three Nashville, SC. Against number 6 Orlando city SC, so I was reading topher Adams on the mainland Orlando city blog and he made a good point about kind of what a lot of these playoff games boil down to. Your star players coming up big and making that big play. I mean, a lot of these matchups are tight, and it comes down to that. Last year, raul Rui Diaz, we've seen it with. So you look at Orlando and you think, okay, Nani, Pereira. These are players with the quality to do those kinds of things, but they've both been in lengthy relatively poor runs of form, Nani with just three goal contributions since the start of September. Pereira with just two assists in September, not good enough. And it's true Darryl DK's been in red hot form. But Nashville has some players in good form as well. For one, look at Nashville they haven't lost at home all season, which is incredible. This is going to be in Nashville. That place is going to be packed. Should be a great atmosphere..

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