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"tony uber" Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

"They just wanted to have a law that said that none of them would be open. I've got a funny story that relates to that, by the way for those of you wonder, Paul, the still god. Literally God. Uh, I'm sure he's not the only one who did it. But I could tell the story now, because where were you? I know that's like told the audience. He had to go to the bathroom. You we just got off a 37 minute break for heaven's sakes. What do you care? I've seen you leave the board during those times. I said this. I even told the I told funny stories of your God, I may I mentioned that back in the day when, like yours only one person running the station when you didn't have the luxury of me doing the talking. That's when Hey, Jude would be put on the turntable, depending on what kind of having to go to the bathroom. You'd have to do. Stairway to heaven if your station allowed you to play it. Yeah, American pie was a good one. For that. That one went on forever and ever, And ever. There were. You could always tell when the DJ would put that show with that state with that, actually bed. Paul said. That's what they did The cocaine in the bad I did. I saw all that stuff. I mean, coming of age in the seventies. I mean, I wish I could. I bet there are six people I knew When they did their shows. They not only had a gun with him in the studio, they'd have it laying on the council. Can you imagine if one of us came in now and put a gun on the table? Yeah. Smoking cigarettes and doing drugs in the bathroom, by the way, and everybody knew that was going on. And there wasn't anybody in management who cared? Nobody. I never worked at a station where anybody in management cared. If they thought that somebody was doing drugs in the building until we got to the point where that's just something you couldn't do. Well, yeah, that's but that's also in a lot of corruption was going out of the music industry. It's when these things there now all illegal where Paola was going on when you give a guy drugs to play a song by all of that. Let me get back to Where was it was a car dealers that wanted to have This restricted the story I was going to tell was about Ernie. What if I just let God would do Yes on Sundays. He'd send a couple of employees out to the dealership and Before Ernie downsized. Remember what already was like, really early with that thing just went on. I mean, it was like the biggest car dealership in the world. I mean, it made that thing at Kenosha looked like the back lot. Ernie was selling like seven different brands of cars that he was number one in everything under the sun. He'd send a couple of employees out there. And you know people have. There's something I'm sure everybody knows about this. A lot of people go to car dots on Sundays because there's no sales people there so they can look and look and look around at the car's Palmer covering territory that was covered when you were in there taking your dump. That's that. Why it had of you working that in how long of a one was it was it? I mean, you're at that that you might need to check that prostate out. I mean, if that's Two hours. That's how long you were taking your you don't want Yeah. What do you care what people which one people think you're doing? Well, of course it's gross what they think you don't do it. Yeah, I could make another comment about. Let me comment on this. So Ernie would send people out because send people out and write down all the license plate numbers. Of the people that were coming to the dealership in looking at cars on Sunday, and then on Monday morning that this is back in the day in which the wreck he was still a public record. What? Your license plate numbers. He said. That person down to D. M V and they'd run everybody's plates. And the next thing you know, these people become to Ah, yeah, Hood. You know, it's to buy a car. I'm not really in the market. Very Yes, Joe. Why we're about at my joint out. Headway in the beautiful sudden of anomaly falls. Already was so great. But that's why we have that. And now you have the same thing with regard to the mask requirement. All these businesses want a mandate masks, but they're all afraid. Have alienated the customers who don't wanna wear masks, so right now with it being state law Or at least the state edict from heroes. They can say to these village. I have no choice. Seaver says. The mandate we gotta follow the mandate. Can't be breaking the law. They'll take away my license. If you take the mandate away. These businesses can't hide behind Tony versus skirt. And that's the Legislature is listening to once again. Abandoning any principle to allow a bunch of cry baby businesses. To get their way and you'll have members of the Legislature actually telling your constituents that I don't want to do this because some of these business owners don't want me to do it, as opposed to worrying about what your constituents What's the What is the business owners don't want it. You're with the people who voted for you want you to do So I just think that the thing's not going to be repealed until Tony Uber's decides to repeal it because and we need to make it clear here..

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