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"tony stash" Discussed on Adult Beverage Podcast

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"tony stash" Discussed on Adult Beverage Podcast

"To our hosts talk about your favorite movies. Never know what you're gonna get discuss new films with our mystery guests from all over the world. Our guest speak freely about their experiences as directors at wrap everybody writers producers actors or contribution. They have in. The film industry is beverage film. Janet's welcome back to adult beverage film. Cast as we all laugh at the intro. So hey we've got a special guest with us today. And i mean honor to have tony stash. He's just coming off set right there. So welcome thanks for coming and staying up late with us to record this thank you. Thank you for allowing the stash to tag along suppressive. An honor to be here. Well we're glad to have you and and we know you'll have a quite a bit of extra insight into some th this film and all the good stuff that goes with it and i even heard a little rumor that you might have stayed at the hotel in the past. But did you buy the sweatshirt. That's right sweatshirt. yes carpet going. She has the carpet row house. A car that anybody. That's not watching. Doesn't look like the maze. Well we also have got patrick here Trich and squeakers here enlarge squeaker squeezer a man bun and of course. Yes he does. A man on on china hand. He's had some different looks during the whole corentin. That's been like watching the beatles. Progress throughout so right now. Is yoko phase. That's right well. Let's just up right in on this film. Let's talk about it so tell them what it is. It is the At this point we've already introduced it so we don't we did. We can just skip right on past that part of it and it never say the name again and we don't have to say the name that way no one calls it the sheeting so my first question is is this your favorite stanley kubrick film. And we'll start with our guest hosting stash. I have a pretty terrible confession here. I have seen the shining met. We will not.

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