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"tony tony hornell" Discussed on The Eddie Trunk Podcast

The Eddie Trunk Podcast

03:45 min | 1 year ago

"tony tony hornell" Discussed on The Eddie Trunk Podcast

"I've known Rachel for awhile. And when the opportunity arise he give me a shout. And we just took it from there. Where was your first gig with skid row was in Mohegan sun? Connecticut. Yeah. And how was that for you? It was great. It was about five thousand people. We get the fire. He'd always interesting is that when when we started going through this search and things fell apart with with Tony Tony hornell had been in the ban. What six months, maybe ten ten months. I saw one of his early show in Vegas. So things fell apart as they do and. Rachel z said, Rachel z known each other and see it actually in one of his previous pants hit done a UK tour with US Open up for us in a band called IM. I it's so Rachel said why don't we fly Z over and jam with him. And see what happens and we were like I personally was like. Okay, cool. You know, anything's going to be better than what the situation that we had and he shows up, and he knew more of our catalog that we knew you like new late twenty songs route that he's we're like, what are you going Jim on thinking, maybe two or three songs? He's like, hey, go, man. I know all this. So whatever you wanna do I got and we went through a bunch of stuff, and I was really really blown away by just the the work that he put into it and knowledge of the songs and also the respect that he showed those songs from the past doing them Justice and and serving. You know, the legacy that they have Surinam being respectful of were those songs came from. And and how they were recorded previously and stuff and yet, but yet still taking ownership of them as well, there's epee where did you grow up so Africa, South Africa network skid row, a big deal in south out? We're still not. No, I got hold of the records. You know? It was the soundtrack of many crazy adventure my childhood. So I knew the lyrics just it was playing non stop, and you know. Had to do it. It was there. Any reservations for you going into a look we just had before you came on this show. We just had queen's Reich on right? And you've got a guy in queen's Reich in toddler, Tori, who had to step into what some people felt were irreplaceable shoes with Geoff Tate. He's grape and has been unbelievably embraced by the fans. And I think a part of it to not only his Todd done such a great job. But he also took the whole band shifted back towards where fans wanted him to go which was in more harder heavier direction. But for you was there any reservations, you know. You're no dummy you're coming in. Now. There's two guys before you that may be softened the blows a little bit. A lot actually. L? But so it's not an immediate thing. But, you know, you're no, dummy, you know, that that things always going to be hanging over you that comparison to to Sebastian what he did in the ban on those records. So was there any hesitation for you coming into this thing? Now, I don't even know if I want to be dealing with that it's not at all not at did you embrace it. I do I've got so much respect for the band and the music. And I didn't care. I needed to do is get in there. Do my best. And dude, do it the way that if I was stood in the crowd. I begun. Fuck can deal with that, you know, and just do that. And what everyone there's no shoes to fill. I don't step in other people's shoes. Just go to do what I gotta do. And if I'm happy with it. I don't care what anyone else thinks. That's what happened. And that's kind of what when we jammed for the first time it felt like really easy. It wasn't difficult at all..

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